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All SF / WOV / WOE / WOI Simulation Modifications and Add-Ons

    1. LODViewer

      This is the newest version of the LODViewer.
      New features:
      -decal support
      -display of collision and pivot points
      -added transparency and wireframe display mode
      -user definable background color
      -view manipulation via keyboard
      -64 bit application
      -uses the OpenSceneGraph library and Qt 5.9.5
      Install instructions:
      Extract the content of the zip package to a convenient location.
      The LODViewer depends on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 C++ libraries. If not already installed on the computer (e.g. by other applications) it has to be installed by running vcredist_x64.exe (you can find it in the redist subfolder of this package).
      Have fun! And report bugs


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    2. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

      The Mirage Factory F-14 Tomcat Super Pack V1.32 22 APR, 2017
      What it is:
      This is the F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32 Full. It includes addition of Direct Lift Control to the Flight Model, AI AIM-54 Phoenix Missiles, modified Iranian F-14 loadouts and other minor adjustments.
      1. This was tested at July 2013 patch level, on an "All 5 Merged" install, as well as a "vanilla" SF2:NA install. Because it uses AvionicsF14A.dll, will require at least SF2:NA (or a TW F-14) to work! It will not work on Gen 1 sims, nor will it work correctly on pre-April 2012 installs! (Caveat: Avionics70.dll F-14D should work on pre-April patch levels).
      2. It is HIGHLY recommended you back up your current F-14s to a back up folder. If you have extra skins installed and wish to keep your current folders, be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to delete the cockpit folders from each aircraft folder after backing up, as this install features updated cockpits, and retention of the old folders will lead to artifacting on the RWR, VDI, and other systems. If you have custom skins installed, be sure to back up your F-14(A/A+/B/D).ini to preserve the texture set data.
      1. Unzip the contents of the F-14SP_V132.7z file into a folder.
      1a. If you have installed the Avionics70 F-14D, ensure you back up the .ini files if you haven't renamed the bird, since this install will overwrite F-14D_92, 96 and 06!
      2. Open your Strike Fighters 2 mod folder (e.g., C:\User\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...)
      3.a. IGNORE STEP 3 IF YOU ARE UPDATING v1.30 OR v1.31
      4. Copy the contents of the unzipped Effects, Flight, Missions, Objects, and Sounds folders into your SF2 mod folder, allowing all files to overwrite (Effects, Flight, Missions, Objects\Aircraft, Objects\Weapons, etc).
      4a. (RECOMMENDED) Review the flight manual for tactical employment of the F-14.
      5. Go fly!
      If this either a new install or an update to the F-14SP v1.30 or 1.31, follow the above procedure, allowing all files to overwrite. If this is an update to 1.14-1.22, follow step 3; for in-depth instructions, follow the F-14SP V132 Installation Instructions.pdf
      -You may choose to use the Avionics70.dll F-14D for SAR mode on strike missions. If you wish to do so, see Section 6 of the F-14 SP Update V132 word document (Para 6.1-6.3) for install procedures and recommendations.
      Aircraft Included:
      F-14A (1974-1984, 1982-1995, 1996-2004)
      Iranian F-14A (1977-2030)
      F-14A+ (1987-1990)
      F-14B (1991-1995, 1996-2005)
      F-14D (1992-1995, 1996-2006, 2005-2006)
      List of effective changes:
      v1.32 22 Apr 2017
      1. Added Direct Lift Control, based on Cliff7600's spoiler speedbreak mod
      2. Added AI Phoenix missiles with Rmax of 65nm to improve AI F-14 Probability of Kill
      3. Updated flight manual to reflect DLC change and AI AIM-54 (now 75pgs)
      4. Assigned White external fuel tanks to F-14A_74 and F-14A_IR (IR does not carry externals by default)
      5. Fixed White fuel tank capacity (was not adjusted with grey tank prior)
      6. Updated Iranian F-14A loadouts to better match most current data from ACIG
      7. Updated/Added Iranian AIM-7E-3 and AIM-9J models to equip Iranian F-14As
      8. Changed F-14A_IR availability date to 2030
      v1.31 1 Aug 2016
      1. Updated engine static thrust to match NATOPS installed measurements
      2. Updated flight manual to reflect thrust change
      v1.30 11 Jun, 2016
      1. Updated F-14A/B cockpit by Chris "ToS" with tweaks by Crusader & Caesar
      2. Fixed radar scan elevation in VSL-Hi
      3. Adjusted aircraft empty weights to remove gun ammo and trapped fuel
      4. Added AI F-14s to improve AI survivability in a dogfight
      5. Adjusted default gun tracking range to 1000ft/305m. Gun is now more accurate both with and without lock. (Crusader noticed & it was implemented)
      6. Adjusted auto-departure numbers to allow the aircraft to fly and depart more naturally
      7. Adjusted maximum altitude to provide player engines a buffer between 55,000 and 60,000 feet.
      8. Updated cockpit avionics & weapon symbology
      9. Updated Wing Sweep schedule and gave Glove Vanes smooth animation to match NATOPS
      10. Reduced effectiveness of ALQ-100 & 126
      11. Adjusted bands on the AN/ALR-45/50 to match published data
      12. Adjusted AoA Indexer to match NATOPS (green = slow, yellow = on-speed, red = fast)
      13. Adjusted F-14D_96 loadouts to remove extra AIM-7 loaded into Station 5 alongside AIM-54s
      14. Adjusted Sedjil pylon allowable weight (was too low to equip missile)
      15. Added inaugural cruise paint schemes for VF-1, -2, -14, -24, -32, -41, -84, -114, and -213
      16. Adjusted avionics symbology
      17. Added 74-page F-14 SP Flight Manual “F-14SP 01-F14ABD-1.pdf”
      18. Fixed ACM Panel (Crusader)
      19. Fixed F-14A_82 CAP loadout, which put the ALE-29/39 in the wrong location
      20. Fixed jettison point of ECA/EFA to forward Phoenix Station 6R to match installed location
      21. Changed skins to .jpeg format to significantly reduce size of mod without sacrificing detail
      22. Adjusted external tank fuel quantities to 1800 lbs/tank (maximum internal and external fuel together now matches real-world 19,800lbs, rather than over 20,000lbs).
      23. Adjusted engine thrust and Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC). The F110 had approximately 60% of the TF30’s SFC. The F110 was adjusted to lower SFC, while the TF30 was adjusted to increase SFC.

      Model: Flying Toaster, Oli
      Cockpit: Chris (original and new update) with tweaks by Crusader and Caesar
      FM: ThirdWire, Caesar, Column5, Spectre8750, Cliff7600
      Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34
      Pilots: Old_Diego, CrazyhorseB34
      Skins: Dave, Spectre8750, Column5, Caesar
      NATOPS Textures: Chris
      Extra Hangar and Loading Screens: Dave
      Ejection Mod: Stary
      Testing: Caesar, Sup Gen, Dave, EricJ, Spectre8750, Saisran, Cougar_1979
      Weapons: Ravenclaw, wpnssgt, Bunyap and others
      New Phoenix: Ravenclaw
      Manuals/Flight Manual: Caesar
      ===Dedidacted to Oli===


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    3. SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018

      This is a full stand-alone pack, no other mod packs are required. This pack is a REPLACEMENT and NOT an upgrade for FastCargo's F-15 Super Pack. You cannot simply install and over-write Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack with this pack. Nor, can you over-write this pack with Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack. This pack contains higher resolution jpeg skin files, so if you over-write Fastcargo's pack with this one, you will never see the new skins. If you over-write this pack with Fastcargo's pack, you will lose all the latest data files for flight model, weapons loadout and etc. If you just want the upgraded skins, those skins are available separately in the Skins section of this site. A later versions of those skins are already in this pack, so please don't upgrade this pack with earlier version of Viper63a's skins. Please refer to the "Installation" section in the Readme file, it will explain how you can install this of both packs   - The Mudhen Team!   This pack contains all F-15A thru D Eagle variants (including Js). If you want the F-15E Strike Eagle variants (including SE), you can find them here. ------------------------------------------------------------- What's included in this mod pack?
      -------------------------------------------------------------   ** Main Package:   1) All NEW 4096x Skins in JPG format and tons of new decals (also includes optional 2048x skins).
      2) Repainted Cockpits by Viper63a and RWR list by Spudknocker.
      3) All NEW updated Data and Loadout files from Spudknocker and Fanatic Modder.
      4) All NEW 1920x1080 *Hangar.jpg, *Loading.jpg and *Loadout.tga (also includes optional 1024x768 screens).
      5) Excellent new weapons and ejection seats from Ravenclaw_007!
      6) Excellent Florian Pilot upgrades by JAT81500!
      7) Excellent Hi-Rez F-15A skins from Pappy!   * Included Jets:   F-15A/B, F-15A/B BAZ (+AUP), F-15C/D, F-15C/D Akef (+AUP), F-15C/D HAF, F-15C/D SAF, F-15DJ, F-15J JASDF including fictional HAF anf GAF Eagles.   * Included squadrons:   USAF: 1st Wing (LA/FF), 3rd Wing (AK), 18th Wing (ZZ), 32nd Wing (CR), 33rd Wing (EG), 36th Wing (BT), 48th Wing (LN), 49th Wing (HO), 85the Wing (IS), 154th ANG (HH), 325th Wing (TY and 318th Star), 366th Wing (MO) and the 405th Wing (LA). All or some of the squadrons from these Wings are represented in this pack. 
      IDF: Two variations of the Israeli 133rd (Twin Tail) and 106th (Spearhead) Squadrons.
      JASDF: 201st, 203rd, 204th, 303rd, 304th, 305th, 306th, and Aggressors Squadrons.
      SAF: 5th and 13th Squadrons.
      HAF: Fictional 338th (Ares) and 339th (Ajax) Squadrons.
      GAF: Fictional Jg71N90J, Jg72N90J, Jg73N90J and Jg74N90J Squadrons.   ** The same squadrons may be represented in many different folders (81, 85...etc), but the planes gets dirtier with age and the decals changes, and weapon capabilities and loadout changes with the years.   ** Optional Package: (You're on your own here...for advanced players...)   Please refer to the Readme in the "Optional" folder to...
      1) Install Additional/Alternate 1024x768 and 1920x1080 Hangar and Loading screens.
      2) Install 1024x768 Hangar and Loading screens. This pack has 1920x1080 screens by default.
      3) Downgrade the default 4096x to 2048x skins if you have performance issues with the larger skins.   -------------------------------------------------------------
      ------------------------------------------------------------- >> WARNING! Read Carefully if you have or plan to install Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack...   !! First and always - BACKUP! Make of copy of the F-15* folders in your Mod folders...Objects\Aircraft and Decals folders...   ** Option 1) If you already have Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack or a previous version of this pack installed...      a) Backup and delete the following folders (if you have them) in <Your mod folder locations>\Objects\Aircraft\...   !! DO NOT DELETE the stock TW "F-15A_Baz" folder! This pack DOES NOT REPLACE stock TW "F-15A_Baz"!   F-15A
      F-15J_97      *) Note: You can combine all the "To_Mod_Folder" folders and then copy the content to your Saved Game mod folder if you like.      b) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the ACF15AB pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
         c) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the ACF15CD pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
         d) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the ACF15DJ pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
         e) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the F15_ETC pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
      ** Option 2) If you installed this mod and want to install Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack...      a) Install Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack and overwrite...
         b) Go back to install option 1)...   ** Option 3) If you don't have Fastcargo's F-15 Super Pack already install...      *) Note: You can combine all the "To_Mod_Folder" folders and then copy the content to your Saved Game mod folder if you like.      a) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the ACF15AB pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
         b) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the ACF15CD pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
         c) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the ACF15DJ pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
         d) Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder from the F15_ETC pack into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.   -------------------------------------------------------------
      Add F15 SoundList
      -------------------------------------------------------------   Lastly, but highly recommended. Read the "Add F15 SoundList.txt" readme file on adding the F-15 sound files included in this pack to your "Flight\SoundList.ini" file.   -------------------------------------------------------------   Thats it - Enjoy!   -------------------------------------------------------------
      The Mudhen Maintenance Team 2016
      Viper63a - Upgraded Skins, Decals, Cockpit and Menu Screens.
      Spudknocker - Upgraded Flight Model and Weapons Loadout.
      Fanatic Modder - Upgraded Flight Model and Engine Emitters.
      Crusader - Upgraded and added 2012 FM and Cockpits to pack!
      RavenClaw_007 - Freaking insane Weapons and Ejection Seats!
      JAT81500 - For the excellent Florian Pilot upgrades!
      Hi Ho Silvers - AfterBurner Mod.
      Nengajyou Aki -JASDF Serial Decals.
      Stick - Beta testing and assistance with FM - THANK YOU! April 2016   -------------------------------------------------------------
      Salute to the 2010 F-15 Super Pack Team for the original
      F-15 Super Pack!
      TK - For the ThirdWire series of sims.
      The Mirage Factory - For the nice F-15D MSIP aircraft...in particular Flying Toaster, wpnssgt, and Dave for making the F-15 MAX files available for me to play with.
      Kei Nagase - For the awesome skins for the F-15 ACTIVE.
      AleDucat - For the nice ACES II ejection seat models.
      Deuces - For the F-15 Afterburner and weapon effects.
      Diego - For the Modern USAF Pilot skins.
      Fubar512 - For the FM work.
      JimmyBib - For the F-15C cockpit flight control textures.
      MoonJumper - Avionics work.
      Sundowner - Textures.
      USAFMTL/Dave - Decals.
      Wpnssgt - Models, Textures.
      Kesselburt - Original F-15C cockpit.
      Kout - Loading and Hanger Screens.
      Kct - Textures and decals for the F-15SG.
      Brain32 - Improved/new textures for F-15C cockpit.
      Mago - F-15E Cockpit.
      331KillerBee - SF2 Weapons Pack (basis for some of the weapons included).
      Lexx Luthor - Siberian Sky Experimental 3-D Rocket Exhaust
      JAT81500 - F-15E Cockpit avionics and HUD work.
      To my fellows at Combatace for helping me beta test and work out bugs.
      Any errors or mistakes are entirely mine. FastCargo
      12 Jan 10


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    4. AH-64 Package for SF2 Ver 1.1

      This is my AH-64A Apache and AH-64D Longbow Apache for SF2. (should work in Gen 1 but is untested)
      DDS skin version and Photoshop templates are also included.
      Please read the readme.txt.
      Glad to finally get this one out there.
      -New cockpit glass reflection texture.
      -Changed AGM-114L to CGR and added Hellfire rails to the 3d
      model to overcome the issue of engaging moving targets.
      (Thanks to WhiteBoySamurai for this idea and thanks to
      FastCargo for letting me use the 3d model of his Hellfire rail)
      -Changed loadout types so the AH-64A cannot be loaded with the
      AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire.
      -Changed the Specular and Glossiness levels to make the skin
      look more matt.
      -New hangar and loading screens.
      -Some FM and performance tweaks. (Thanks to EricJ for some
      -Completely new M261 model made by me. I have also made the M260
      rocket pod, Hydra rocket with a M229 warhead and Hydra APKWS with
      a M151 warhead.
      For mode info and details on the APKWS look here:


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    5. EF-2000

      EF-2000 Typhoon


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    6. Pack de armas Argentino -Malvinas 1982-

      Pack de armas Argentino -Malvinas 1982-.
      Pack de armas usadas por los aviones Argentinos durante el Conflicto de Malvinas.
      Incluye misiles aire-aire y bombas de caida libre y retardadas.
      Argentinean weapons pack -Malvinas 1982 -.
      Pack of weapons used by Argentine aircraft during the Falklands Conflict.
      Includes air-air missiles and free fall and retarded bombs.


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    7. Wings over Korea (1 of 3)

      Wings over Korea Part 1 of 3.

      Part 2:
      Part 3:

      This all in one pack is a collection of all the K.A.W. mods released in the past and makes them come together into a guns only standalone dogfight theater, with a collection of 6 (+5 RedFor) campaigns.

      SF2 Israel, SF2 Vietnam, SF2 Europe, July 2012 patch level or above, 6GB of HDD space.

      Recommended but not necessary:
      SF2 Expansion Pack 1, SF2 Expansion Pack 2, SF2 North Atlantic. (See install instructions step 4.)

      What's new in 1.2 update:
      Campaigns updates. Strategic node network expanded; Ground units OOB expanded; Frontline precision increased; Campaign parameters adjusted; RedFor ground war campaigns separated from BluFor campaigns using non-NA carrier stations; Reinforcement BluFor squadrons first spawn on airbases in Japan or near Pusan; Tu-2 squadrons added to Korean Air War and Stalemate '51 campaigns. New mods added. Aircraft: Tu-2S, An-2; Cockpits: F7F-3N, F-94B, F-84E&G. New sounds for all jet engined aircraft. Ini updates. Reworked FM: F-86, An-2, F-82, F-84, B-29, Mig-15; Updated cockpit avionics: Mig-15, F-84; Fixed a few CTD triggers in ground object inis. Damage modeling specific updates. Increased AI gunfire accuracy and separated into 3 categories: Radar-ranging, Gyro, Non-Gyro; AI Mig-15 cannon ranges reduced; Added new tracer smoke, tracer size reduced; Aligned gunsight reticle to trajectory convergence point; A few components durability reduced due to large volume; Jet engine durability halved to provide possibility of disabled engine due to damage; Fuel tank minimum size capped above 0.4m^3. Other misc. fixes.
      Authors of new mods added:

      Tu-2S by Cocas, Kulbit80, Baffmeister, Kesselbrut, Wrench, Jiver (from IL2 SAS)
      An-2 by Pasko, Diego, Wrench
      F7F-3N cockpit by Stary
      F-94B cockpit by Stary
      F-84E&G cockpit by Flakiten, Brain32, Stary
      WW2/Korea fx tests by Stary
      Mig-15 ADI fix by Coupi
      B-29 ini updates by Crusader
      F2H, F9F, F-80, F-84, F-86, Meteor and Mig-15 engine sounds by Jiver and Tiger33 (from IL2 SAS)

      Special thanks to Stary for the beautiful cockpit works; to Wrench the mod master; to Baffmeister and Fubar512 for guidance on FMs; to Nicholas Bell for game engine discoveries; and to mue for the revolutionary LODviewer and TargetAreaEditor tools.

      Will update promptly if I missed anyone.

      What's new in 1.1 update:
      5 new ground war campaigns depicting different phases of the Korean War: North Korea Attacks, Race to the Yalu, Chinese Intervention, Stalemate '51, Stalemate '52. And a revised Korean Air War static campaign. All 6 campaigns are fully flyable from the red side. Added aircraft, skins and FM mods since last release and utilized in campaigns. New sounds for piston engine planes. A complete database overhaul for aircraft, ships and vehicles. Datas are attempted to fine tune to Thirdwire standards. Damage modelling has been revised for better realism and detail. Carrier battle groups now have deadly AAA. Added infantry units for ground combat. Game requirements lowered. Install instructions updated. More fixes on missing decals in campaign mode and other misc. fixes.
      Huge thanks to Wrench, Baffmeister and Mue (author of LODviewer), without whom the update won't be at all possible.

      Added mods since last release:

      Seafury, by Skippybing, Wrench, Baffmeister, 7eleven, PauloPanz, GregoryP, Hinchbrook, Stephan1918, KJakker, eburger.
      NK prop FMs for IL-10, La-11 and Yak-9, by Baffmeister.
      New F9F panther flight model by Baffmeister (07/21/2015 edit: dunno how I completely missed this one... sorry Baffmeister!)
      KAW B-29 Pack by Wrench, MontyCZ, PauloPanz, Crusader, GregroyP, Brain32, lindr2, bobrock.
      F-86 Fighter Bomber Units skin pack, by Wrench.
      SF2 Colourful Korea, by Gunrunner.
      AN-M65 1000lb bomb, by ravenclaw_007.
      C-47 21TCS skin, by Wrench.
      C-47 skin pack, by paulopanz, Wrench.
      Li-2 Pack, by paulopanz, Wrench, Kesselbrut, Kubit.
      SF2 Wings over Korea (KAW) HiRes hangar and loading screens, by viper63a.
      Razbam Banshee tweeks, by Wrench, luk1978.
      AD-4NL 3w pack, by Wrench, Dels, Bunyap.
      F4U-5 Corsair pack by TMF, Crusader, Wrench, RussoUK, CrazyHorseB34.
      Korean War pilot pics, by Capitaine Vengeur.
      Open cockpit method by Coupi.


      Install instructions (please follow these carefully):
      First and foremost, be clear on what module is actually installed on your PC, and what is not. To repeat install requirements:

      SF2 Israel, SF2 Vietnam, SF2 Europe, July 2012 patch level or above, 6GB of HDD space.

      Recommended but not necessary:
      SF2 Expansion Pack 1, SF2 Expansion Pack 2, SF2 North Atlantic. (See install instructions step 4.)

      Make sure the minimum install requirements are met, i.e. SF2I, SF2V and SF2E, otherwise problems will occur, from the minor missing aircraft and objects, to the severe game hangs / CTDs. Further if you do not have SF2Exp1, SF2Exp2 or SF2NA, extra install step 4 is needed!

      1. Set up the Mod folder.

      a. Go to the SF2 root directory, make a copy of an .exe of choice (i.e. StrikeFighters2 Vietnam.exe), and rename it to StrikeFighters2 Korea.exe. Run it once, set game options. When setting graphics, recommend turning off shadows (Shadows: Low). Exit the game.
      b. Go to the generated mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), delete the objects folder.

      2. Set up the Korea Terrain.

      a. Download Wrench’s KoreaV3 terrain here:
      b. Go to the mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), create a new folder named Terrains.
      c. Extract the downloaded KoreaV3.7z, cut the newly extracted Korea3 folder, paste it into the Terrains folder created above.
      Note, after this step, the various terrain files and textures etc. should reside in this path: C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\Terrains\Korea3\

      3. Set up the mod.

      a. Download the 3 .7z files for this pack, extract them and put the contents of the first two .7z files together (StrikeFighters2_Korea_1_of_3.7z and StrikeFighters2_Korea_2_of_3.7z).
      b. Cut the StrikeFighters2 Korea folder, and overwrite it over the mod folder (paste it into C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\)
      Note, after this step, the mod folder should be populated with the following:
      Campaigns, Controls, Effects, Flight, Menu, Missions, Objects, PilotData, Screenshots, Sounds, Terrains, as well as Options.ini and Version.ini.

      4. Step for not having the recommended game installs. (If all three of the recommended games: SF2 Exp1, Exp2 and North Atlantic, are already installed, feel free to skip this step.)

      Go to the extracted contents of the third .7z file (StrikeFighters2_Korea_3_of_3.7z), and enter the folder named "No_NA_EXP1_EXP2".

      a. If you do not have SF2 North Atlantic, copy the contents of the folder "No NA" into your mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\).
      b. If you do not have SF2 Expansion Pack 1, copy the contents of the folder "No EXP1" into your mod folder.
      c. If you do not have SF2 Expansion Pack 2, copy the contents of the folder "No EXP2" into your mod folder.

      5. Mod specific .ini configs

      a. In your SF2 installation directory where all the game .exe resides, make a copy of StrikeFighters2 Israel.ini (or any other similar ini) and rename it StrikeFighters2 Korea.ini. Open the newly created .ini and find the following:


      And change it to:

      CampaignsDirectory=C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\Campaigns\

      *Please do not just copy paste this line but replace [username] with whatever’s set on your PC.

      This step is to prevent stock campaigns from displaying which can sometimes cause problems.

      b. In your Mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), open up the file Options.ini, find the [instantAction] section, and replace it with the following:


      This would get InstantAction working spawning F-86s, Mig-15s etc.

      --- Above are essential steps. Optional steps follow.

      6. Files for payware mods.

      Go to the extracted contents of the third .7z file, and enter the folder named "Payware Files".

      a. The contents in the folder "For Razbam Banshee" are for the F2H-2 aircraft sold by Razbam. If you have it, drop the contents from this folder into the mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), and then drop the .LOD files from your purchase into their corresponding paths (banshee korea.LOD, and f2h2cockpit.LOD for the cockpit). Banshees will thus fly sorties in campaigns.
      b. The contents in the folder "For YAP Essex" are for Carrier Pack 1 (CV-34 Oriskany and F9F) sold by Yankee Air Pirate. If you have it, drop the contents from this folder into the mod folder, and then drop Essex_Korea.LOD from your purchase into its corresponding path. Next, create a copy of the .LOD, and rename it "Essex_Korea_Col.LOD" (Without the "). This is crucial, as the game will use the collision LOD for ship deck positioning.

      7. Alternate mods.

      Go to the extracted contents of the third .7z file (StrikeFighters2_Korea_3_of_3.7z).

      a. The folder "F-86 Alternate Cockpit" contains modded F-100 cockpits for use on the F-86 series. If decided to use these cockpits, use the contents in the folder "With EXP2" if SF2 Expansion Pack 2 is installed; if not, use the contents in the "NO EXP2" folder.
      b. The folder "F-86 Alternate Skins" contains SF1 F-86 skins adapted to SF2.

      And that’s it, the setup is complete.



      Cocas, Kulbit80, Baffmeister, Kesselbrut, Wrench, Jiver (from IL2 SAS)

      Pasko, Diego, Wrench

      F7F-3N cockpit:

      F-94B cockpit:

      F-84E&G cockpit:
      Flakiten, Brain32, Stary

      WW2/Korea fx tests:

      Mig-15 ADI fix:

      B-29 ini updates:

      F2H, F9F, F-80, F-84, F-86, Meteor and Mig-15 engine sounds:
      Jiver and Tiger33 (from IL2 SAS)

      Skippybing, Wrench, Baffmeister, 7eleven, PauloPanz, GregoryP, Hinchbrook, Stephan1918, KJakker, eburger

      NK prop FMs for IL-10, La-11 and Yak-9:

      F9F panther flight model:

      KAW B-29 Pack:
      Wrench, MontyCZ, PauloPanz, Crusader, GregroyP, Brain32, lindr2, bobrock

      F-86 Fighter Bomber Units skin pack:

      F4U-5 Corsair pack:
      TMF, Crusader, Wrench, RussoUK, CrazyHorseB34

      SF2 Colourful Korea:

      C-47 21TCS skin:

      C-47 skin pack:
      paulopanz, Wrench

      Li-2 Pack:
      paulopanz, Wrench, Kesselbrut, Kubit


      SF2 Wings over Korea (KAW) HiRes hangar and loading screens:

      Razbam Banshee tweeks:
      Wrench, luk1978

      AD-4NL 3w pack:
      Wrench, Dels, Bunyap

      Korean War pilot pics:
      Capitaine Vengeur

      Open cockpit method:

      YAP Essex Decals:

      F-86 Sabre/GunVal Sabre Pak:
      Wrench: Skins, ini
      Zurawski: 3D model, cockpit
      Fubar512: FM, sounds
      NDicki: SAAF Decals
      Brain32: cockpit
      Crab_02, Zurawski, Dave: RF-86F rework
      Pappychksix: JASDF skin and decal
      Wrench: USAF, ROKAF Skin and decal
      Russouk2004: Wing Fence
      FastCargo: Fakepilot
      Ravenclaw007: Skin template

      F-86 Sabre/GunVal Sabre Pak Update:

      F-86 120/200Gal Hi-def drop tanks:

      Wrench: Skins, Pilot, ini
      Fubar512: FM, sound
      Stary: Cockpit
      Pasko: Seat
      Spillone104(?): VK-1 sound

      Mig-15/Mig-15Bis Skin pack:
      Paulopanz: Skins, decals, ini
      Stary: Cockpit
      Spillone104: pylons, sounds
      Pasko: 150 tank
      Gaunt, Y. Gordon: Reference

      Bobrock: 3D model, cockpit
      Wrench: Skins, decals, ini
      Spillone(?): engine sound

      F9F-5P Photo Panther pak:
      Pasko: original aircraft
      ChampionsVA56: skin
      Diego: pilot
      Bobrock: sounds, cockpit
      Wrench: ini

      F-80 Shooting Star pak:
      ErikGen: original aircraft
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Hgbn: skin template
      Diego: pilot
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini
      Baffmeister: KAW FM update

      F-94B Starfire:
      ErikGen: original aircraft
      Paulopanz: skin, skin template
      Wrench: skin, ini

      AD-4 Skyraider:
      Dels: cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      AD-2 Skyraider:
      Dels: cockpit
      TMF: flap/gear sound
      Timmy: AN/APS-4 pod
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      Dels: cockpit
      Bunyap: AN/APS-31 pod
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      F4U/AU-1 Corsair pak:
      TMF/Crusader: original aircrafts
      Russouk2004: engine sound
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini
      Sundowner(?): skin

      Cocas: 3D model
      Paulopanz: skin
      Baffmeister: FM
      Pasko: cockpit

      Wrench: skin, decal, ini
      Baffmeister: KAW FM update

      F-82G pak:
      FastCargo: 3D model
      Baffmeister: FM
      Crisis(?): cockpit
      Flogger23: skin, decal
      Fubar512: sound
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      F-84E Thunderjet pak:
      Russouk2004: 3D model, template
      JSF_Aggie: skin
      Zurawski: cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      F-84E ANG Tjets skin pak:
      Russouk2004: 3D model, skin template
      Wrench: skin, decal

      F-84G Thunderjet pak:
      Russouk2004: 3D model, skin template
      JSF_Aggie: skin
      TMF: Triple rocket rack
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      A-26B invader pak:
      Timmy, Bobrock: 3D model, template
      Hgbn: skin
      Wrench: decal, ini

      Geo: 3d model, skin
      TMF: cockpit
      Cliff11, Lex Luther, SabreDog Team, Zurawski: cockpit
      Cliff11: 150 drop tank
      Baffmeister, Cliff11, Charles: FM
      Wrench: assembling

      MontyCZ: 3d model, template, skin
      Soulfreak: skin
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Wrench: skins, decals, screens, assembling

      Simon Porter: original aircraft
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, screen, ini

      Bunyap: 3D model, skin
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Wrench: decal, ini

      Wolf257, Crab_02, FastCargo: original aircraft
      Crisis(?): cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, assembling

      Aleks: 3D model
      Cocas: 3D upgrading/fixing
      Spillone104: 3D edits, sounds
      Baffmeister: FM
      Paulopanz: skin, decal, screens

      Simon Porter: original aircraft
      DenisOliveira: pitot
      Wrench: hangar
      FastCargo: fakepilot
      Derk: reference
      Baffmeister: KAW FM update

      Wrench: skin, decal

      B-29 Superfortress:
      MontyCZ: original aircraft
      Pinch: proploop sound
      Wrench: hangar screen
      Howling1: ini, sound

      Gen1 Sabre Skins:
      USAFMTL, Zurawski, Jimmy Bib

      Independence CVL:
      Yeyeye: original ship
      eburger68: arrestor cable fix
      Paulopanz: parking slots
      Fubar512: sounds, skin
      Wrench: skin

      Atlanta CL, Cleveland CA:

      Fletcher DD:
      GrinchWSLG: ship, skin, decal
      Hinchinbrooke: ini
      Typhoid, Ghost029: reference

      Colossus CVL:

      Cavalier DD:
      Hinchinbrooke: original ship
      Wrench, Paulopanz: rework, assembling

      Essex edits:

      High-Res Runway Textures (rescaled):

      Map Counters, Pilot Pics:
      Capitaine Vengeur

      Briefing screen planning map:

      Original Campaign content:
      Edward, luk1978

      And huge thanks to TK for making such a fun game.


         (11 reviews)



    8. MiG-23 MF/ML/MLD/etc generic interceptor cockpit

      I forgot to mention in readme there is optional "icky green" textures set in it's folder for those who find this shade of blue not to their taste. Matter of copying that one into main cockpit folder and overwriting
      This is fairly detailed cockpit representing somewhat "generic" MiG-23 interceptor cockpit. Fits well or "close enought" MF ML MLD etc interceptors series 1 and series 2 of Floggers.
      Build for and tested with Eburger68&Team Floggers Pack:
      and subsequent parts
      By default pre-set for use in MLD variant, so feel free to adjust to your favourite Flogger of choice. Do not use at the moment in the ground attack versions as dedicated BN cockpit is in the works
      Read the included readme for more informations.


         (25 reviews)



    9. Super Hornet Package for SF2 v4.1

      YOU MAY
      - Have fun with this mod
      - Use it as you see fit once you download it, even modify it as you see fit
      - Create your own textures as you see fit and upload them under your name
      IF you wish to send me any modified core files (I don't need to review skins as that doesn't affect any core files) please PM me the modified files and I will check them out. There is no exception to this policy given my attitude towards staying out of jail. I will check them out and yay or nay the decision, but if I can edit any files in order to not go to jail, I will inform you and that will be it. I understand you may have information of a sensitive nature that you may have access to and frankly it does not belong in any files of this download. If that bothers you then please don't send me sensitive information, I think I've made it clear that I'm not going to jail in order to appease to players.
      Newer skin PSD with Block I ECS (no stacks) now available for skinning needs:
      - Fixed some glaring errors in the INI files.


         (28 reviews)



    10. A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack

      May. 20, 2016
      Version 1.5 Package A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack
      Content size of Install files 2.27 GB unzipped for Full Package. 248 Mb for Update only Package.
      The package includes:
      Updated A-10A Early, Mid, Late and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Model of the 3.0 released by Wpnssgt, re-released as version v1.0
      A-10 Squadrons represented 11TASS, 18TFS, 19TASS, 23TAS, 25TFS, 45TFS, 46FTS, 47TFS, 66WS+JAWS, 74TFS, 75TFS, 76TFS, 78TFS, 81TFS, 91TFS, 92TFS, 103TFS, 104TFS, 107FS, 118TFS, 131TFS, 138TFS, 163FS, 172FS, 176TFS, 184FS, 190TFS, 303TFS, 333TFS, 354TFS, 355TFS, 356TFS, 357TFS, 358TFS, 509TFS, 510TFS, 511TFS, 706TFS. Plus Extra Skins.
      Wpnssgt - Original model and post v3.0 3D Modifications.
      Spectre8750 - 3D Modifications
      Russouk2004 - 3D Modifications
      Sundowner - Skin Template, Skins.
      Spectre8750 - Skins, Decals.
      A-10 Aces II Seat - Ravenclaw_007.
      Diego - USAF Pilot
      Ejection Seat system - Stary.
      Tracer Smoke Emitter - Stary.
      GAU 8 Smoke effects - Spectre8750
      30mm GAU-8\A Effect - Deuces.
      Clean Install only, do not install over old Aircraft Squadron Folders except for the update version.
      Drop contents of the "install" folder into the games root folder. Overwrite if needed.
      Included in Extras folder:
      Extra Skins for modding Squadrons if wanted.
      SOUNDLIST.INI to use for reference.
      AIRCRAFTOBJECT.INI with modified WindSound to go with included Sounds (This is Optional) just drop in Objects root.
      SQUADRONLIST.INI and A-10SQUADRONLIST.TXT with corresponding Number sets for Modders.
      Some patches and decals are included for modders.
      Templates will be posted separate.
      A special Thanks to Mike (Wpnssgt) for all his work and allowing me to take on this project.
      And to Kesselbrut for giving me his work on the Cockpit.
      Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy.


         (17 reviews)



    11. Falkland 1982 All-Inclusive MOD

      Operaton Corporate
      - The Falklands War -
      A Strike Fighters Project1 MOD by Daniel”Kesselbrut”Himmel
      This is an All-Inclusive MOD of the Falkland War. The MOD contains all major aircrafts and groundunits of the conflict.
      All objects in this pack (aircrafts, houses, vehicles, tiles, textures….) are free, but that means they are not freeware. If you want to use something out of the pack for your own MOD please ask for a written permission by me via PM at the combatace forum. I will forward your request to the owner of the model you want to use.
      The pack will run without errors on SFP1 and SFP Gold only. At WOV you will need a C-130 otherwise the Game crashes during the campaign. At WOE and WOI it will run only after heavy manual cut and paste work….
      Do a clean SFP1 installation
      install SP4
      rename the folder as "Falkland 1982"
      delete missions - folder
      delete campaigns - folder
      delete /objects/decals - folder
      delete /objects/aircraft - folder
      delete /objects/groundojects - folder
      delete /objects/weapons - folder
      copy the unpacked files into your "Falkland 1982" folder
      open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsUK.ini
      correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalVC.txt with your installation-path
      open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsARG.ini
      correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalARG.txt with your installation-path
      In the Canberra B you can switch between Pilot and Bombadier with "Hook" key
      single mission year is 1983 - because the only British base was build in May - if you have
      a missiondate before 29th May - the game CTD - self created missions (with mission date) will work normaly - you have to take off from a carrier before 29th May
      The infantry units have too much speed - when I use normal Footslogger speed there are no ground battles.
      All Groundunits are optimated for the game - so they may not realistic.
      All Carriers have zero speed - because they cruise wild through the
      ship formations.
      During the Campaign the groundunits won't attack - in WOI it all works normal.
      The Harrier and SUE have no Groundradar
      I'm currently working at the WOI version, but I have multible problems
      - The A-4 flightmodels are cruel
      - same for the SUE
      - same for the Harriers
      - The Canberra Bombbay shows no load
      - no Thrust Vectoring
      - Carrier take offs mostly accidential (carriers maybe not fully supported)
      So a SP5 version of the mod will released 2 months after SP release.
      Special thanks to all involved modders especially:
      BPAO, CAPUN, COMPRNT, Sundowner, Kreelin, Richard, Charles, Foxmonter, The Wrench, Hinchinbrooke, Diego, Polak, Pasko, Marcfighter, USAFMTL, Column5, erikgen, Edward, Pasko, Bunyap, DEUCES, Saganuay, HRNTFIXR, Ajunaidr, Soulfreak, Moonjumper, Kout, the Thirdwire Team and all the others of the several teams (and maybe the ones I forgot)
      Here is a list of included objects and who created them:
      Terrain and tiles:
      by USAFMTL, Diego, Edward - heavily modded by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      Sky and Enviroment:
      by Polak
      by Bunyap and many unknown modders, Mirage Factory and Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      By Deuces
      Campaign and Singlemissions
      by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      S-2F; Mentor, Wessex (Groundmodel too), Seaking, Lynx HAS2; HMS Hermes
      by the DevATeam (CEO CAPUN)
      Harrier GR3 and Harrier FRS1; Mirage III; IAI Dagger; SA341 Gazelle
      By The Mirage Factory (CEO BPAO) reworked Harrier GR3 and Harrier FRS1 3D Models made by MontyCZ
      Pucara, MB 326, Super Etendard, ARA Belgrano
      By Foxmonter; Belgrano Skin by Richard and CAPUN
      by MontyCZ
      by erikgen
      Canberra B2 MK.62
      by ajunaidr, skin by Soulfreak, Pit by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      A-4Q, A-4C, A-4P
      model by Thirdwire, skins by Marcfighters and Richard, addon 3Dworks by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      C-130A and KC-130A
      Model by TK, skin by HRNTFIXR
      All Helicopter FM
      by Kreelin
      HMS Invincible, Type_12; Type_42; Type_82, ARA 25 de Mayo, County_Class
      by Hinchinbrooke - de Mayo skin by Richard
      MVAtlantic_Causeway; MVAtlantic_Conveyor
      by Polak
      155mm Howitzer and EW Radar
      by Pasko
      LandRover1tonne_Command; LandRover1tonne_Cover; LandRover_Cover; LandRover_open; Scorpion
      Skin by Richard, 3D Model by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      105mm_L118_Howitzer; 105mm_L118_Howitzer_FB; 105mm_Recoilless_Rifle; 105mm_Recoilless_Rifle_FB; Argentine_Marines; Argentine_Squad; AR_Cal50; AR_Foxhole; AR_Navy_Tug; Blindfire; BlowpipeAR; BlowpipeUK; CommTrailer; Exocet_Launcher; Fearless; HQTrailer; Intrepid; LCM; LCM_UL; LVTP-7; MVBaltic_Ferry; MVNordic_Ferry; MVTor_Caledonia; OerlikonAAA; Panhard; Rapier; RH202; Roland_Shelter; Sir_Class_LSL; Skyguard; SmallCargoShip; SSCanberra; Submarine; Trawler1; Trawler2 UK_Cal50; UK_Foxhole; UK_Marching_Column; UK_SAS_TEAM; UK_Squad; Wessex_GO, Airfields at Stanley, Goose Green and Pebble Island, All civil buildings…, Helopilot1; Helopilot2
      by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      Special thanks to COMPRNT, Charles and Kout for menu, medals and textfiles
      I hope I forgot nothing to write
      Have Fun


         (38 reviews)



    12. Mirage Factory F-14A and F-14B Tomcat

      Grumman’s F-14 Tomcat could be described as the Marilyn Monroe of aircraft designs. Both were at once beautiful and flawed, with indelible public images and yet often misunderstood and misrepresented. Both also met untimely ends. For many, the aircraft will always be remembered as the star of the hit 1986 movie Top Gun, but the Tomcat was a real weapon on the front lines of the Cold War, personifying the technological prowess and advanced production methods that the Soviet Union could not match, and which eventually drove them to break their economy in the attempt to keep up. For me personally, it will always be associated with the three years my family lived in Virginia Beach, near NAS Oceana, in the early 1980s. I vividly remember all of the jets that used to fly over our house—Skyhawks, Intruders, Phantoms and especially Tomcats. With their twin tails and swing-wings they had to be the coolest things in the air, and in retrospect I believe they really were. --c5
      This aircraft is dedicated to our departed friend and Cheif of Production, Oli.
      Please see the included PDF for information on the cockpit, including some known issues that will be addressed in a future update.
      Model: Flying Toaster, BPAo
      Skins and Flight Model: column5
      Cockpit: Chris
      Avionics: MoonJumper
      Pilots: Diego
      Extra Hangar and Loading Screens: USAFMTL
      Testing: The Mirage Factory
      Please contact one of the above people at CombatAce if you would like to use this mod in a freeware project. This mod may not be used as part of any payware project.


         (18 reviews)



    13. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

      The Mirage Factory F-14 Tomcat Super Pack V1.21 AUG. 25, 2013
      What it is:
      This is the F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.21 Full. It includes tweaks to the engines, avionics, weight, effects and the Phoenix missile.
      1. This was tested at July 2013 patch level, on an "All 5 Merged" install, and because it uses AvionicsF14A.dll, will require SF2NA (or a TW F-14) to work! It will not work on Gen 1 sims, nor will it work correctly on pre-April 2012 installs! (Caveat: Avionics70.dll F-14D should work on pre-April patch levels).
      2. It is HIGHLY recommended you back up your current F-14's .ini files and cockpit folders. If you have custom skins installed, be sure to back up your F-14(A/A+/B/D).ini to preserve the texture set data.
      1. Unzip the contents of the F-14SP_V121.7z file into a folder.
      1a. If you have installed the Avionics70 F-14D, ensure you back up the .ini files if you haven't renamed the bird, since this install will overwrite F-14D_92, 96 and 06!
      2. Open your Strike Fighters 2 mod folder (e.g. C:\User\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...)
      3. Copy the contents of the unzipped Objects folder into your SF2 mod Objects folder, allowing all files to overwrite (Objects\Aircraft and Objects\Weapons).
      3a. (RECOMMENDED) Review the Cockpit and Avionics, and F-14 SP Update word documents for information on updates.
      4. Go fly!
      1. Unzip the contents of the F-14SP_V121.7z file into a folder.
      1a. You may choose to use the Avionics70.dll F-14D for SAR mode on strike missions. If you wish to do so, see Section 6 of the F-14 SP Update V120 word document (Para 6.1-6.3) for install procedures and recommendations.
      2. Open your Strike Fighters 2 mod folder (e.g. C:\User\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...)
      3. Copy the contents of the unzipped Objects folder into your SF2 mod Objects folder, allowing all files to overwrite (Objects\Aircraft, Objects\Weapons, and Objects\Decals will be affected).
      3a. (RECOMMENDED) Review the Cockpit and Avionics, and Update word documents for information on updates.
      4. Go fly!
      Model: Flying Toaster, Oli
      Cockpit: Chris (original), reworked and updated by Brain32
      FM: ThirdWire, Column5, Spectre8750, Caesar
      Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34
      Pilots: Old_Diego, CrazyhorseB34
      Skins: Dave, Spectre8750, Column5
      NATOPS Textures: HomeFries
      Extra Hangar, Loading and Main Screens: Dave, Spectre8750
      Ejection Mod: Stary
      Testing: Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, EricJ, Spectre8750
      TARPS: Bunyap and Spectre8750
      Weapons: Ravenclaw, wpnssgt, Bunyap and others
      ===Dedidacted to Oli===


         (31 reviews)



    14. IAF F-16C/D/I by The Viper Team

      IAF F-16C Series By the Viper Team.
      Pack Includes:
      F-16C Barak
      F-16C Barak II
      F-16D Barak
      F-16D Brakeet
      F-16I Sufa
      Pit by ravenclaw. (Ok now he has gone too far.....)
      Models by bpao, modified highly by Jat and ravenclaw.
      Skins templates by Migbuster and EricJ
      MFD panel glass by Stary
      Skins by Wilco, Sony Tuckson, Jat, Migbuster and EricJ
      Technical adviser, Sony Tuckson (If we got it wrong he cracked the whip!)
      Avionics by Jat and Crusader (You cant get anything past Crusader, the best MK1 eyeball in SF)
      Brain32, for FM, Avionics work.
      Crash test Dummy Dave
      CadeteBRA for the Sonic Boom effect
      Raánan Weiss for pictures / material that help me make the SUFA cockpit

      To install:
      Drop into your C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters XXXXX
      This project started with a little mod here and there to make the Vipers more modern. FastCargo started the PM thread on 28 Jul 2011 and here we are 10 months later we have this.

      This mod is dedicated to Oli (bpao) he started us on this journey and I hope, I really hope, we lived up to his expectations.


         (18 reviews)



    15. SF2 SU-30SM Flanker Pack Redux 2016

      SF2 SU-30SM Flanker Pack Redux 2016
      by Viper63a
      What's included in this mod pack?
      1) All new skins based on Jetfreak-7's HAWX skin!
      2) Two variation of Blue Camo Su-30SM Flankers!
      3) Snailman's Excellent Red Side Weapons!
      I upgraded Orsin's 2009 Su-27SK Flight Model pack as best as I could. I am not familiar with this jet, so I need some help on perfecting this jet. Please send me any tips, hints and fixes....It would be appreciated.
      !! First and always - BACKUP!
      ** Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
      Go Fly!
      Original credits are pretty sparse, so I am gonna do my best here...I think all these people had a hand in the Su-2x\3x projects, so here goes...
      Thanks to...
      :) TK!
      Snailman's Excellent Red Weapons!
      ...for all their work!


         (11 reviews)



    16. Rafale C for SF2

      -------------------------------------------------RafaleC BETA 1.3-------------------------------------
      By CadeteBRA (Heberth Thaylon)
      Any bugs, PM me...
      I'm using the typhoon pit for now, in the future a correct Rafale pit.
      ------------------------------ Credits----------------------------------
      CadeteBRA ( me) for the model/FM
      FLOGGER23 (Enoc) for the skin THANKS!!!!!!!!!
      Craig for the SUPERB AND AWESOME EF-2000 Cockpit!
      JAT, The Mirage Factory and 331KillerBee for the decals and/or weapons. thank you guys!
      (if i forgot someone, please PM me and i'll fix it)
      Loading image taken from here:
      if you know the guy who take this picture, say: "THANK YOU" for me, please? :D
      And thanks to Ianh755 for the important help! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
      Also, thanks to WhiteboySamurai! great help!
      1: unzip into a temporary folder
      2: cut/copy or move to your mod folder
      3: if asked, overwrite some files
      4: play!


         (16 reviews)



    17. Mig-15 / Mig-15 bis / Mig-17 cockpit

      This is updated version of Mig-15 cockpit
      This package is preset to be used with stock Thirdwire Mig-15 bis. "Expansion Pack I" required for Mig-15
      several things changed in version 2.0 among them:
      stick added
      pedals added
      corrected gunsight a bit
      slightly adjusted, smoother canopy framing
      new slightly better and higher resolution textures for baked materials
      more real-size lamps
      other tweaks here and there
      original mod description:
      CrazyHorseB34 -betatesting
      Crusader, Ravenclaw_007,RussoUK, Zurawski -for max examples and help on the way
      Mod description:
      This is simplified Mig-15/Mig-15Bis cockpit. Very similar to non-radar equiped Mig-17 one. Please note there are some issues with some instruments despite my battling with the ini horror -feel free to tweak and share!


         (20 reviews)



    18. Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk for SF2

      This is the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, need I say more?
      Please read the readme.txt
      Aircraft, Cockpit, Skins, Decals and .ini work - Me
      FM - Fubar512 (with some modifications by me)
      ACESII Ejection seat - ravenclaw
      Pilot skin - Old Diego
      Testing - The ODS team
      A MASSIVE thanks to Crusader for all his very useful
      reference material and support without which this package
      could not exist!


         (19 reviews)



    19. Weapons Pack 2.52 by the WO*/SFP1 Community

      This is a pack containing, hopefully, a good majority of the weapons out there. All files have been organized into folders, and have included two WeaponData.ini's which are explained in the read me. One is for those that want inert weapons and one is for those that do not want inert weapons.
      This is a collaboration by the community. This was really just started to streamline and make the weapons folder nicer. It seems to be becoming more, especially since Krizis is having us include his wonderful new models.
      I want to thank the entire community for making this such a wonderful sim, for making new weapons and textures. You are the ones that keep me coming back to these sims!
      *************************Version 2.52***********************************
      Fixed the problem, it was about 4-5 different rocket pods that were causing the CTD's


         (7 reviews)



    20. Strike Fighters 2: War For Israel V3.0 + Sandbox

      Updated ReadMe 13 Mar 2013
      Strike Fighters 2: War For Israel V3.0 + Sandbox = 11 Gigs
      Campaign For SF2:Israel with SF2:North Atlantic. or
      SF2,SF2:E,SF2:V,SF2:NA with SF2:Israel Merged Install.
      Campaigns incuded are "War For Israel" "ClubMed '82"
      and "ClubMed '97". Korea and Taiwan will be addons to this
      as they depend on North Atlantic.
      Campaigns now have Carrier Group support.
      More aircraft added and new cockpits for F/A-18's and F-16's.
      If you want to use the "New World Order" Nations Scenario in
      the Single Missions mode, Drop the Nations.ini from one of
      the Campaign Dir's into the Flight Dir in the User Mod but
      keep a backup.
      To Install:
      Make a copy of "StrikeFighters2 Israel.exe" and
      "StrikeFighters2 Israel.ini" and rename them to
      "StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael.exe" and
      "StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael.ini" put them back into the
      Program files Thirdwire Folder, then run the
      StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael.exe once and go to the Users
      Mod folder it created eg:
      ...Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael\
      and delete the contents of the Aircraft and GroundObject
      Folders. Extract StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael Part1 thru Part5
      installers into the same Folder and run the Installers and
      point them to the Saved Game folder "StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael"
      User Mod Root Directory.
      The Campaigns in this Mod can take a while to load. I have a descent System
      War For Israel can take 2 or more minutes to load. Also if the campaign dumps
      restart and it should load ok.
      I want to thank the Community for all their effort for without this Mod would not
      have possible, Included below:
      BANIDOS Team
      Bone Team
      Column 5
      Dave USAFMTL
      Digital Overlord
      Flying Toaster
      J.M Langeron
      JA 37 Viggen
      Jimmy B
      Joe Baugher
      JSF Aggie
      Matthew Ouellette
      Max Rudakov
      Mirage Factory
      Nicholas Bell
      Olivier ANGUILLE
      Raptore One
      rebel ryder
      Sony Tuckson
      Team Viper
      X Ray
      Third Wire
      and TK
      Thanks to all, let me know if i missed anyone.


         (9 reviews)



    21. Green Hell 3.5

      This is optional high resolution repaint/treemod for SF2:V VietnamSEA map, I call it "Green Hell 3.5" ;)
      SF2:Vietnam required for Vietnam map (doh!) SF2 all-merged install preferred
      made and tested im May 2013 environment
      -included both 1024x1024 pixels and smaller 512x512 pixels versions for those with older computers
      -repainted hangars/base objects from my WW2 hangars pack, fits this particular scenery ok in my opinion
      -city textures by Brain32 from his excellent Vietnam repaint, used under freeware license
      -full TOD coverage included
      Backup your Vietnam folder, unpack and move/copy new VietnamSEA to your Vietnam folder, overwrite when asked.
      Legal mumbo jumbo:
      Freeware license apply, no to be used as part of any payware
      have phun


         (23 reviews)



    22. F-5E Early Versions Pack

      F-5E For Strike Fighters 2

      "Early versions pack"

      Version History:
      v.1.0: First public release. Early versions without later refinements like RWR.
      This addon can thank its release to the work of two talented individuals, FastCargo and BPao. FastCargo created the F-5F two seaters and BPao was the man behind the original Mirage Factory F-5E model. I was fortunate enough to get permission to work on these source models, with the goals of marrying the F-5E front section to the F-5F engine and wings which were quite a lot more detailed. It was supposed to be a quick project.
      One year later:
      I have completely reworked the F-5E nose, added a lot of stuff on the original fuselage and detailed both original templates to have higher detail textures. Meanwhile Sophocles graciously allowed me to use his superb F-5A cockpit as a basis to build my F-5E cockpit, in which I have also used parts based on FastCargos unfinished T-38 cockpit.
      Included is two versions of the earlier production F-5E: a basic version dubbed '72 and an export specific version with a larger vertical stabilizator and spine antenna. This version is dubbed '74L (L for large vertical stablizator).
      Happy flying!
      Mats "Centurion" Liljeroos
      SF2 standard external model
      2048^2 textures with normal maps
      Realistic cockpit with avionics courtesy of Crusader
      FM from original MirageFactory F-5E which flies really good.
      USAF Agressor
      USN Agressor
      South Korea
      Saudi Arabia
      South Vietnam
      North Vietnam (captured from VNAF)
      Bpao and Mirage Factory crew: Orginal F-5E model and templates
      FastCargo for original F-5F model
      EricJ and pappychecksix for original F-5F templates and textures
      Sophocles for his superb cockpit work. Every switch is a work of art.
      Crusader for his ini file magic, really makes the cockpit and plane come alive.
      Paulo for his mammoth decaling work which he allowed me to use. and even helped me by reworking some of it.
      Me for cobbling all this together (=texturing and modeling work)
      The rest of the Combat Ace community. Without you guys I would never have bothered to make it this far.
      Extract into mod folder of choice.
      This by and large replaces the old F-5E by TMF, so you can go ahead and delete the F-5E aircraft folder if you have it installed.
      The _74L version references the _72 versions cockpit folder, so if you aim to use the 74L standalone in some installation, copy the cockpit folder and F-5E_72_cockpit.ini file from the _72 folder to the _74L folder. Overwrite.
      Stay tuned for more Tigers!
      This falls under the Combatace Freeware License Agreement.


         (27 reviews)



    23. (Fictional/ What if) Fenrir -Ace combat X

      Fenrir- version 1.0- works too in WOI with oct 2008 patch
      you can upload skins and edited FM's, respecting the freeware lincensing.
      if possible, you can also give some credit to me :D
      BTW Read the read_me...
      Special thanks to:


         (4 reviews)



    24. Operation Desert Storm, Part 1 of 3

      Operation Desert Storm for Wings Over Europe
      This is a complete addon for WOE, containing a Desert Storm dynamic campaign, as well as scripted single missions.
      This installer is 1 of 3.


         (18 reviews)



    25. SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 - Sep. 2014 Update

      SF2V Air & Ground Expansion Pack v. 2.1 - Sept. 2014 Update
      This is an update package for the "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air & Ground Expansion Pack v. 2.1" Gold/Final Release available at CombatAce. This update contains fixes for the ThirdWire post-Mar2012 patch levels as well as enhancements for all supported patch levels. It also contains updates for those with ThirdWire's "Strike Fighters 2: North Atantic" (SF2NA) integrated into their SF2 installations.
      This is a cumulative update, meaning that it contains all the fixes and updates from previous updates to the Expansion Pack as well as some new ones. It is designed to be applied over the top of an existing installation of the version 2.1 Expansion Pack. You can download the four main Expansion Pack files here:
      Part 1:
      Part 2:
      Part 3:
      Part 4:
      This update is designed to be applied over verison 2.1 (Mar. 2010) of the Expansion Pack. If you installed the original version 2.0 from Nov. 2009 but have not updated to the Mar. 2010 version (available in the links above), you should update before applying this update package.
      Please take a look over the remainder of this ReadMe before installing the update.
      ** Minimum Requirements: SF2V, SF2, & SF2E
      The orignal release of the Expansion Pack required only "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam" (SF2V). With the release of this update package, the minimum requirements have changed. In addition to SF2V you must also have "Strike Fighters 2" (SF2, with the Desert terrain) as well as "Strike Fighters 2: Europe" (SF2E) as part of your base install of Strike Fighters 2.
      The original SF2 and SF2E are now required in order to provide several aircraft that are not included in SF2V: A-4B, A-4B_65, MiG-17, and MiG-17PF. Previously we supplied alternate stand-in versions for these aircraft. With this update, we are now requiring that the ThirdWire originals be part of the install -- and that means requiring the installation of SF2 and SF2E.
      ** Support for SF2NA
      This update adds support for installations that include SF2NA, but SF2NA is not required.
      ** Patch Levels
      This update supports several different patch levels:
      1. Jun2009b: the last patch level before Dec2009, which introduced support for DX10. The first phase of the install process for this update provides all the files necessary for the Jun2009b patch level. Those on later patch levels will need to proceed with the additional install steps in order to pick up the updated files for later patch levels.
      2. post-Mar2012: any patch level from Mar2012 through the most recent patches in 2013 is also supported. Files unique to these patch levels are installed in later steps during the install process described below.
      We understand that some users may have stopped patching at some point during 2011. The post-Mar2012 patch level updates can probably be used to support any patch level after May2011, with one major caveat: those with patch levels between May2011 and Nov2011 should not install the \Menu\*.STR files from the post-Mar2012 updates. In other words, install everything in this update for the post-Mar2012 patch level except for those two .STR files (stick with the updated versions found in the Jun2009b update files).
      ** VPAF Add-on
      The VPAF Add-on for the SF2V Expansion Pack was released in Feb. 2011 as a separate download:
      This Add-on is now required in order to install this update package. The update process has been built on the assumption that the VPAF Add-on package is installed (with its alternate campaigns and several aircraft updates). If you have not already downloaded and installed the VPAF Add-on package, please do so before trying to install this update.
      Unlike most previous updates, this update starts with a file replacement stage. During this stage you will remove some outdated aircraft from your Expansion Pack install and replace them with newer versions. After replacing those outdated aircraft, you will proceed with the main part of the installation process.
      The main installation process has three major phases: one for all patch levels; a second for the post-Mar2012 & later patch levels; a third for installations with SF2NA. Move through each phase and apply the updated files as directed until you hit a step that does not apply to your installation.
      In other words, EVERYONE performs Phase 1. If your install is at the Mar2012 patch level or later, you should then do Phase 2. If your install also includes SF2NA, do Phase 3 as well.
      Before installing this update you should:
      1. Ensure that SF2V is properly installed & updated. (Note that SF2 and SF2E must be part of your base install.)
      2. Ensure that the Expansion Pack v. 2.1 (Mar. 2010) is installed to your SF2V Mod Folder. (Also, the VPAF Add-on must be installed.)
      3. This update is distributed as a two part download. You must unpack both parts. Unpack both SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sep14_Pt1.7z and SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sep14_Pt2.7z to a safe place on your drive.
      Now you're ready to install the update.
      Open the \0_Replace directory in the folder where you unpacked the Expansion Pack update package. The 0_Replace directory includes complete new versions of several aircraft (including decals):
      - B-52D
      - B-52F
      - B-52G
      First, locate and remove the equivalent older versions of these aircraft from your existing install of the SF2V Expansion Pack. That means removing the aircraft folders from \Objects\Aircraft as well as the decals for them from \Objects\Decals (all are found in your SF2V Mods Folder.)
      Now copy or move the three aircraft from 0-Replace\Objects\Aircraft directory to the \Objects\Aircraft directory in your SF2V Mod Folder.
      If your installation's patch level is at Mar2012 or later, do the same with the aircraft folders in 0-Replace\Objects\Aircraft_Mar2012, allowing Windows to overwrite files as prompted.
      Finally, move the folders from 0-Replace\Objects\Decals to the \Objects\Decals folder in your SF2V Mod Folder.
      Note that you should NOT simply drop the newer versions of these aircraft over the older versions or you may wind up with broken aircraft. You really do need to remove the older versions first before dropping in the newer versions. Also, if your patch level is Mar2012 or later, you DO need to install the files from both \Aircraft and \Aircraft_Mar2012. (The \Aircraft_Mar2012 directory does not contain a complete set of files for the aircraft.)
      Now that you've replaced these old aircraft with newer versions, you're ready for the main part of the installation process.
      Open the \1_All_Patch_Levels directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      If you are running SF2V at any patch level earlier than Dec2009, then your installation process is finished. If you are running at the Mar2012 or later patch level, then you have at least one more step.
      If you are running the Mar2012 patch level or later, then open the \2_Mar2012_Patch_Level directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      If your base install does not include SF2NA, then stop here -- your installation is finished. If your installation includes SF2NA, then proceed to the next step.
      If your installation includes SF2NA, then open the \3_SF2NA directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      * * * * *
      That's it. You should be good to go.
      You may now consider installing some of the optional items discussed the remainder of this ReadMe. Also, there are notes on some of the new additions found in this update.
      Optional A-1 Cockpits
      Included in the \OPTIONAL\A-1_Cockpits folder are two alternate cockpits for the A-1 Skyraiders. The first, made by Dels, was released in Oct. 2011. The second, made by CA_Stary, is based on the default F-8 cockpit.
      The \A-1_Cockpits folder contains one copy of Dels's A-1 cockpit, including the \Cockpit folder as well as the necessary COCKPIT.INIs for each of the Skyraiders.
      If you prefer Stary's A-1 cockpit, you can find a copy of that in \A-1_Cockpits\_ca-stary-cockpit (the cockpit folder is contained in a ZIP file that will need to be unpacked).
      Also included in A-1_Cockpits\old-cockpit are backups of the old .INIs and the old \Cockpit folder from the original Expansion Pack install.
      To install:
      1. Remove the existing \Cockpit folder from each of the A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft (found in your SF2V Mod Folder).
      2. Copy the new \Cockpit folder to each of the A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft.
      3. Copy the new COCKPIT.INIs to the appropriate A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft.
      Optional MiG Cockpits
      Included in the \OPTIONAL\MiG_Cockpits folder are alternate cockpits for the J-5, J-6, MiG-17, MiG-17F, and MiG-17PF. These alternate cockpits are designed for use on the Jun2009b patch level, as the newer MiG-17 and MiG-19 cockpits use LODs not compatible with that old patch level. If you are using one of the later supported patch levels (Mar2012 or later), then you do not need to use these older cockpits.
      There are three folders in the MiG_Cockpits folder:
      - J-6: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for the J-6
      - MiG-17_J-5: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for both the
      J-5s, the MiG-17, and the MiG-17F
      - MiG-17PF: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for the MiG-17PF
      To install:
      1. Remove the existing \Cockpit folder from each of the aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft (found in your SF2V Mod Folder) that you intend to replace.
      2. Copy the new \Cockpit folder from each of the sub-folders in \MiG_Cockpits to each of the aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft that you are replacing.
      3. Copy the new COCKPIT.INIs and AVIONICS.INIs from the sub-folders in \MiG_Cockpits to the appropriate aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft. Keep in mind that some aircraft will have only a COCKPIT.INI, not an AVIONICS.INI.
      Do not mix and match folders and INIs. In other words, don't take the \Cockpit folder from the J-6 sub-folder in \MiG_Cockpits, add it to one of the J-5 folders in your Mod directory, then add the J-5_cockpit.INI from J-5_MiG_17 sub-folder to same aircraft folder in your Mod directory.
      If you are adding the INI files correctly to the aircraft folders in your Mod directory, they should overwrite the existing INI files in the target aircraft folders.
      Formation Take-Offs
      Included in the \Optional\Formation_TO folder is a set of Airfield.INIs that enable EZLead's "Staggered Take-offs" (aka "Formation Take-offs") for all the airfield types in the VietnamSEA terrain.
      To use these alternate Airfield.INIs (and thus enable formation take-offs), simply copy the INIs to \Terrains\VietnamSEA and \SouthVietnam.
      A few notes about these new INIs:
      1. Formation take-offs may cause problems for some of the larger aircraft (e.g., B-57s, C-130s, etc.).
      2. The airfield.INI used for U Tapao RTAFB is vietnamSEA_airfield6b.ini, which is a copy of the default 3rdWire vietnamSEA_airfield6.ini. As a result, staggered take-offs are not enabled at that air base because that base is used by the B-52s in campaigns.
      IMPORTANT: even if you elect NOT to use the staggered/formation take-offs airfield.INIs, a copy of the vietnamSEA_airfield6b.ini file MUST REMAIN in each of the terrain folders because the TARGETS.INI for each terrain references it.
      Alternate Aircraft
      The \Optional\Alt_Aircraft directory contains three alternate aircraft that you may consider installing. Each requires files from ThirdWire.
      1. Canberra20
      The Canberra20 is the ThirdWire version of the Camberra Mk.20 used by the RAAF in South Vietnam. This alternate version is inlcuded in SF2E Expansion Pack 2 pack from ThirdWire. If SF2E Expansion Pack 2 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \Canberra20 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      2. AC-47
      The AC-47 Spooky is the first gunship developed by the USAF for use in South Vietnam. This aircraft is based on the C-47 included in SF2I Expansion Pack 1. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \AC-47 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      3. C-47A
      The C-47A is a WWII-era transport that saw use by the USAF and allied forces in the Vietnam War. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \C-47A folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      4. Li-2
      The Li-2 Cab is a Soviet-produced version of the C-47 (DC-3) flown by the VPAF. This aircraft is based on the C-47 included in SF2I Expansion Pack 1. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \Li-2 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      5. F-104C_61 & F-104C_66
      These are alternate versions of the F-104C, flown by the USAF from bases in South Vietnam and Thailand. These two alternate versions (which collectively supercede the third-party version shipped with the default SF2V Expansion Pack) require that you have the DLC 28 (AI Plane Pack 1) from ThirdWire installed. If that DLC is part of your base install, simply copy or move both F-104C aircraft folders to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder. The Rolling Thunder campaign will automatically use these new aircraft in lieu of the default F-104C included with the SF2V Expansion Pack.
      Please note that all of the above alternate aircraft can co-exist with the original versions of these aircraft supplied with the SF2V Expansion Pack. There is no need to remove the older versions, though you are welcome to do so.
      Alternate Ships
      Also included are two USN destroyers (the Charles F. Adams class and Farragut or Coontz class) based on the DLG-10 included in the "Yankee Air Pirate 2" and "Yankee Air Pirate 3" commercial mods. To use these optional destroyers you must have the necessary LOD files from "Yankee Air Pirate".
      Installation of these destroyers is simple:
      1) Copy the Coontz2.LOD from "Yankee Air Pirate" to the \Adams and \Farragut
      folders in \Optional\Alt_Ships (in the location where you unpacked this
      update package).
      2) Create collision LODs for both destroyers by making a copy of Coontz2.LOD
      and renaming it Coontz2_COL.LOD.
      3) Move the Adams and Farragut destroyers from \Optional\GroundObject to
      \Objects\GroundObject in your MOD folder.
      Please note that these alternate ships require your install be at the Mar2012 or later patch levels. They can be made to work at earlier patch levels, but doing so requires editing of the INI to remove Mar2012 patch level configuration data.
      Rolling Thunder Variant Campaigns
      The default Rolling Thunder campaign included with Sf2V is a sprawling multi-year affair, allowing players to fly one aircraft for a particular squadron over an extended period of time. In some cases, depending on the squadron selected, the 50 mission campaign might extend from March 1965 all the way through October 1968 -- a spread of three and a half years.
      For this update we decided to supply seven variant campaigns that break the Rolling Thunder campaign into 6-9 month chunks. You will find these new campaign variants listed in the camapigns menu by letter and start date:
      Campaign Dates
      -------- ----
      Rolling Thunder (A) 2 Mar. 1965 - 1 Sep. 1965
      Rolling Thunder (B) 1 Sep. 1965 - 1 Mar. 1966
      Rolling Thunder © 1 Mar. 1966 - 1 Sep. 1966
      Rolling Thunder (D) 1 Sep. 1966 - 1 Mar. 1967
      Rolling Thunder (E) 1 Mar. 1967 - 1 Sep. 1967
      Rolling Thunder (F) 1 Sep. 1967 - 1 Mar. 1968
      Rolling Thunder (G) 1 Mar. 1968 - 1 Nov. 1968
      You will find that these date-specific variant campaigns allow for a more focused campaign exerience, with the interval between campaign missions reduced to a few days (as opposed to the weeks or months long intervals in the default campaign).
      These new campaigns also allow for more dedicated coverage of the various areas of the North Vietnam terrain. Thus, you will find the 1965 campaigns are far more focused on target areas in the southern part of North Vietnam, whereas the campaigns from 1966 and 1967 have more missions into Pack VI -- the Hanoi and Haiphong areas (along with Thai Nguyen).
      Finally, these campaign variants allow us to place USN squadron on the actual carriers they flew from during Rolling Thunder. Historically, USN squadrons often moved among several carrier air wings, which themselves moved on occasion from one carrier to another. The default Rolling Thunder campaign does not reflect these changes, as the Rebase command in campaigns can be used only for land-based squadrons. In these new Rolling thunder variant campaigns, however, we've taken care to base squadrons on the actual carriers they flew from from during the time periods covered by these campaigns.
      Although the original Rolling Thunder campaign is still available, we think you'll find these new variant campaigns to be an interesting new way to enjoy a Rolling Thunder tour of duty in SF2V.
      A Note on the Helicopters
      Several helicopters have been added as flyable aircraft in this update. Set the "Flight Model" in "Game Play Options" to "Normal," and use your thrust vectoring controls in conjunction with the standard SF2 flight controls to maneuver and fly the helos.
      At the end of the day, please remember that Strike Fighters is NOT a helicopter sim. That means helo flight models are rough, unrealistic, and borderline unstable. It also means that AI helo pilots can occasionally run into difficulties, esp. when trying to land these things.
      Until someone creates better helo flight models for SF2 (or TK updates the ThirdWire flight engine to accommodate helicopters), that's just the way it is. If you don't like the way the helos fly, then don't fly them.
      New Terrain Target Areas
      This update adds 32 new target areas to the VietnamSEA terrain. Some of these new target areas are also included in the SouthVietnam terrain.
      Bac Giang Rail Yard
      Hanoi Rail Car Repair Shop
      Trung Qui Mo Munitions Factory
      Nam Dinh Munitions Factory
      Nam Dinh Textile Mills
      Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant
      Bac Le Barracks & Supply Depot
      Canal des Rapides Bridge [Hanoi]
      Canal of Bamboo [w/ Nam Dinh Port facilities]
      Kep POL Storage
      Do Son POL Storage
      Hong Lieu POL Storage
      Nguyen Khe POL Storage
      Thai Nguyen Truck Yard
      Hai Duong Truck Yard
      Thai Nguyen Warehouse Storage
      Haiphong Warehouse Storage
      Nam Dinh Warehouse Storage
      Quon Lang Warehouse Storage *
      Thanh Hoa Warehouse Storage
      Vinh Loc Warehouse Storage
      Yen Bai Warehouse Storage
      Vinh Warehouse Storage *
      Bac Giang Transshipment Point
      Phuc Yen SAM Storage Facility
      Quon Lang SAM Storage & Support Facility *
      Hong Gai Radar Station
      Lach Truong Radar Station
      Dien Chau Radar Station
      Muong Xen EW Radar Station
      Moc Chau EW Radar Station
      Phuc Yen Air Defense Command & Control Center
      * = also in South Vietnam
      SF2NA Support: Some Notes
      As noted earlier in this ReadMe, this update adds support for SF2NA. If SF2NA is part of your base install of Strike Fighters 2, you will enjoy the following:
      - new aircraft: EA-6B_71, E-2A/B, E-2C
      - carrier take-offs in single missions for USN aircraft
      - new ships: GearingFRAM1B, Knox, LCC-19, LPD-4
      - carrier battle groups in single missions
      Unfortunately, we were not able to implement full support for SF2NA-style carrier battle groups in campaigns. SF2NA uses a new and different system for integrating carriers into campaigns. At present there is no practical way to use that new system (which supports carrier battle groups) with SF2V campaigns.
      The Rolling Thunder campaign presents the biggest problem, as it requires that carriers perform multiple tours on Yankee Station over an extended period of time. SF2NA-style carrier battle groups do not have the ability to perform multiple tours. Furthermore, the large number of carriers used in the later campaigns (Linebacker I & II) makes it difficult to implement carrier battle groups on Yankee Station.
      You will see other ships (some destroyers and misc. support ships) on Yankee Station in campaigns. These ships, however, are static terrain objects and do not move with the carriers.
      This news will undoubtedly come as a disappointment for those with SF2NA, some of whom may have expected to see SF2NA-style carrier battle groups in SF2V campaigns. If and when TK ever implements a system that allows carrier battle groups to be included in campaigns that require multiple tours over the course of several years, we will update the Expansion Pack campaigns accordingly. Until then, though, we are stuck with the old-style carrier system for campaigns.
      Change Log
      This update (formerly the Sept. 2013 Update) was refreshed in September 2014. New fixes &
      updates include the following:
      - C-47A Skytrain (optional aircraft)
      - An-2 VPAF silver skin
      - new F-111A skins
      - Il-28 cockpit
      - deck lighting for all aircraft carriers
      - fake afterburner nodes for a number of older model third-party aircraft
      - minor updates & fixes to six dozen aircraft
      - visual shoot-cue for F-4D cockpits
      - minor updates to some effects
      - new hangar & loading screens for VPAF aircraft
      This update also contains the following fixes and add-ons from previous cumulative update releases:
      ** September 2013: **
      - Implemented DIANE mod for A-6A/B cockpits
      - Added Home Fries' A-6 skins to A-6A/B
      - Added VA-115 skins to A-6B
      - Added VA-86 Diamonds skin to A-7E
      - Added new VPAF & PLAAF skins to An-2
      - Added VPAFSilver1 skin to An-12
      - completely overhauled B-52D/F/G
      - Added VNAF skins to B-57B
      - Added new skins to EA-6B
      - tweaked/updated USAFCamo2 F-4 skins
      - Added new skin to F-4E Rivet Haste
      - Added VF-102 skin to F-4J
      - Added new Silver & Camo skins to F-104C
      - Implemented gunsight mod for F-105Ds
      - Added new skins to KA-6D
      - Added VNAF skins to A-1H/J
      - Added VNAF skins to AC-119G/K, C-130A, O-1E, O-2A, & UH-1D
      - Added new camo & grey skins to MiG-17F
      - Overhauled J-6/MiG-19 VPAF925 skin
      - Replaced J-6/MiG-19 VPAFBlue1 skin
      - Added PLAAFSilver1 skin to J-6
      - Implemented "Pure Fighter" changes to MiG-17 & MiG-17F
      - Added new cockpits for MiG-17s & J-6/MiG-19
      - Added VPAFSilver2 skin to MiG-21F
      - Overhauled MiG-21PFM 927_Green & 927_Camo skins
      - Implemented tweaks or minor fixes for almost every aircraft
      - Upgraded ships for Mar2012/SF2NA compatibility
      - Upgraded all AAA guns
      - Upgraded all SAMs & SAM radars
      - Added new destroyed LODs for some ground objects
      - Updated or tweaked a number of weapons & guns
      - Added a few new weapons
      - Added new SA-2 missile models
      - Overhauled Environment.INI for post-Dec2010 patch levels
      - Updated FlightEngine.INI, Nations.INI, SpeechSystem.INI for
      Mar2012 & later patch levels
      - Updated custom MissionSummary.STR & MissionType.STR files for
      Mar2012 & later patch levels
      - Added a number of custom sounds to SoundList.INI
      - Updated SquadronList.INI
      - Added a number of new items to terrain TargetTypes.INI
      - Added updated VietnamSEA_Water.bmp for SF2NA
      - Added custom WaterNormal.BMP to both terrains
      - Renamed Noi Bai Airfield to Phuc Yen Airfield
      - Overhauled or tweaked dozens of target areas in Targets.INI
      - Added 32 new target areas to terrain Targets.INI (see above)
      - Implemented minor twaks/fixes to all campaigns
      - Added seven date-specific Rolling Thunder variant campaigns
      - AC-47 Spooky ++
      - E-2A/B Hawkeye +
      - E-2C Hawkeye +
      - EA-6B_71 (ThirdWire) +
      - F-104C_61 (ThirdWire) *
      - F-104C_66 (ThirdWire) *
      - J-5 Fresco-A
      - J-5A Freco-C
      - Li-2 Cab ++
      * Note: these aircraft require DLC 28 from ThirdWire
      + Note: these aircraft require SF2NA from ThirdWire
      ++Note: this aircraft requires SF2I Expansion Pack 1
      NEW SHIPS *
      - Adams Class DDG
      - Allen M. Sumner Class DD
      - Austin Class ATD
      - Bainbridge Class CGN
      - Belknap Class CG
      - Blue Ridge Class ACS
      - Enterprise Class CVAN
      - Farragut Class DLG
      - Forrest Sherman Class DD
      - Forrestal Class CVA
      - Garcia Class FF
      - Gearing FRAM IB Class DD
      - Knox Class FFG
      - Leahy Class CG
      - Midway Class CVA
      - Mitscher Class DL
      - Small Cargo Ship
      - Soviet Cargo Ship
      - Soviet Trawler
      - Spy Trawler
      - USN Tanker
      - USN Transport
      * Note: some ships require SF2NA or LOD files from YAP
      ** January 2012: **
      - Dels' A-1 cockpit included as an optional item
      - EZLead's "Staggered/Formation Take-offs" mod included as an optional item
      - A-1 Skyraider weapon stations & loadouts overhauled by Malibu43
      - alternate USMC F-4 loadouts included in May2011 & later patch levels
      - F-102A flight model replaced
      - MissionChance schedules for most aircraft in Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive
      campaigns overhauled
      - a few new weapons added (others fixed)
      - cartoonishly large explosion debris reduced in bomb explosion and flak
      effects for Dec2009 & later patch levels
      - A-6A/B Intruder drop tanks fixed on May2011 & later patch levels
      - SouthVietnam terrain tweaked to prevent VPAF MiGs from intruding
      - CBU-14As & CBU-25s fixed to allow AI pilots to use them properly
      ** September 2011: **
      - added optional A-1 cockpits based on the F-8's (by Stary)
      - updated ground wars for Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive campaigns
      - added new napalm effect (by Stary) to BLUs
      - updated NATIONS.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated FLIGHTENGINE.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated SOUNDLIST.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated SQUADRONLIST.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI for May2011 patch level
      - added new 3W VNAF A-1 textures
      - added VNAF camo texture to B-57B
      - overhauled Cessna180 & O-1E and added new cockpits to each
      - added USNGrey5 texture to F-8C & F-8C_66
      - added three new textures to O-2A
      - added updated "Willie Pete" effects for May2011 patch level
      - updated terrain DATA.INIs for May2011 patch levels to correct
      visual problems with height maps, water levels, & coast lines
      - minor corrections to A-6A, A-6B, EA-6A, EA-6B, B-26K, B-57B, CanberraB20,
      Canberra20, F-100D, F-100D_64, F-100D_68, F-100D_WW, & O-2A
      - minor corrections/updates to most post-Dec2009 F-4s to account for model
      differences from earlier patch versions
      - minor corrections to most AAA, SAM, and radar ground objects
      - minor corrections to a number of other ground objects
      - minor corrections to several tanks & weapons
      ** April 2011: **
      - minor updates & tweaks to Rolling Thunder, Linebacker II,
      Easter Offensive, & Steel Tiger campaigns
      - added medals pack for North & South Vietnam
      - adjusted Altitude data in MissionControl.INI
      - updated & expanded SquadronList.INI
      - added new cockpit textures for F-111A
      - tweaked textures for F-4B
      - added USMCGrey3 texture for F-4B_67
      - added field-mod bomb racks for Canberra B.20 (both 3rdWire
      & ajundair versions)
      - added new engine sound for AC-119s
      - minor tweaks/updates to several other aircraft
      - changed gun targeting on NVA tanks from AIR_AND_GROUND to GROUND
      - added dummy SA-2D missile to ZiL-157 SA-2 Trailer
      - added FAB-50, Canberra bomb rack, and weapons for Hueys
      - minor fixes/updates for both VietnamSEA & SouthVietnam terrains
      - F-4G Phantom II (VF-213, USN)
      - UH-1B Huey Gunship
      - UH-1D Huey
      ** February 2011: **
      - minor fixes to MiG-17 skins
      - minor tweaks to EA-6B
      - added B-26K Counter Invader
      - added F-4D LORAN
      - updated Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive Campaigns
      - updated/expanded SquadronList.INI
      - updated unit designations for several texture sets
      - added two dozen new weapons
      ** January 2011: **
      - checked all radar family names
      - checked all radars, jammers, RWR for freq data
      - fixed afterburner effects for post-Dec2009
      - added proper CEP to all bombs, rockets, & A2G missiles
      - checked all LGB/AI bomb names
      - added cartridge weights for all custom guns
      - added ammo weights on aircraft internal guns w/ EjectShells=FALSE
      - checked NumSquadron= for all carriers in campaigns
      - checked campaign names
      - checked weapons EffectsClasses
      - integrated Malibu43's EasterOffensive & SteelTiger campaign fixes
      - added missing cockpit files to some aircraft
      - added destroyed models to some aircraft
      - added new 'Nam-era weapons
      - added O-2A Skymaster
      - updated RF-8 skins
      - updated some F-4B_67 & F-4J skins
      - updated O-1E U.S. Army decals
      - updated A-1H/J USNGrey1 decals
      - added a few new effects
      - added nations music for campaigns
      - added Exp Pack 2 water .BMP
      - updated FlightEngine.INI
      - updated SquadronList.INI
      - added A-1H_67 & A-1J_67
      - updated B-57B DATA.INI for Exp. Pack 2
      - added CanberraB20 from Exp. Pack 2 as Optional/flyable
      - integrated A-1H/J_67 into campaigns
      ** July 2010: **
      - replaced grey-background VF-111 tail decals
      w/ white-background versions on F-4Bs
      - updated A-1H/J flight models
      - updated B-57B flight model
      - tweaked F-102A control surfaces
      - added custom AIM-4D for F-102A
      - made F-102A missile bay doors automatic
      - corrected several node names on Dec2009 & later F-4s
      - minor fixes on F-4E Rivet Haste, R-4B, RF-4C
      - added VPAF pilot to all MiGs
      - added two missing sound files
      - added a few missing pilots
      - tweaked O-1E/Cessna180 fm & weapon stations
      - tweaked F-104C fm
      - filled out F-104C radar data
      - tweaked AC-119 fm
      - tweaked F-5 fm & control surfaces
      - tweaked MiG-17 flight models
      - corrected MiG-17PF radar parameters
      - filled out RF-4B/C radar data
      - filled out RF-8A/G radar data
      - fixed OV-10 tank DATA.INI
      - tweaked F-5 centerline tank data
      - tweaked ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI for Dec-2009 & later
      - updated avionics HUDs & DTVMaterials for Dec2009 & later shaders
      - added F-5E Tiger II (VNAF)
      - added F-5E Tiger II (VPAF)
      - added "dumb" AI versions of LGBs
      - added 30MM_GSh-30-2 cannon
      - added texture set patches for a number of aircraft
      - added new Loading & Hangar screens for F-102A
      - added Raven's Navy trawler texture set
      - added sounds to carriers
      - added clean exhaust emitters to A-1 Skyraiders
      - added grey B-57B tanks
      - added/updated hangar/loading screens for several aircraft
      - added damage models to several aircraft
      - added holes .TGAs to a number of aircraft
      - customized mission type name/description strings
      This update contains new items from the following modders who generously allowed their use:
      Home Fries .................................. A-6A & EA-6B skins/decals
      JSF_Aggie ................................... A-6B VA-115 skin
      MiGBuster ................................... DIANE mod for A-6A
      Wrench & RussoUK2004 ........................ AC-47 Spooky
      gbreuder .................................... B-52 Vietnam Era Upgrade Package
      Dave (USAFTML) .............................. B-57B VNAF skins
      Paul Nortress ............................... new EA-6B skins
      Crusader .................................... F-105D gunsight mod
      slick_cowboy ................................ F-111E/F new skins
      Paul Nortress & allenjb42 ................... new KA-6D skins
      Kelvin & ArmourDave ......................... Il-28 cockpit (based on Su-17 cockpit)
      MiGBuster ................................... VNAF skins for C-130A & O-1E
      Paulopanz ................................... PLAAF J-5 & J-6 skins/decals
      Paulopanz ................................... overhauled skins for MiG-21F, MiG-21PFM, & MiG-17F
      Paulopanz ................................... Li-2 Cab
      Paulopanz ................................... An-2 VPAF & PLAAF skins
      Gepard ...................................... MiG-17 Pure Fighter upgrades
      CA_Stary .................................... new MiG-17 & MiG-19 cockpits
      The Mirage Factory............................F-5E Tiger II
      Capun, Gramps, Charles, Kesselbrut, Wrench....B-26K Counter Invader
      Veltro2K, Cliff11, & XRAY.....................O-2A Skymaster
      Pasko ....................................... UH-1B Gunship
      Kesselbrut .................................. UH-1B/D flight model
      Gramps ...................................... UH-1H Huey
      HrntFixr ................................... UH-1B skins
      Dave (USAFTML) .............................. VF-213 F-4G skin
      Dave (USAFTML) .............................. VNAF B-57B skins/decals
      CA_Stary .................................... optional A-1 cockpits (based on F-8's)
      Dels & CA_Stary...............................optional A-1 cockpits
      liamp51 ..................................... re-textured F-111A cockpit
      Malibu43......................................new A-1H/J Skyraider loadouts
      FastCargo ................................... Canberra B.20 bomb racks
      Wrench....................................... bits for F-4D LORAN
      Malibu43......................................alternate USMC F-4 loadouts
      Wrench ...................................... overhauled O-1E & Cessna180
      Wrench ...................................... new textures for O-2A
      Fubar512..................................... bits for EA-6B
      Fubar512 & MiGBuster ........................ Carrier Deck Illumination package
      WhiteBoySamurai ............................. Leahy & Bainbridge class
      Julhelm ..................................... new Firecan radar
      SUICIDAL .................................... New Destroyed Tank LODs
      Spillone104 ................................. SA-2 Guideline Pack
      Hinchinbrooke ............................... Adams class & Farragut class
      Florian ..................................... USN AOE Transport
      Julhelm ..................................... USN Tanker
      Kesselbrut .................................. Small Cargo Ship, Trawlers
      Cocas ....................................... Trawler & Soviet Trawler
      Raven ....................................... Trawler skins
      Crusader .................................... Soviet MANPADs for SF2
      Raven........................................ Navy Trawler texture
      Paulopanz ................................... medals pack for North & South Vietnam
      christian59 ................................. generic aircraft damage textures
      OldDiego, Pappy, Wrench, Pasko, ............. Pilots
      Florian/AmokFloo, & PureBlue
      CA_Stary .................................... new CBU-based napalm effect
      CA_Stary .................................... updated Willie Pete effects
      Malibu43 & Vigilant...........................fixed CBU-14A & CBU-25
      EZLead .......................................Staggered/Formation Take-offs mod
      Credits for all items included in the Expansion Pack can be found in \ReadMes_Old. If we have neglected to credit anyone here, please let us know. We will get it fixed ASAP.
      Legal Stuff
      We have signed onto the freeware "list" on CombatAce.com. As such, the original work here can be included or used in other mods as along as they aren't payware and credit is given to the creator(s).
      Malibu43 & eburger68
      malibu43 & eburger68
      1 Sep. 2014


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