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File Download V-VS 72th GvIAP MiG-15 Korean War(Nov 1950) 1.0

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V-VS Soviet Air Force 72 GvIAP MiG-15 Korean War Nov 1950 campaign


For Strike Fighters 2 NA with Korea Terrain(Korea3).


This campaign with some 60 missions cover the operations of the 72th GvIAP Fighter Aviation Regiment(Part of the Guards 151th GvIAD Fighter Aviation Division together with 28th GvIAP)in the first month
of deployment of the MiG-15 in the Korean War.
Historical accurate with the main units(Air, Ground, sea)and bases deployment by Nov 1 to Nov 30, 1950.
Campaign need Expansion Packs 1 and 2 for some aircrafts, weapons, tanks, textures, etc.
Pack 1 and 2 "Wings over Korea" by Do335 for other aircrafts.


See readme for other details .



Thanks and credits:


Wrench for Korea3 terrain
Do335 for Pack 1 and Pack "Wings over Korea"
ErikGen for the base model for the RF-80A


Update May 20, 2017


Add VMF-312, revised carriers dates of deployment, number of aircrafts by USN Squadrons and some other minor things.

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