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The Great Gabreski Autograph Give Away...

Posted by Major Lee , 15 Aug 2010 · 2,392 views

ANNOUNCING the Great Gabby Autograph Give-Away....
Rules, Terms and Conditions:

All submissions must be released as "freeware" at CombatAce.com. Once an entry is uploaded, notify me and I will download it for review. Any person or group of persons may enter their entry of a new High-Fidelity P-47 for Strike Fighters. One entry will be chosen as winner and the person or designated representative of a group will win the autographed postcard* illustrated above. Winner will be chosen by myself. I may consider, at my discretion, the learned opinion of various CA luminaries or allow popular vote to have influence on my final determination of the winner. To enter, construct a new Hi-Fi P-47 model based on the details noted below.

* A new P-47 D22 or D23 OR D25 or D30
* Hi-fidelity 3D model
* Hi-fidelity basic skin
* Hi-fidelity basic decals
* 08 FM @ 90+% accuracy
* Higher consideration for alternate LOD model variants that include both Hamilton Standard and Curtis Electric broad blade props
* Higher consideration for alternate LODs for direction finding antenna loop on razorback models
* Higher consideration for correctly modeled dive flaps on D30

Details of 3D model and flight model will be checked against multiple resources in my personal library. Multiple entries accepted if of different model variants. Please feel free to inquire about specific data at any time. I will post technical data of the relevant models in future blog entries. Time frame is currently undetermined; completion and award should be by 31OCT2010, but this will be subject to participation and progress of modders.

The prize is an autographed post card of the Kalamazoo Air Zoo's P-47D40, a replica of Gabby Gabreski's WWII ship. This card was signed by Gabby at the Airzoo, a couple of years before his passing in 2002...

Good Hunting!

Major Lee

(*The actual autographed postcard does not have watermarks...)

Posted Image

Posted Image

I would have a go but having done the N model...im done...lol havent the time anyways ken..m8...good prize though.



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