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Canvas Knights Christmas sa...

31 October 2015

  That's right for the month of November 2015 CK full game is now only 20 USD! You can get it here: DOWNLOAD AND BUY   Deutschmark

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FastCargo's Helicopter...

24 October 2015

Posted by FastCargo in CombatACE News
How a supersonic pilot flies at 0 knots (a hint...not well).  Back last year, during vacation time, my significant other 'gifted' me with an introductory helicopter lesson for my birthday.  Said vacation time including the flight would be done in Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California.  The school willing to take on this monumental task of taking a fast jet operator and slow him down is (...

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An Interview With RAZBAM; M...

04 October 2015

Posted by Dave in CombatACE News
With the pre-purchase of the Mirage M2000C for DCSW (DIGITAL COMBAT SIMULATOR WORLD by Eagle Dynamics) now available I wanted to get some more information on the project and share it with the simming community. Ron at Razbam was kind enough to answer a few questions I had whipped up and I think you will come away from this a little more educated on the process that is involved on getting a new...

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