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Work-In-Progress Heinkel He.51

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#1 Stephen1918

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 07:47:52 PM

Another plane for the Spanish Civil War, the Heinkel He.51 was used by Nationalist forces as a fighter, escort, interceptor and ground attack plane. The plane itself and cockpit are mostly finished. I'm still working on skins and the LODs.

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#2 Wilches

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 08:27:52 AM

Wow!!!! Truly outstanding! Some cockpit teasers please? Don´t forget the ever present (mostly) drop tank. Fantastic!! :bowdown2:

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#3 whiteknight06604


    state of decay

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 09:20:11 AM

thank you for continued work on the Spanish civil war stuff. i was not expecting this.

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#4 Stephen1918

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 06:59:26 PM

The cockpit is still getting skins, I'll post some screen shots when it's more finished. I did forget about the drop tank, but I think I can make it a separate part that can be added with a loadout.

I want to get some more planes so we can start flying the SCW!

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#5 Wilches

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Posted 21 May 2017 - 08:28:36 AM

...the sliding canopy I-16 Type 5 for example.








http://cdn-live.wart...01 01.47.16.jpg





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#6 Stephen1918

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Posted 21 May 2017 - 02:42:40 PM

If you guys want to help out, there are several planes already here that could be converted to Spanish Civil War. They would need new skins/decals and some tweaks to the data.ini to change nations, dates, weapons, pilots, etc.



The DH9 bomber was introduced at the end of WWI, production continued into the 20's. Spain got several of them and pulled them back into service at the beginning of the civil war. They were used by both sides during the early days of the war. If somebody wants to make SCW versions of the Airco DH9 and upload them into the Golden Era section, you have my blessing. 



There are several planes in the Strike Fighters downloads that could be converted to FE. I don't know what kind of permissions you would need from the original authors, but I think it would be polite to ask. You would need to make new skins, change the data.ini to change nations and dates, and to use FE pilots and weapons. I have only looked in the SF1 downloads, there may be others in SF2.


Russouk2004 has a Messerschmitt Bf.109 - there are several versions there. The Me. Bf.109C was used by the Legion Condor and the Nationalists. I think the major difference between the types was in the weapons, you might need to do some "RemoveNode" tricks.


Pasko has a Junkers Ju87 Stuka. Wrench has made a Ju87B for the Italians. The 87B was also used by the Nationalists in Spain.


Russouk2004 has also made a DH82 Tigermoth. The Tigermoth was used by the Spanish as a trainer, and was used by both sides for recon and liaison in the Civil War. The Tigermoth is unarmed, but would still be a good plane to have.


Raven has a Fiesler Fi156 Storch. There were only 5 or 6 used by the Nationalists in Spain. Raven's is armed with a machine gun and has a bomb loadout, but I don't know if the planes in Spain were armed.


Bunyap has a Boeing P-26 Peashooter. There was exactly 1 of them used by the Republic side in Spain. The Spanish got it for evaluation, decided not to buy any more, but used it when the civil war started.


There may be others. And there may be some that were not used, but have a configuration similar to planes that were used and could be used as placeholders until a better version shows up.


So... if any of you want to help out, we could get several more planes in SCW in just a few weeks.

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#7 Crawford

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Posted 22 May 2017 - 09:16:00 AM

Also  in the download section at the A-Team site there are a lot of aircraft that were used in Spain during the Civil War (see Pre-WW2 Planes and WWII Planes):


And even some Spanish terrain and campaign іs available for download (at the bottom of the page):


If someone else has not quarrel with that bloody bastard - welcome! :grin: 

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