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FoxOne: new console style flight sim, out now

mobile action flight sim

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#1 ColonelNovak

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Posted 10 November 2014 - 01:53:40 PM

Hi all,
I thought of posting about our game in this section, because it´s a console type flight sim like the classic Ace Combat series for Playstation. It was done as a labour of love by 3 guys (a producer, a programmer and an artist) and it´s our first game. We´re sure that players of console style flight sims will be instantly at home with it. It´s out for iOS and Android platforms, with the possibility of other platforms in the future.
We´d like to hear some feedback about the game´s difficulty, etc. Our friend Silverbolt, who is very active here in the CombatAce Forums, has tried it and said that it is very hard! (and we know that he is a very experienced Ace Combat player from the PS2 times! :biggrin:  )
Here´s some gameplay:
Where to get:
iOS (iPad / iPhone) full version - best value to money, the full game - all stages, all planes - without forcing any microtransation https://itunes.apple...?l=pt&ls=1&mt=8
Android version, also full too: https://play.google....skyfox.foxonev1
A free promo version, Android, 2 stages, 4 aircraft (including the mighty Tomcat!): https://play.google....yfox.foxonefree
A free iOS promo version will be up on iTunes soon as well.
Thanks in advance!
SkyFox Team.

#2 Skyviper

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Posted 10 November 2014 - 03:57:26 PM

That reminds me of the Top Gun game that came out on game cube.


Nevertheless I'm a sucker for flight sims and wish you the best with it. Also thank you for taking the time to let us know about it. ... as for the feedback  ... check your PM


#3 Silverbolt



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Posted 11 November 2014 - 06:57:24 AM

Actually, it kind of reminds Ace Combat 2.


the game is pretty hard to play but it is fun :D  :airplane:


#4 ColonelNovak

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Posted 11 November 2014 - 01:52:17 PM

Actually, it kind of reminds Ace Combat 2.


the game is pretty hard to play but it is fun :D 


Thanks Silverbolt! :D

It could be described more closely to resemble Ace Combat X on the Playstation Portable (picture below).

It´s pretty cool because it comes with the JA-37 Viggen out of the box :D  amongst other things.



Regarding aircraft rarely seem in games, our FoxOne comes with the SEPECAT Jaguar and the Chengdu J-20, for starts... ;)

#5 ColonelNovak

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Posted 07 May 2015 - 12:07:26 AM

We're glad to inform that we've released the Advanced Edition of our FoxOne action flight sim, on Google Play (Android),and Amazon, while the original was released for Windows Phone.


The Advanced Edition has the enhancements requested by the community like the possibility to do real aircraft maneuvers even with just smart phone tilt controls: https://www.youtube....h?v=gDCDwHOv6Zo


Thanks! :)

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