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File Download USAF 67th FBS F-51D Korean War(Apr 1951) 1.0

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USAF 67th FBS F-51D Korean War(Apr 1951)


For Strike Fighters 2 NA with Korea Terrain(Korea3).


This campaign with some 64 missions cover the operations of the USAF 67th FBS(18th FBG)in the periode Apr 7 to May 8, 1951 in the Korean War.
In this periode 67th FBS trade his normal base at Chinhae K-10 with Suwon K-13.
F-51D operations over Korea were as usually of high risk, dangerous and costly. 67th FBS was not exception and pay also his price in this month of April with nine F-51D losses by AAA, two pilots KIA, three MIA and four rescued.
The second squadron of 18th FBG, 12th FBS, loss in the same periode eight F-51D(one by MiG)with two pilots KIA, two MIA, one POW and three rescued.
67th FBS was the last USAF operator of F-51D Mustang and flew is last mission from Hoengson K-46 on Jan 23, 1953.
The unit was converted after, in F-86F.


Historical accurate with the main units and bases deployment by Apr 7 to May 8, 1951.
Campaign need Expansion Packs 1 and 2 for some aircrafts, weapons, tanks, textures, etc.
Included textures and decals for the 67th FBS with 18 autentic 67th FBS registrations.
See readme for other details.



Thanks and credits:


Wrench for Korea3 terrain and Cavalier destroyer
Do335 for Pack 1 and Pack "Wings over Korea"
WhiteBoySamurai for Essex class (long-hull) aircraft carrier
ErikGen for the base model for the RF-80A

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