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ironfront 2016-08-18 21-53-25-08.jpg

Iron Front - sniper!

18 August 2016

Posted by 33LIMA in Mission Reports
Hunting an enemy commander in Normandy!   In between my efforts at practicing section tactics as I knew them in Iron Front, I decided to interleave this more serious business with some light relief. As in, playing some 'regular' missions. Preferably ones which don't over-tax my as-yet-still-developing skills in team command. First choice was to re-start my effort at the German campaig...

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ironfront 2016-08-12 20-41-06-17.jpg

Fire and movement!

12 August 2016

Posted by 33LIMA in Mission Reports
Real-world infantry tactics in the Arma2-based Iron Front: Liberation 1944  Hey, you! Get down off that effing skyline!  Section attacks - ask anyone who's had even basic infantry training, and they will tell you it's the point all the training comes together - the weapon handling and marksmanship, camouflage and concealment, tactical movement, formations, field signals, target indica...

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CombatACE Interview with Bi...

05 August 2016

Posted by Skyviper in Interviews
CombatACE Interview with Leslie "Bitchin' Betty" Shook Pull up! Pull up! is a command many of us may be familiar with while using Strike Fighters or DCS simulators. But there are some here at CombatACE who may have heard the real thing. That automated voice is usually referred to as Bitchin' Betty. There are; however, several variants of the automated warning voice. Some call it Barking Bo...

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