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Enemy AI upgrades?

Posted by bop1701 , 06 Mar 2016 · 2,347 views

I think I've done all I can to make the AI more of a challenge. In the aircraftobject.ini I made the green thru ace pilot AI's all aces and tweaked them up from there. i increased their engagement angles on the IR and RH missile so the AI pilots would take more snap-shots at me. In the individual aircraft data files I deleted the visual blind spots so the AI can always see me. On the planes I fly I cranked up the visual distance hoping to get more BVR engagements from the AI. I have all the options on 'hard'. (I don't really want to increase my RCS as as I don't know if that would prompt the AI, and double-digit SAMs are enough problems...)


Is there anything else I can do to make the AI tougher? A lot of times 'they' don't really seem to be trying. And for whatever reason, the MiG19 and the Rakshak MiG23 seem to fight the hardest. Love the game but the enemy AI falls short - if you can usually gun down a MiG29 from an F4 somethings not right.


Also, is the AI in SF2 better than SF1 or is it basically the same? I've got years tweaking SF1 so I've got a lot invested in it.


Thanks again ahead of time.


Another thing I was curious about. I've got a good friend who flew F-4s (later F-16's), and he got to fly against captured/bought MiG's back in the 80's in Nevada (Have Drill/Doughnut). He said the MiG23 family is fast but can't turn - but in WoX the 23's pretty good in the knife fight - anybody ever brought that up?



It sounds like you made changes similar to the "Uber AI" package ( SF1 days?) .Did you change training level of enemy nations of interest? That may have some effect. (I find that some nations have unrealistic training levels.)  I'd like to see responses from some mod experts on this one.  In the interim, for more of a challenge, modify saved mission files in which you like the overall mission set up. Then modify mission ini file to put you in less capable aircraft. 

 For example : F-100 / Canadair Sabres / F-5 A vs Mig 21's.

                        F-5E vs Mig 29


That won't change AI but you will find yourself thinking more about tactics and aircraft strengths and weaknesses.


Mig23s were very fast, could accelerate very well but were not built for high g maneuvers. Also did not perform well in low speed maneuvering flight.

I also try to make the AI more capable in combat and im testing diferent aproach to this problem but im not 100% sure about the results there is too many factors involved the most imporatant are the aircraft FM, patch level of the game and the AI data statements in aircraft Data_INI . I dont mess with AIRCRAFTOBJECT INI insted i take information from there and implemnt it in arcraft data ini . In result i mange to make the early MiGs from 15 to 21 a real chalenging oponents but for the later BVR capable Aircrafts my ini edits dont work that good except for gunfight only  engagements in normal situations they fire "fox one", "fox two" and start circling around and doing nothing. for the early jets i use statements from first eagles like this:


ThrottleDeltaSpeed=0.06<---idont know what all "Delta" statement means but i think it has somthing to do with defensive manuevers!? any sugestions ?
RollForGunAttack=4.0<---this make em attack targets at 360 degrees
RollForGunAttackRate=1.5<---this make em attack more often


finaly and more important is the stall section for the lift surfaces


CLmax=0.0708<---this is  hard to find value (about total lift generated by the wings)but increasing it a little make the AI turn thighter and stay on your tail dont increase too much cause they cannot land the aircraft and make backup copy cause it may scrap your Flight Model!


AlphaDepart=27.68<-- the angle of attack AoA values also hard to find but increasing with few degrees makes the AI even more deadly , few degrees only ! if you put too much they start flying realy odd like third party F-5A and this looks ugley in game. Btw the new FM for F-5E by Baffmeister is realy good i hope he will do somthig for F-5A soon .

Adding corect values for AimPitchOffset= is also important but for the stock planes its all corect for me

And for the patch level of the game , in the latest patches the AI is much better than before i think

I hope it helps Have fun

Thanks for the tips.  I have all the enemy pilots training as 'excellent'.  If any mods have more advice Id appreciate it.


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