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Post # 16 - Private Pilot!

Posted by malibu43 , 16 Aug 2010 · 2,216 views

Well, I'm done.

It took > $20K and just over 110 hours, but I am a private pilot. I had a hard time ever finding numbers for average hours or cost to get a PPL, so I don't know how my numbers reflect how much it will take for someone else. All I can say is that for me, in my location, that's what it took.

Despite my insane nerves the days leading up to my checkride, I managed to get some good sleep (thanks, Tylenol PM) the night before and I was actually pretty relaxed and confident going into things. The weather had me sweating during the first half of the morning (lot of stratus), but things cleared up by the time we got in the air.

About 2 hrs on the ground to the start things off. My instructor was familiar with the oral exam and flight portion that this examiner used, so that translated into very few surprises for me. The oral exam went well, and the examiner was good about rephrasing questions any time I wasn't giving the answer she was looking for.

A 15 minute break for lunch and then we headed out to the airplane. Again, I was well prepared and that really helped me to relax. Started with short field T/O, soft field landing, soft field T/O and into the XC. Diversion at the first checkpoint, air work, hood time, engine out, and then back for a short field landing. Taxied to parking and she told me I passed! 1.1 hrs on the hobbs! It was fast.

I'm not the bragging type, but she told me (and my instructor) that she didn't have much feedback for me because it was a nearly perfect checkride!

Needless to say I had a great weekend. I'm taking my wife up tonight after work for my first flight as a private pilot.

Oh yeah, and the cost and time I listed in the first paragraph... totally worth it!

Fantastic! Great job and congratulations... :clapping:

Oh, and by the way, you're never done!Posted Image


Oh, and by the way, you're never done!Posted Image

Ha! Yes, that's true...

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