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All SF / WOV / WOE / WOI Simulation Modifications and Add-Ons

    1. LODViewer

      This is the newest version of the LODViewer.
      New features:
      -decal support
      -display of collision and pivot points
      -added transparency and wireframe display mode
      -user definable background color
      -view manipulation via keyboard
      -64 bit application
      -uses the OpenSceneGraph library and Qt 5.9.5
      Install instructions:
      Extract the content of the zip package to a convenient location.
      The LODViewer depends on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 C++ libraries. If not already installed on the computer (e.g. by other applications) it has to be installed by running vcredist_x64.exe (you can find it in the redist subfolder of this package).
      Have fun! And report bugs


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    2. Falkland 1982 All-Inclusive MOD

      Operaton Corporate
      - The Falklands War -
      A Strike Fighters Project1 MOD by Daniel”Kesselbrut”Himmel
      This is an All-Inclusive MOD of the Falkland War. The MOD contains all major aircrafts and groundunits of the conflict.
      All objects in this pack (aircrafts, houses, vehicles, tiles, textures….) are free, but that means they are not freeware. If you want to use something out of the pack for your own MOD please ask for a written permission by me via PM at the combatace forum. I will forward your request to the owner of the model you want to use.
      The pack will run without errors on SFP1 and SFP Gold only. At WOV you will need a C-130 otherwise the Game crashes during the campaign. At WOE and WOI it will run only after heavy manual cut and paste work….
      Do a clean SFP1 installation
      install SP4
      rename the folder as "Falkland 1982"
      delete missions - folder
      delete campaigns - folder
      delete /objects/decals - folder
      delete /objects/aircraft - folder
      delete /objects/groundojects - folder
      delete /objects/weapons - folder
      copy the unpacked files into your "Falkland 1982" folder
      open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsUK.ini
      correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalVC.txt with your installation-path
      open the \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsARG.ini
      correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalARG.txt with your installation-path
      In the Canberra B you can switch between Pilot and Bombadier with "Hook" key
      single mission year is 1983 - because the only British base was build in May - if you have
      a missiondate before 29th May - the game CTD - self created missions (with mission date) will work normaly - you have to take off from a carrier before 29th May
      The infantry units have too much speed - when I use normal Footslogger speed there are no ground battles.
      All Groundunits are optimated for the game - so they may not realistic.
      All Carriers have zero speed - because they cruise wild through the
      ship formations.
      During the Campaign the groundunits won't attack - in WOI it all works normal.
      The Harrier and SUE have no Groundradar
      I'm currently working at the WOI version, but I have multible problems
      - The A-4 flightmodels are cruel
      - same for the SUE
      - same for the Harriers
      - The Canberra Bombbay shows no load
      - no Thrust Vectoring
      - Carrier take offs mostly accidential (carriers maybe not fully supported)
      So a SP5 version of the mod will released 2 months after SP release.
      Special thanks to all involved modders especially:
      BPAO, CAPUN, COMPRNT, Sundowner, Kreelin, Richard, Charles, Foxmonter, The Wrench, Hinchinbrooke, Diego, Polak, Pasko, Marcfighter, USAFMTL, Column5, erikgen, Edward, Pasko, Bunyap, DEUCES, Saganuay, HRNTFIXR, Ajunaidr, Soulfreak, Moonjumper, Kout, the Thirdwire Team and all the others of the several teams (and maybe the ones I forgot)
      Here is a list of included objects and who created them:
      Terrain and tiles:
      by USAFMTL, Diego, Edward - heavily modded by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      Sky and Enviroment:
      by Polak
      by Bunyap and many unknown modders, Mirage Factory and Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      By Deuces
      Campaign and Singlemissions
      by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      S-2F; Mentor, Wessex (Groundmodel too), Seaking, Lynx HAS2; HMS Hermes
      by the DevATeam (CEO CAPUN)
      Harrier GR3 and Harrier FRS1; Mirage III; IAI Dagger; SA341 Gazelle
      By The Mirage Factory (CEO BPAO) reworked Harrier GR3 and Harrier FRS1 3D Models made by MontyCZ
      Pucara, MB 326, Super Etendard, ARA Belgrano
      By Foxmonter; Belgrano Skin by Richard and CAPUN
      by MontyCZ
      by erikgen
      Canberra B2 MK.62
      by ajunaidr, skin by Soulfreak, Pit by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      A-4Q, A-4C, A-4P
      model by Thirdwire, skins by Marcfighters and Richard, addon 3Dworks by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      C-130A and KC-130A
      Model by TK, skin by HRNTFIXR
      All Helicopter FM
      by Kreelin
      HMS Invincible, Type_12; Type_42; Type_82, ARA 25 de Mayo, County_Class
      by Hinchinbrooke - de Mayo skin by Richard
      MVAtlantic_Causeway; MVAtlantic_Conveyor
      by Polak
      155mm Howitzer and EW Radar
      by Pasko
      LandRover1tonne_Command; LandRover1tonne_Cover; LandRover_Cover; LandRover_open; Scorpion
      Skin by Richard, 3D Model by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      105mm_L118_Howitzer; 105mm_L118_Howitzer_FB; 105mm_Recoilless_Rifle; 105mm_Recoilless_Rifle_FB; Argentine_Marines; Argentine_Squad; AR_Cal50; AR_Foxhole; AR_Navy_Tug; Blindfire; BlowpipeAR; BlowpipeUK; CommTrailer; Exocet_Launcher; Fearless; HQTrailer; Intrepid; LCM; LCM_UL; LVTP-7; MVBaltic_Ferry; MVNordic_Ferry; MVTor_Caledonia; OerlikonAAA; Panhard; Rapier; RH202; Roland_Shelter; Sir_Class_LSL; Skyguard; SmallCargoShip; SSCanberra; Submarine; Trawler1; Trawler2 UK_Cal50; UK_Foxhole; UK_Marching_Column; UK_SAS_TEAM; UK_Squad; Wessex_GO, Airfields at Stanley, Goose Green and Pebble Island, All civil buildings…, Helopilot1; Helopilot2
      by Daniel “Kessselbrut” Himmel
      Special thanks to COMPRNT, Charles and Kout for menu, medals and textfiles
      I hope I forgot nothing to write
      Have Fun


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    3. Weapons Pack - 03 Jul 06

      This project is designed to provide a hassle free way of obtaining every 3rd party released weapon and gun. It will be updated after every aircraft release to include the newly created ordnance, gun types, and fuel tanks. All data is checked and verified by experts to provide the most realistic weapons effects and performance possible.
      This weapons pack will not run with the 2008 patched Thirdwire sim unless you run it through latest weapons editor found here. If you are using the latest patch then do not use the data.ini files that the weps pack comes with.


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    4. EF-2000

      EF-2000 Typhoon


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    5. Super Hornet Package for SF2 v4.1

      YOU MAY
      - Have fun with this mod
      - Use it as you see fit once you download it, even modify it as you see fit
      - Create your own textures as you see fit and upload them under your name
      IF you wish to send me any modified core files (I don't need to review skins as that doesn't affect any core files) please PM me the modified files and I will check them out. There is no exception to this policy given my attitude towards staying out of jail. I will check them out and yay or nay the decision, but if I can edit any files in order to not go to jail, I will inform you and that will be it. I understand you may have information of a sensitive nature that you may have access to and frankly it does not belong in any files of this download. If that bothers you then please don't send me sensitive information, I think I've made it clear that I'm not going to jail in order to appease to players.
      Newer skin PSD with Block I ECS (no stacks) now available for skinning needs:
      - Fixed some glaring errors in the INI files.


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    6. SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 Gold - Part 1

      "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air and Ground Expansion Pack"
      Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam Game Enhancement Package.
      Works with Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam.
      eburger68 and malibu43
      V2.1 Final (Gold - Updated)
      What's in this readme:
      1. What's Inside
      2. Installation
      3. Optional Installs
      4. Known Issues
      5. New Terrain Targets & Targets Areas
      6. New Terrain Items
      7. Terrain Notes
      8. Environment Notes
      9. Colors of AAA/Flak Tracers
      10. Legal Stuff
      11. A Note on Old Diego's Items
      12. A Note on the KC-135A Tanker
      13. Credits
      14. Version 2.1 Change Log
      1. What's Inside:
      This is intended to be an overall enhancement to the SF2 Vietnam (SF2V) experience without having to hunt for, download, and install some of the "must have" mods for the game. We've also made some great changes and additions to the terrain and campaigns to give users a wider variety of missions types to fly. At the same time we've also made changes to help the user control where they fly.
      Here's a brief summary of what's new and changed:
      -Terrain is split into North and South vietnam, with unique target areas for each.
      -Terrain include dozens of new targets and target areas, using numerous new terrain items.
      -Three stock SF2V campaigns overhauled and expanded with new units, aircraft, and textures.
      -Two new campaigns that are centered around fighting in South Vietnam
      -CA_Stary's "Green Hell 2" Terrain Mod
      -Brain32's "Re-painted VietnamSEA Tiles"
      -Pappa Goat's re-painted versions of the GH2/Brain32 tiles
      -Bananimal's "Re-scaled Trees for Green Hell 2"
      -Insky/Orsin's "Better Widesky" Environment Mod
      -Deadlier and more varied flak, AAA, and SAMs
      -New ground objects, weapons, and effects
      -New (or newly flyable) aircraft:
      - A-1H/J Skyraider (flyable)
      - A-6A Intruder (flyable)
      - A-6B Intruder (from A-6A)
      - B-57B Canberra (flyable)
      - B-57G Tropic Moon III
      - AC-119G Shadow
      - AC-119K Stinger
      - AC-123K Black Spot
      - AC-130A Spectre
      - AC-130A Surprise Package
      - An-2 Colt
      - B-52F Stratofortess
      - B-52G Stratofortess
      - C-123K Provider
      - C-130A Hercules
      - C-130E Hercules
      - Canberra B.mk20 (RAAF)
      - Cessna180 (RAAF)
      - EA-6A Electric Intruder
      - EA-6B Prowler
      - EB-66C Destroyer
      - EF-4C Phantom II
      - F-4D Phantom II (69) (from F-4D_67)
      - F-4D Night OWL
      - F-4E 'Rivet Haste'
      - F-5A Freedom Fighter
      - F-5B Tandem Tiger
      - F-5C Skoshi Tiger
      - F-100D Wild Weasel
      - F-102A Delta Dagger
      - F-104C Starfighter
      - F-105F Wild Weasel
      - F-105G Wild Weasel
      - F-111A Aardvark
      - KA-3B Tanker
      - KA-6D Tanker
      - KC-130F Tanker
      - KC-135A Stratotanker
      - MiG-17PF Fresco-E
      - MiG-19SF Farmer-C (sky-blue texture)
      - O-1E Bird Dog
      - OV-10A Bronco
      - RA-5C Vigilante
      - RB-66C Destroyer
      - RF-4B Phantom II (from MF RF-4C)
      - RF-4C Phantom II (MF)
      - RF-8A Crusader (from MF F-8B)
      - RF-8G Crusader (from MF F-8C)
      - RF-101C Voodoo
      - SP-2H Neptune
      For a more complete accounting of the changes and additions in this version of the "Air and Ground Expansion Pack" see the "Version 2.1 Change Log" below.
      Note: this "updated" version of the Expansion Pack is a roll-up package that includes all the updates and fixes previously available in separately released updates (the "Terrain Tiles Update," the "January 2010 Update," and the "February 2010 Update").
      2. Installation:
      We strongly recommend installing this expansion pack to an unmodded SF2V Mod Folder. Installing to a Mod Folder that contains other mods (e.g., new aircraft, weapons, ground objects, etc.) could result in a partially or completely broken installation.
      The SF2V Air & Ground Expansion Pack can be installed to a standalone install of SF2V or a "merged" install that includes the original SF2 and/or one of the other SF2 titles, SF2 Europe (SF2E) and SF2 Israel (SF2I). Depending on what other SF2 games your "merged" install includes and what patch level you are running, you may have an additional installation step.
      - Dec2009 & later installs: If you are installing the Expansion Pack to an SF2V installation that has been patched to the Dec2009 level (which includes the "Combo Pack") or later (e.g., the Feb2010 level), then you will have an extra intallation step (see below).
      - SF2I installs: If you are installing the expansion pack to a "merged" install that includes SF2 Israel (SF2I) but is NOT patched to Dec2009 level or later, then you will have an extra intallation step (see below). At minimum you will need to be at the Nov 2009 Update patch for SF2I available from ThirdWire.
      All ThirdWire patches and updates should be applied BEFORE installing the Expansion Pack.
      To install this expansion pack properly:
      a) Ensure that "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam" is already installed and patched to the latest level.
      b) If you have a prior installation of SF2V, rename your existing SF2V Mod Folder.
      Note: for more guidance on managing "Strike Fighters 2" installations and your Mod
      Folder, see this discussion at CombatAce:
      c) Run the game once. The game will generate a fresh Mod Folder with default contents.
      d) Unpack all four .7z files (SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Part1.7z, SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Part2.7z, SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Part3.7z, SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Part4.7z) to a safe location on your drive.
      e) Simply drop the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" into your Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam Mod Folder (NOT the folder that the game installs to). By default your Mod Folder should be located here:
      Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam\
      Windows Vista: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam\
      Windows 7: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam\
      If you have defined a custom Mod Folder, then drop the contents of "To_Mod_Folder" in that location.
      f) Download the FOTI A-6A from here:
      Copy the "cockpit" folder from the .RAR file and drop it into the following sub-directories of the \Aircraft directory in your SF2Vietnam Mod Folder (objects/aircraft):
      If you are running SF2V are any patch level earlier than Dec2009 and your "merged" install does NOT include SF2I, then your installation process is finished.
      If you are running at the Dec2009 patch level (which includes the "Combo Pack") or later (e.g., the Feb2010 level), or your "merged" install DOES include SF2I, then you have one last step.
      g) SF2I & Dec2009 or later patch level users: this is your additional installation step.
      - If you are running the Dec2009 patch level (including the "Combo Pack") or later (e.g., the Feb2010 level), then open the \For_Dec2009_Patch directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within the \To_Mod_Folder to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      - If your "merged" install includes SF2I but is NOT patched to the Dec2009 patch level or later, then open the \For_SF2I directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within the \To_Mod_Folder to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      That's it. You should be good to go.
      Optionally, install the items included in the \Optional directory (see the "Optional Installs" section below for more information).
      You may also install the extra items and other bonus mods included in the \Extras folder. Please see the ReadMes included in those directories for more information.
      3. Optional Installs
      Depending on what Series 2 games you have installed and whether you performed a "merged" install (creating a single Mod Folder for all your Series 2 games), you may need the items included in the \Optional directory.
      A. M60A1 tank
      If your SF2V Mod Folder has an \M60A1 directory in \GroundObject, then copy the M60A1_DATA.INI to that directory. If your Mod Folder doesn't have an \M60A1 directory in \GroundObject, then skip this item.
      B. A-4Bs
      Not all SF2 games ship with the A-4B and A-4B_65 Skyhawk. (Standalone SF2V installs, for example, will not have either A-4B version.) If you are applying the Expansion Pack to a "merged install" that does include the A-4Bs, you will want to also apply the customized A-4B files from the \Optional directory.
      First, verify that your SF2V install includes A-4Bs by checking the \Objects\Aircraft directory in your SF2V Mod Folder. If it does include A-4Bs, then copy the two folders from within the \Optional\A-4Bs directory to your the \Objects\Aircraft directory in your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      C. Alternate MiG-17A
      If you have installed the Expansion Pack to a stand-alone installation of SF2V -- either because you don't have the other SF2 titles or elected not to perform a "merged" install -- then you will need to install the alternate MiG-17A included in the \Optional directory. To install it, simply drag and drop the \MiG-17 folder to the \Objects\Aircraft directory in your SF2V Mod Folder.
      D. ThirdWire MiG-17PF
      If you have "Strike Fighters 2: Europe" (SF2E) or "Strike Fighters 2: Israel" (SF2I) installed and you performed a "merged" install (meaning that all your SF2 games share a single Mod Folder), then you may use the ThirdWire MiG-17PF instead of the third-party MiG-17PF that ships with the expansion pack. If you have SF2E and wish to use the ThirdWire model, then do the following:
      - Remove the existing \MiG-17PF folder from your \Aircraft directory.
      - Copy the entire \MiG-17PF folder from \Optional to your Aircraft directory.
      At this point the game should start using the ThirdWire model.
      Hint: you always can tell what version of the MiG-17PF is currently installed by checking the name of the aircraft. The version shipped with the original Expansion Pack Beta will be identified as the "MiG-17PF Fresco-E." The ThirdWire model is identified as the "MiG-17PF Fresco-D."
      E. Dec2009 Cockpits
      In the Dec2009 patch for SF2 ThirdWire changed the way that cockpit poitions are calculated. This change affected the A-6A/B as well as the F-5B. In later patches (starting with the Feb2010 patch) ThirdWire reverted to the old method for determining cockpit positions.
      If you are running at the Dec2009 patch level (but NOT the Feb2010 or later level), then you should copy the three folders from the \Optional\Dec2009_Cockpits directory to the \Optional\Aircraft in your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      F. Alternate Exhaust Emitters
      On some systems the custom exhaust emitters used on for the B-52s, F-4s, and the F-104C may cause slowdowns. If you experience severe frame rate drops whenever these aircraft are visible, you might consider switching to versions of the aircraft that use the standard DirtyExhaustEmitter.
      To install aircraft versions that use the DirtyExhaustEmitter in lieu of custom exhaust emitters, simply copy the folders from the \DirtyExhaust folder (excluding \_CustomExhaust) to the \Objects\Aircraft directory of your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      A copy of the original DATA.INIs with the custom exhaust effects is included in the \_CustomExhaust sub-directory, in case you wish to revert back to the originals.
      G. Mobile SAM Launchers
      If you wish to increase the SAM threat in North Vietnam, you can use mobile SAM launchers to boost the number of active SAMs. To install the mobile SAM launchers, simply copy all folders from the \Mobile_SAMs folder to the \Objects\GroundObject directory of your SF2V Mod Folder.
      Note any mobile SAMs that exist in \Objects\GroundObject will show up in CAS missions in the "Easter Offensive" Campaign.
      H. Alternate Flak
      One of our main goals for this expansion pack was to make North Vietnamese air defenses more varied and deadly. We think we've succeeded. If you make it a habit to fly straight and level over Pack 6, you will be walking home.
      Included in the \Optional\Flak directory are three sets of files that you can use to change the effectiveness of the flak guns (37mm, 40mm, 57mm, 85mm, 100mm, & 130mm):
      1_Insane: only those with a masochistic streak should use this flak. Expect to see
      entire flights blown from the sky. Any campaigns you start are almost
      guaranteed to be very brief and extremely violent.
      2_Deadly: significantly deadlier than the default "Normal" flak (see below). Take
      care to plot flight paths around flak-infested areas and get out of the
      target area as quickly as possible. Despite your efforts, chances are high
      that at least one of your wingmen will not make it home.
      3_Normal: the least effective and the default installed with the Expansion Pack.
      Flak guns are still many times deadlier than in the stock ThirdWire game.
      Best practices are not to fly straight and level through flak-infested
      areas and not linger over targets.
      We recommend sticking with the default "Normal" flak, though you're welcome to test your nerve with the deadlier flak varieties. To change to a different flak level, simply copy the five sub-folders from flak directory you'd like to use to the \Objects\Guns directory of your SF2V Mod Dir, overwriting as prompted.
      I. Alternate Flak Effects
      On some lower-end systems the custom flak effects used in this expansion pack may cause severe slowdowns, esp. in large strikes with lots of flak guns opening up on multiple flights of aircraft. If you see large drop in frame rate performance during intense flak bursts, then you may want to use the alternate flak effects available in the \Flak_Effects directory.
      To install, simply drag and drop the four .INI files from the \LOW sub-directory of \Flak_Effects to the \Effects directory in your SF2V Mod Dir, overwriting as prompted. If you wish to restore the original flak effects, copy over the .INI files from the \HIGH sub-drectory to the \Effects directory in your SF2V Mod Dir.
      Note that using the alternate flak effects does NOT reduce the effectiveness of flak guns.
      J. Smoke-Marking Infantry Squads
      By default most friendly infantry squads (but not individual soldiers) will have their positions marked by red smoke. (The smoke-marking is performed by ENEMY squads -- a key point to remember.) There are several ways to customize this effect:
      1) If you would prefer not to have friendly squads's positions marked with red smoke, then you can turn that effect off. Copy the \NVA_Squad & \VC_Squad folders from \Optional\PopSmoke\Non-Smokers to the Objects\GroundObject directory in your SF2V Mod Folder, over-writing as prompted.
      2) If you would prefer to change the color of the smoke used to mark friendly squads, then drill down to the \Objects\GroundObject directory in your SF2V Mod Folder. You need to edit the VC_Squad_DATA.INI and NVA_Squad_DATA.INI. At the bottom of each file you will find the data for GunBarrel5:
      // GunTypeName=M18_Green_Smoke
      // GunTypeName=M18_Yellow_Smoke
      // GunTypeName=M18_Violet_Smoke
      The commented ( // ) GunTypeNames are disabled. Simply comment out the M18_Red_Smoke line and un-comment the line for the color you'd prefer to use.
      3) If you would like friendly squads to mark enemy squads with smoke, then drill down to the \Objects\GroundObject directory in your SF2V Mod Folder. You will need to edit the following files:
      At the bottom of each file you will find the data for GunBarrel5:
      // GunTypeName=M18_Yellow_Smoke
      // GunTypeName=M18_Red_Smoke
      // GunTypeName=M18_Green_Smoke
      // GunTypeName=M18_Violet_Smoke
      By default GunBarrel5 for friendly squads uses the "Dummy_Gun," which does not pop smoke. Comment out the Dummy_Gun line and un-comment the line for the color of smoke you'd prefer friendly sqauds to mark enemy troops with.
      K. BUFF-less Campaigns
      On some systems B-52 strikes can degrade performance to the point where the game is almost unplayable. If you would like to fly campaigns that include no strikes by B-52s, copy the DATA.INIs included in the \NoBUFFs folder to the appropriate sub-directory in the \Campaigns directory of yur SF2V Mod Folder. For example, CAMPAIGNV1_DATA.INI would go to \Campaigns\CampaignV1, and so on.
      L. Alternate Terrain Tiles
      By default this mod package installs Pappa Goat's re-painted versions of the Brain32/Green Hell 2 tiles. If you would prefer to revert to the original tiles by Brain32 and CA_Stary (Green Hell 2) -- which are characterized by a lighter, more blue-ish tint -- you can install those original tiles from the \Optional\GH2_Alt directory.
      To install, simply copy all the .BMP and .TGA files from top level of the \Optional\GH2_Alt directory to the following locations in your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting files as prompted:
      [sF2V Mod Folder]\Terrains\VietnamSEA
      [sF2V Mod Folder]\Terrains\SouthVietnam
      The sub-directories of \Optional\GH2_Alt contain alternate air base tiles and differently sized trees that you can also use to tweak the terrains' appearance to your liking. The \_config sub-dir contain an alternate terrain DATA.INI that is designed for use with these alternate tiles.
      M. Old Diego's Optional Items
      Old Diego has generously allowed us to use a number of his terrain and ground object models. Most of these are installed by default with the expansion pack. A few ground object items, however, have been left as "optional" installs.
      Most of these "optional" are additional soldiers. We made them "optional" because we thought not all users would like the way the game will use them for Single Missions (esp. Armed Recon and CAS missions). For example, if you install the USArmyMortar item, you could see entire squads consisting only of mortar-equipped soldiers slugging it out with NVA regulars in CAS missions.
      These "optional" items from Old Diego could be useful for those building single missions for use with this expansion pack. If you would like to install these other items from Old Diego, simply copy all the folders from the \OldDiego directory to the \Objects\GroundObject directory in your SF2V Mod Dir.
      Please note that none of Old Diego's items may be re-used or re-distributed outside of this expansion pack without Old Diego's explicit permission. For a complete listing of the items from Old Diego included in this mod, see the section titled "Note on Old Diego's Items" towards the end of this ReadMe.
      4. Known Issues
      A. General Notes
      - Default CAS loadout for A-1's should include CBU-25's on the outer wing stations, but the AI doesn't know how to use that weapon. So, load them onto your own aircraft, but don't load them on AI! The same holds true for CBU-14's, which are similar to the CBU-25's.
      - The A-1H/J Attack loadout (used for CAS and Armed Recon missions) specifies LAU-32 rocket pods on the outer wing stations. These will not show in the Loadout screen even though they will be loaded for the mission.
      - Similarly, in the Loadout screen some USAF F-4 loadouts may show either nothing loaded on the forward AIM-7 Sparrow missile wells or two ECM pods. In the mission itself those weapon stations will carry an ECM pod and a Sparrow respectively.
      - Due to a bug in the Single Mission engine for SF2 versions patched only to the May2009b level, the game will always choose the SAME ship/boat type to attack for Anti-Ship missions. The type is determined alphabetically -- whatever "Cargo_Ship" type comes first alphabetically in the GroundObject directory will be selected without variation. This bug appears to have been fixed at the June2009b patch level.
      - The model used for the RA-5C does not have a visible tailhook, though one is present on the aircraft. Thus, you can deploy the tailhook, and it will work -- it just won't be visible in external views. The same holds true for the P-2H Neptune.
      - The model used for the F-102A does have a visible tailhook, however, it is non-functional.
      - The F-100D Wild Weasel aircraft is not historically accurate. The first Wild Weasels actually used two-seater F-100F Super Sabres fitted out with special electronic equipment to locate and track the radars associated with the SA-2 Guideline. In mid-1966 they began upgrading to F-105Ds. As there is no F-100F model that we are allowed to re-distribute, we elected to cobble together a single-seat F-100D Wild Weasel to stand in its place.
      B. A Note on the Dec2009 & Later Patch Levels
      This updated package includes fixes for problems introduced by the Dec2009 patch for Strike Fighters 2 released by ThirdWire. These problems continue to affect subsequent patch levels, incuding the Feb2010 patch. If you have the "Combo Pack" (available from ThirdWire for a short period of time at the end of 2009) then you are affected.
      Although we have been able to address most issues introduced by the Dec2009 patch, in at least one case we have been able to offer only a work-around of sorts. The Dec2009 patch changes the way that terrain TGAs with "alpha layers" are rendered, causing weird display issues when viewing 3D trees through clouds at certain distances.
      We have no real fix for this bit of ugliness (which you'll immediately recognize if and when you see it). The best solution we've been able to come up with is to "disappear" the 3D trees with clear TGAs on the Dec2009 patch level. The terrain itself still looks fantastic, primarily because the terrain tiles created by Brain32 and CA_Stary (and modded by Pappa Goat) are so excellently detailed.
      We are hoping that ThirdWire will issue a follow-on patch to fix the trees/clouds issue. Until then, we think players will notice the missing 3D trees a lot less than the glaring eyesore of the oddish trees/clouds rendering caused by the Dec2009 patch.
      5. New Terrain Targets & Targets Areas
      This expansion pack adds dozens of new targets and target areas to the North & South Vietnam terrains. In addition to adding a dozen new bridges to the NVN terrain, we've added the following target areas:
      - Thai Nguyen Thermal Power Plant
      - Hanoi Thermal Power Plant
      - Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant
      - Phu Tho Electric Power Plant
      - Ben Thuy Thermal Power Plant
      - Nam Dinh Thermal Power Plant
      - Lang Chi Electric Power Plant
      - Haiphong Thermal Power Plant (East)
      - Haiphong Thermal Power Plant (West)
      - Haiphong POL Storage (North)
      - Haiphong POL Storage (South)
      - Duong Nham POL Storage
      - Ha Gia POL Storage
      - Viet Tri POL Storage
      - Bac Giang POL Storage
      - Phuc Yen POL Storage
      - Gia Thuong POL Storage
      - Ben Thuy POL Storage
      - Hanoi Air Defense Command & Control Center
      - Thai Nguyen Steel & Iron Works
      - Haiphong Cement Plant
      - Van Dien SAM Support & Vehicle Depot
      - Gia Lam Machine Tools Facility
      - Yen Vien Industrial Complex
      - Kinh No Motor Vehicle Repair Facility
      - Vinh Yen Industrial Complex
      - Phu Tho Chemical Plant
      - Quang Khe
      - Ha Dong Barracks
      - Xom Bong Munitions Depot
      - Hanoi RADCOM Transmitter Facilities
      - Hanoi Radio
      - Thai Nguyen Munitions Depot
      - Trai Ca SAM Storage Facility
      - Le Pap Electrical Transformer Station
      - Cat Bi Munitions Dump
      - Haiphong Electrical Transformer Station
      - Hai Duong Barracks West
      - Xuan Mai Insurgency School
      - Hong Gai PT Boat Base
      - Hong Gai Electric Power Plant
      - Loc Chau PT Boat Base
      - Vinh PT Boat Base
      - Yen Bai Arsenal
      - Phu Qui Munitions Depot
      - Phu Van Munitions Depot & POL Storage
      - Vinh Son Radar Facility
      - Vinh Son Army Supply Depot
      - Vu Con Barracks & Supply Depot
      - Vinh Linh Radar Station
      - Bac Long Radar Station
      - Ta Xa POL Storage
      - Kep Air Defense Command & Control Center
      - Yen Son Ordnance & Ammunition Depot
      - Quang Suoi Barracks
      - Son Tay Barracks & Supply Depot
      - Chanh Hoa Barracks & Division HQ
      - Chap Le Barracks
      - Dao Quan POL Storage
      - Hai Duong Warehouse Complex & Marshalling Yard
      - Phu Ly Transshipment Point
      - Ai Mo Warehouse Complex
      - Can Thon POL Storage
      - Ninh Binh Transshipment Point
      - Thanh Hoa Transshipment Point
      - Co Trai
      - Dong Phong Thong
      - Kien Trung
      - Ham Rong
      - Nam Phong RTAFB
      - An Bo POL Storage Depot
      - Xuan Bo Supply Depot
      - Mu Gia Transshipment Point
      - Ban Karai Transshipment Point
      - Ban Raving Transshipment Point
      - Lang Mo Transshipment Point
      - Haiphong Rail Yard
      - Hanoi Rail Yard
      - Thai Nguyen Rail Yard
      - Yen Bai Rail Yard
      - Thach Son Xa
      We also spent some time working on the dock areas at Vinh, Hong Gai, and Haiphong, adding cranes, ships, and other structures to give the sense of an active port bristling with activity. We do plan to add still more target areas to the two terrains after the Gold release of this Expansion Pack, however, those will be released as separate terrain update packages.
      6. New Terrain Items
      To support and populate all the new target areas, we have added several dozen new terrain objects. These new objects have been drawn mainly from the following third-party add-on terrains for the Strike Fighters series:
      - DRV Terrain (by Gepard)
      - Black Sea Terrain (by PFunkWorks)
      - Libya Terrain (by Wrench)
      - Norway Terrain (by S.Ansons)
      Templates for some Target Areas have been adapted from:
      - Operation Desert Storm (by ODS Group)
      The new terrain objects that we've added should be familiar to those who have used other third-party add-on terrains, as these objects tend to show up in many different terrains. The majority of objects were originally drawn from these sources:
      - CA_Stary's Forests & Farms Mod
      - Polak's Hi-Rise Mod & ObjectsPak1
      - JSF_Aggie's Enhanced Runways
      - RadarDome by Grumpapotamus
      - HeadQuarters, Control Center, Gas station, & Factory Area by Wingwiner
      - RailwayStation by Armourdave
      If you are a modder and we've used one of your terrain items but neglected to give you credit here, please let us know. We would be more than happy to add you to the credits list.
      7. Terrain Notes
      This expansion pack splits the standard VietnamSEA terrain into two different terrains: North Vietnam and South Vietnam. We decided to go with a split North/South scheme in order to impose more control over the different operations in North and South Vietnam. To that end, there are some key differences between the terrains:
      A. North Vietnam
      The North Vietnam terrain includes all the target areas that you are familiar with in the stock SF2V terrain. This terrain is designed primarily for Strike missions and the several mission types that support Strikes: Escort, Fighter Sweep (aka MiG CAP or MiG Sweep), and SEAD (Air Defense Suppression) -- in other words, the core mission types for the several air campaigns conducted against North Vietnam. You can also fly Armed Recon and Anti-Ship missions.
      B. South Vietnam
      The South Vietnam terrain includes new target areas and target items in South Vietnam, eastern Laos, eastern Cambodia, and the DMZ area. It also includes target areas in North Vietnam up through Route Pack II -- roughly speaking, the Vinh area. This terrain is primarily designed for CAS, Armed Recon, and Anti-Ship missions, though you can also fly Strike and SEAD missions in the lower Route Packs. If you are unfamiliar with the Route Package system used during the air war in Vietnam, see these discussions:
      Put simply, where the focus in the North terrain is air operations against North Vietnam, the focus in the South terrain is air operations in support of the ground war against the NLF (Viet Cong, or VC) and PAVN (North Vietnamese Army, or NVA) units.
      Here's another way to think of the differences between the two terrains when you're flying Single Missions:
      1. If you want to fly Strike missions against the big targets in North Vietnam, select the North Vietnam terrain in the Single Mission screen.
      2. If you want to tangle with MiGs as part of Escort or Sweep missions, select the North Vietnam terrain.
      3. If you want to do battle against North Vietnam's formidable air defense network, fly Air Defense Suppression missions with the North Vietnam terrain.
      4. If you want to fly CAS missions, choose the South Vietnam terrain. You will be tasked with supporting friendly forces throughout South Vietnam right up to the DMZ area.
      5. If you want to fly Armed Recon missions, you can go with either the North or South terrain. With the North terrain, you get armed recon missions along the Northeast and Northwest rail lines down through the lower Route Packs as well as the northern third of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in eastern Laos. The South terrain will give you armed recon missions in the lower Route Packs and the complete length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail from the Mu Gia Pass in the north all the way down through southeast Laos and northeast Cambodia.
      6. Anti-Ship missions are similar: you can fly them in both terrains. Northern shipping routes extend from Haiphong down to Dong Hoi; Southern shipping routes extend from Dong Hoi in North Vietnam down to the Go Cong area near the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam.
      Also, for historical accuracy, we have also imposed limits on the MiG bases that are operational and available to host VPAF squadrons.
      Early on in Operation Rolling Thunder, MiGs operated from a small handful of bases: Noi Bai, Kep, Gia Lam, Bac Mai, and Hoa Loc, though other airfields in the Haiphong area and the northwest existed. After the end of Rolling Thunder the North Vietnamese began building or renovating other airfields, including those in the southern panhandle of the country. These included: Ben Loi, Bai Thuong, Dong Hoi, Dong Suong, Khe Phat, Quang To, Quon Lang, Vinh.
      Both terrains impose start dates on this list of airfields that became operational only after Rolling Thunder. Until the start date for each airfield, the runways will not appear. All the other buildings in those target areas, however, will appear, being labeled "barracks areas."
      8. Environment Notes
      For this expansion pack we have implemented several well known terrain and environment mods:
      - Brain32's SEA Tile Repaint
      - CA_Stary's Green Hell 2
      - Better WideSky (based on Cellinsky's original WideSky)
      Given that players may have different needs and preferences, depending on their systems and aesthetic inclinations, we have have included a number of files that can be used to tweak the look and performance of these mods.
      A. Terrains - Trees
      You will notice several sub-directories in each of the main terrain directories in your SF2V Mod Folder. These contain alternate files that can be used to control the size and complexity of the trees used in the terrains.
      Tree Complexity/Detail
      The three "Detail" folders contain files to control the complexity and detail level of the trees. From the ReadMe for "Green Hell 2":
      Now you'll notice three folders: High Detail, Medium detail and Low Detail. These
      contain, well, three versions of the mod. Level of detail corresponds to "tree cluster"
      mesh complexity, NOT the number of trees!
      - High detail are the "X-type with base" and "X-type" trees, which look
      best from high angles,
      - Medium detail are the "X-type" trees, more cartoonish from top view
      - Low detail are the "fence-type" trees, less buildings in cities
      Generally try the Medium first, if you have low framerates, try Low, if you have decent
      system go ahead and try High, there isn't much difference between high and medium in
      performance hit. And read the section 5 about tips to control draw distance!
      By default both terrains use "High Detail." To switch to a lower level of detail, simply copy of the files from the appropriate "Detail" sub-directory to the main terrain directory that you wish to modify, overwriting as prompted.
      Tree Size
      By default both terrains use the standard "Green Hell 2" trees. Some users may prefer to use Bananimal's "Re-scaled Trees for Green Hell 2," which are smaller and more realistically sized than the original, larger trees, however.
      You can find copies of both tree sets (large and small) in the last two sub-directories in each terrain. Again, to install, simply copy the files from the appropriate sub-directory to the main terrain directory that you wish to change, overwriting as prompted.
      B. Terrains - Air Bases
      We were dissatisfied with the default air base tiles used by SF2V -- those neat, nicely mown squares of green -- not only because they stood out like sore thumbs on the terrain, but also because they took up so much real estate (a precious commodity around Hanoi, which is surround by five air bases). So we developed alternate air base tiles by tweaking several of the default tiles from Brain32 and CA_Stary. These tiles are installed by default with the Expansion Pack.
      Although we think the new air base tiles look much better (and more realistic), we understand that some users may prefer the original air base tiles from Brain32 and CA_Stary. If you would like to restore the "old" air base tiles, copy the two .BMP files from the \ABs_Old sub-directory in each terrain folder to the main terrain folder for North and South Vietnam, overwriting as prompted. To restore the "new" air base tiles, simply copy the .BMP files from the \ABs_New sub-directory in each terrain to the main terrain folder.
      C. Environment - Sun & Stars
      Cellinsky's original "WideSky" included several files to cange the appearance of the sun and stars, especially at sunset. By default, this expansion pack uses the original ThirdWire sun images and Cellinsky's stars.
      If you wish to change to Cellinsky's sun images, you can find them in the \Widesky sub-directory in the \Flight directory of your SF2V Mod Folder. Simply copy the four "Sun" TGAs from the \Widesky sub-directory to the main \Flight directory. To revert to the original ThirdWire sun and star images, remove the "Sun" and "Star" TGAs from the \Flight directory.
      D. Alternate Terrain Tiles
      By default this Expansion Pack installs Pappa Goat's re-painted versions of the Brain32/Green Hell 2 tiles. If you would prefer to revert to the original tiles by Brain32 and CA_Stary (Green Hell 2) -- which are characterized by a lighter, more blue-ish tint -- you can install those original tiles from the \Optional\GH2_Alt directory.
      To install, simply copy all the .BMP and .TGA files from top level of the \Optional\GH2_Alt directory to the following locations in your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting files as prompted:
      [sF2V Mod Folder]\Terrains\VietnamSEA
      [sF2V Mod Folder]\Terrains\SouthVietnam
      The sub-directories of \Optional\GH2_Alt contain alternate air base tiles and differently sized trees that you can also use to tweak the terrains' appearance to your liking. The \_config sub-dir contain an alternate terrain DATA.INI that is designed for use with these alternate tiles.
      9. Colors of AAA/Flak Tracers
      This mod package makes changes to the colors of tracers used with AAA/flak guns. As the new default colors may not suit some players, the table below can be used to adjust the colored tracers to personal preferences:
      Gun TGA File Color
      --- -------- -----
      12MM_DSHK tracer6.tga orange
      14MM_KPV tracer6.tga orange
      23MM_ZU23/T tracer2.tga green
      23MM_AZP23 tracer2.tga green
      37MM_ZP39T tracer4.tga red (solid)
      57MM_S68T tracer7.tga purple (solid)
      n/a tracer.tga orange/yellow
      n/a tracer3.tga yellow
      n/a tracer5.tga green (solid)
      n/a tracer6.tga orange/red
      The easiest way to adjust the color of tracers for AAA/flak guns is to modify the tracer TGAs in the \Objects directory of your SF2V Mod Folder (as opposed to editing the guns themselves). To change the color of particular tracer, simply rename the existing TGA file to something else, then copy the tracer TGA for the color you want and rename the copy to match the original name of the tracer TGA that you renamed.
      For example, if you wanted to change the color of the purple tracer used with the 57MM_S68T gun to red, you would:
      1. Rename TRACER7.TGA to TRACER7-OLD.TGA
      2. Make a copy of TRACER4.TGA
      3. Rename the copy of TRACER4.TGA to TRACER7.TGA
      It's that simple. Note that in some cases two guns use the same tracer TGA, so changing the tracer color using the method outlined above will affect both guns that use that TGA.
      10. Legal Stuff
      We have signed onto the freeware "list" on combatace.com. As such, the work here can be included or used in other mods as along as they aren't payware and credit is given to the creator(s).
      Malibu43 & eburger68
      11. A Note on Old Diego's Ground Objects & Terrain Items
      Old Diego has generously allowed us to use a number of his models for Ground Objects and Terrain Items. Those items (some of which are located in the \Optional folder) include:
      Ground Objects:
      - 51CalPit
      - NVA
      - NVAgren
      - NVASA-7
      - NVASmlArms
      - sampan01
      - sampan02
      - SampanSail01
      - SampanSail02
      - SAMsite01
      - Sapper
      - SForces
      - SForcesLaw
      - USArmy
      - USArmyBzka
      - USArmygren
      - USArmyM79
      - USArmymortar
      - USMC
      - USMCm60
      - USMCm60up
      - USMCm79
      - VC_bike
      - VC_bike_2
      - VC_bike_3
      - VC_hoe
      - VC_rake
      - VCmortar
      - VCrpg
      - VCSmlArms
      - VietCong
      - waterbuffalo
      - WB_plowTM
      Terrain Items:
      - Boxcar
      - CoalTender
      - connex20a
      - connex20b
      - connex40a
      - crate rotor
      - crate01
      - crate02
      - cratesStk01
      - cratesStk02
      - DJBridge (mod of RRBridge01)
      - FlatCarNV
      - Hut01
      - Hut02
      - Hut03
      - HutS01
      - HutS02
      - HutS03
      - LocomotiveNV
      - pallet
      - Rail100
      - Rail50
      - Rail_45L
      - Rail_45R
      - Rail_sweep_100L
      - Rail_sweep_100R
      - Rail_sweep_200L
      - Rail_sweep_200R
      - Rail_sweep_90
      - RDBridge01
      - RRBridge01
      - SAM_Site
      - Slum01
      - Slum02
      - TankCarNV
      - Train
      - WaterBuffalo
      None of Old Diego's models may be freely re-used or re-distributed outside of this Expansion Pack. Those wishing to re-use or re-distribute any of Old Diego's models listed above must contact him to get explicit permission to do so.
      12. A Note on the KC-135A Tanker
      Dave at CombatAce.com has generously allowed us to include bpao's KC-135A Stratotanker, which originally appeared in the NATO Fighters 4+ mod package for SF2. Bpao was the heart of The Mirage Factory, and we are very fortunate to have been given permission to ship this high quality aircraft as part of the Expansion Pack. Needless to say, bpao's KC-135A may not be re-distributed outside of NF4+ or the SF2V/WOV Expansion Pack without Dave's explicit permission. The NF4+ all-inclusive mod for SF2V may be downloaded at CombatAce:
      13. Credits
      This Expansion Pack would not have been possible without the hard work of many modders over the years. We've used the work of the following individuals:
      Anthony Beardmore
      David Zurawski
      Mirage Factory
      Monty CZ
      Nicholas Bell
      Old Diego (see "Note" section above)
      Pappa Goat
      Paul Nortress (Fist of the Fleet)
      rebel ryder
      USAFMTL (Dave)
      Thanks also to the several beta testers who helpfully supplied fixes for various issues, including ravenclaw_007, ericj, and DrArrow.
      Hopefully we didn't miss anyone. If we did, let us know!
      14. Version 2.1 - Change Log
      Changes from version 1.0:
      - upgrade campaigns for split North/South terrains & new
      target areas
      - expand campaigns w/ additional aircraft, units, & textures
      - overhaul campaign targeting schedules
      - revise mission texts for all campaigns
      - create optional Campaign DATA.INIs w/ no B-52 strike missions
      - set Steel Tiger campaign to begin 04/03/1965
      - revise mission texts for all campaigns
      - add Deuce's latest effects & explosions
      - upgrade all effects to SF2 standards
      - add custom flak effects
      - add custom SAM launch effect
      - add custom ship smoke effect
      - add J-79 exhaust effects to all F-4s
      - add alternate DATA.INIs w/ DirtyExhaustEmitter for
      B-52s, F-4s, and F-104C to \Optional folder
      - add smoke marker effects (by Pappa Goat & krfrge)
      - add CA_Stary's Ejection Mod 1.0 effect
      - add custom BULLETOBJECT.INI
      - swap out original WideSky for hybrid WideSky/BetterWideSky
      - include ELH AWNVN docs
      - include alternate/optional Rattler RWR sounds
      - add new air defense collection (AAA/SAMs/radars)
      - re-name Sampans to force use in anti-ship missions
      - add Green textures to stock 3W objects where available
      - add new APCs, Artillery, Squads, Tanks, Troops, & Trucks
      - add new civilian ships (Small Cargo Ship, Supply Ship, Container Ship, Trawlers)
      - add tweaked SumnerFRAM2 DATA.INI
      - add UserLists for M113-ZPU & M113-ZU-23 to prevent these
      items from showing up in Vietnam
      - add additional Fansong, Spoonrest, & Barlock variants
      - add SA-2E model
      - add ARVN_Squad & VNMC_Sqaud ground objects
      - correct names for the several "squad" ground units.
      - add effects missing effects classes to Guns
      - add guns necessary for new aircraft & ground objects
      - boost effectiveness of flak guns
      - add weapons necessary for new aircraft
      - add SA-2X Black SAM
      - add SA-3 Goa
      - add 15 or so new 'Nam-era aircraft weapons
      - add custom grey drop tanks for A-1s
      - add KillerBee's Phantom Recon Camera Mod for RF-4s
      - change AGM-12s to TV Homing type (EOGR, to let them
      work with "Hard" Weapons setting)
      - tweak AGM-45 start dates and Attachment Types
      - remove Loft values from AGM-78s
      - tweak base quantities for ARMs (AGM-45s & AGM-78s)
      & bombs used by B-52s (Mk82s, M117s)
      - rename Walleyes
      - remove custom MER & TER items
      - tweak start dates for AIM-9G
      - add new AIM-9 model for AIM-9G/H
      - tweak texture for AIM-9J
      - tweak performance of most air-to-air missiles
      - add "U.S. Army" to NATIONS.INI
      - use expanded SQUADRONLIST.INI
      - add new sounds as needed for new ships, ground objects, & aircraft
      - replace single terrain w/ North/South terrains
      - include Pappa Goat's re-painted SEA tiles for both terrains
      - restrict mision types for base terrain .INIs
      - create separate TARGETS.INIs & MOVEMENT.INIs appropriate
      for each terrain
      - remove now unnecessary target types from TYPES.INIs
      - change DATA.INI sea textures (1st two) to HasWater=2
      - add MipMapLevels= values to DATA.INI textures w/ water
      - add Firecan radars to target areas
      - separate runways and buildings into different target areas
      & apply start dates on the following airfields: Ben Loi, Bai
      Thuong, Dong Hoi, Dong Suong, Khe Phat, Quang To, Quon Lang,
      - adjust target values for key terrain item types in TYPES.INIs
      - add dozens of new target areas and bridges, mainly
      to NVN terrain (see below for more detail)
      - add dozens of new terrain items to support new targets
      and target areas (see below for more detail)
      - new hangar & loadout images
      - add Syrinx's USAF camo texture w/ tail codes & nose art
      - USAFSilver1 skin
      - VNAF1 & VNAF2 skins for A-1s
      - animated canopy/wingfold
      - landing gear tweaks
      - correct loadout errors
      - remove inis_and_bits folders
      - use A1Engine sound from Eagle114th's sounds pack 1.6v
      - add AirToAirRefueling loadout
      - tweak service end dates to A-4C_65
      - add AirToAirRefueling loadout
      - tweak USMC decals
      - USNGreen1 skin for A-4E_65
      - add AirToAirRefueling loadout
      - tweak USMC decals
      - new hangar & loadout images
      - tweak flight model
      - convert RWR to Vector-type
      - add RackLimitOutsideOnly=TRUE to inner weapon stations
      - SF2 ECM data
      - replace AGM-45s w/ LAU-3As in SEAD loadout
      - tweaked decals & add Sqname
      - WoV A-7 camo texture
      - B-52D upgrade 3.0 (lights,exhaust,sounds,bombay mods)
      - Shark Mouth USAF camo texture
      - WoV B-52 camo texture
      - restrict Mission Types
      - new hangar & loadout images
      - F-86F-based cockpit
      - additional lights
      - Night Intruder texture
      - restore RAAF texture from WoV
      - change Attack loadout
      - rename model to B-57G (from MBB-57G)
      - new hangar & loadout images
      - F-86D-based cockpit
      - correct specified Squadron for B-57G textures
      - correct Loadout errors
      - custom USMC Attack loadout w/ SUU-23
      - tweak air-to-air loadouts for F-4B_67
      - add LAU-3As to SEAD loadout
      - custom USNGrey3 textures for all F-4Bs
      - custom USNGrey4 texture for F-4B_67
      - VF-51 & VF-161 textures for F-4B_67
      - change SUU-23 to SUU-16 in F-4C_67
      - remove gunpod from F-4C loadouts
      - add Mike D. SEA camo texture
      - add LAU-3As to SEAD loadout
      - tweak Service end dates
      - add new TAC tail insignia for F-4C USAFGrey1 texture
      - add Mike D. SEA camo texture
      - comvert Sparrow loadouts from 4xAIM-7-E2 to mixed AIM-7E/AIM-7-E2
      w/ single ALQ-101 replacing one Sparrow
      - replace AGM-45s w/ LAU-3As in SEAD loadout
      - adjust Start/End Dates for F-4D
      - add Mike D. SEA camo texture
      - comvert Sparrow loadouts from 4xAIM-7-E2 to mixed AIM-7E/AIM-7-E2
      w/ single ALQ-101 replacing one Sparrow
      - replace AGM-45s w/ LAU-3As in SEAD loadout
      - adjust Start/End Dates for F-4E
      - replace AIM-7-E-2s w/ AIM-7Es
      - custom USMC Attack loadout w/ SUU-23
      - add LAU-3As to SEAD loadout
      - adjust service years
      - custom USMCGrey3, USNGrey3, USNGrey4, USNGrey5, & USNGrey6 textures
      - remove Strike mission role from Loadouts
      - remove Strike mission role from Loadouts
      -tweak USMC decals
      - restrict mission types
      - tweak Service end dates for F-100s
      - remove Shrikes from SEAD loadouts
      - replace AGM-45s w/ LAU-3As in SEAD loadout
      - adjust service years for F-105D_66
      - new Loadout.tga
      - tweak flight model
      - SF2 ECM data
      - new loadout.tga
      - SF2 RWR data
      - change ServiceStartYear to 1968 or 1972
      - add UserList
      - restrict Mission Types
      - add NVietnam to UserList.ini
      - VPAFSilver & VPAFgreen textures
      - airbrakes
      - new landing lights
      - change NVietnam ServiceStartYear to 1972
      - green/silver camo scheme
      - use MiGBuster's & Fubar512's accurate flight model
      - add NVietnam to UserList
      - VPAFmetal & VPAFSilver textures
      - add Anti-Ship Mission Type & Loadout
      - tweak start/end dates
      - correct Export dates
      - use MiGBuster's & Fubar512's accurate flight model
      - comrad's VPAF_dCamo texture
      - add Anti-Ship Mission Type & Loadout
      - tweak start/end dates
      - use MiGBuster's & Fubar512's accurate flight model
      - add ThirdWire MiG-17PF as Optional install
      - change NVietnam ServiceStartYear to 1972
      - restrict Mission Types
      - restrict Mission Types
      - add 927_Camo & 927_Green textures to MiG-21PFM
      General (All)
      - add destroyed model data to most aircraft
      - tweak anti-ship loadouts for all aircraft w/ Anti_Ship
      Mission Type
      - add tail serial decals for all Navy aircraft as well as
      the F-4C USAFGrey1 texture & USAF A-1 textures
      - correct shadow data for a number of aircraft
      NEW AIRCRAFT - Additions
      - A-6B Intruder (from A-6A)
      - AC-119G Shadow
      - AC-119K Stinger
      - AC-123K Black Spot
      - AC-130A Spectre
      - AC-130A Surprise Package
      - An-2 Colt
      - B-52F Stratofortess
      - B-52G Stratofortess
      - C-123K Provider
      - C-130A Hercules
      - C-130E Hercules
      - Canberra B.mk20 (RAAF)
      - Cessna180 (RAAF)
      - EA-6A Electric Intruder
      - EA-6B Prowler
      - EB-66C Destroyer
      - EF-4C Phantom II
      - F-4D Phantom II (69) (from F-4D_67)
      - F-4D Night OWL
      - F-4E 'Rivet Haste'
      - F-5A Freedom Fighter
      - F-5B Tandem Tiger
      - F-5C Skoshi Tiger
      - F-100D Wild Weasel
      - F-102A Delta Dagger
      - F-104C Starfighter
      - F-105F Wild Weasel
      - KA-3B Tanker
      - KA-6D Tanker
      - KC-130F Tanker
      - KC-135A Stratotanker
      - MiG-17PF Fresco-E
      - MiG-19SF Farmer-C (sky-blue texture)
      - O-1E Bird Dog
      - OV-10A Bronco
      - RA-5C Vigilante
      - RB-66C Destroyer
      - RF-4B Phantom II (from MF RF-4C)
      - RF-4C Phantom II (MF)
      - RF-8A Crusader (from MF F-8B)
      - RF-8G Crusader (from MF F-8C)
      - RF-101C Voodoo
      - SP-2H Neptune
      malibu43 & eburger68
      16 November 2009
      1 March 2010 (updated)


         (14 reviews)



    7. F-14D V1.4

      | |
      | GRUMMAN F-14D TOMCAT |
      The F-14D Tomcat the best fleet defender and for going "downtown" to turn infrastructure into rubble. |
      With the gracious permission of;
      The Mirage Factory and Olivier ANGUILLE (BPAo);
      Version 1.4 with TCS mod and updated flight model changes. This TCS mod provides a boresighted view only and does not (yet) track selected targets. The Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) has been updated and includes the implementation originally developed by wpnssgt. Flight model updates developed by Aleckx have also been incorporated which more accurately represents the fleet operational F-14D.
      This is an update of the earlier F-14D mod to the Mirage Factory F-14A and corrects several inaccuracies. The earlier F-14D release more closely represented the capabilities of the "Quick Strike variant which never actually went further than "view-graph engineering" and would have been a half step to the later Tomcat-21 which also never made it off of the drawing boards. If you like that variation you may wish to rename it as the Quick Strike 2, recognizing that it never actually flew. Land Warrior also has uploaded a Quick Strike version.
      This variation of the original F-14A represents the capabilities of the last operational configuration to guard the fleet; the F-14D "Bombcat", which included the capability to drop bombs and laser guided bombs. Other advanced weapons available at the time, such as Mavericks and Harms, were never incorporated into the F-14D due to budget limitations. The F-14D's strike debut was in Operation Desert Fox that went into Iraq against chemical weapons facilities identified by the UN teams in 1998. This aircraft was withdrawn from fleet service in 2006 and replaced by the F-18F in the air to air and medium strike roles.
      This release also incorporates the outstanding avionics upgrade done by Sandmartin and Batman1978, special thanks to them for their fine work and for granting permission to include that in this release.
      This model is a minor tweak only of the ini files to update the engines, radars and weapons
      to enable the full air to ground capabilities that were fielded in this aircraft. This does not include the detailed airframes changes of the later aircraft, that is left to a more capable modelling team at which point this version will be withdrawn. This release assumes you have already loaded the Mirage Factory F-14A, without which things like sounds will not come up.
      Just unzip this entire folder into your WOE/Ojects/Aircraft folder.
      Note -1. The avionics upgrade by Sandmartin and Batman1978 uses the avionics70 file to provide improved HUD and air to air radar and tracking capabilities. This mod does not have the air to surface radar capability of the earlier avionics60 file used in the earlier versions. Since the F-14D in its later years was primarily employed as a medium strike aircraft (air opposition having evaporated) the lack of an air to surface radar is a limitation of the sim with the newer avionics file. IF you like the option of having air to surface radar, the original files are included in the "Alternate Cockpit" subdirectory with a detailed read-me for how to back-up and install cockpit variations. If you like this option, let me know. Also, this avionics70 mod does NOT work in a Wings Over Vietnam only install. So if you are using a WoV install you will need to use the alternate cockpit using the avionics60 version. The TCS mod works in both versions.
      Note; the missile stations are designed to pick up Active Radar Homing missiles and will employ the AIM-7 and AIM-54 series air to air missiles. The model here will also pick up the AIM-120 series in the sim, but the aircraft was never wired or certified to carry that missile. So if you want the realism, don't load that one.
      Good hunting!
      SFP1 Model
      3D : BPAo
      Textures : Column5 (templates)
      FM : Column5
      Sounds : Aaron Swindle
      VF1 : Column 5
      VF2-Last : Sundowner
      VF154 : USAFMTL
      VF31 : Sundowner
      VF84 : Sundowner
      VX4 : Sundowner
      3D : based on JT's from Thirdwire public cockpit, modified by BPAo
      Textures : based on Thirdwire, news BPAo, HUD from ArmourDave team (Sal, Lansen, Rafael et AD himself)
      Effects : Deuces, JSF_Aggie
      Pilote Texture : Pappychecksix
      Flight model updates: Aleckx
      RWR and display: wpnssgt
      3D : Crab_02
      Textures : BPAo
      3D : Crab_02
      Textures : BPao
      Original F-14A Test Team
      Manetsim, Sony Tuckson, Nico, Column5


         (29 reviews)



    8. Operation Desert Storm, Part 1 of 3

      Operation Desert Storm for Wings Over Europe
      This is a complete addon for WOE, containing a Desert Storm dynamic campaign, as well as scripted single missions.
      This installer is 1 of 3.


         (18 reviews)



    9. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

      The Mirage Factory F-14 Tomcat Super Pack V1.21 AUG. 25, 2013
      What it is:
      This is the F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.21 Full. It includes tweaks to the engines, avionics, weight, effects and the Phoenix missile.
      1. This was tested at July 2013 patch level, on an "All 5 Merged" install, and because it uses AvionicsF14A.dll, will require SF2NA (or a TW F-14) to work! It will not work on Gen 1 sims, nor will it work correctly on pre-April 2012 installs! (Caveat: Avionics70.dll F-14D should work on pre-April patch levels).
      2. It is HIGHLY recommended you back up your current F-14's .ini files and cockpit folders. If you have custom skins installed, be sure to back up your F-14(A/A+/B/D).ini to preserve the texture set data.
      1. Unzip the contents of the F-14SP_V121.7z file into a folder.
      1a. If you have installed the Avionics70 F-14D, ensure you back up the .ini files if you haven't renamed the bird, since this install will overwrite F-14D_92, 96 and 06!
      2. Open your Strike Fighters 2 mod folder (e.g. C:\User\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...)
      3. Copy the contents of the unzipped Objects folder into your SF2 mod Objects folder, allowing all files to overwrite (Objects\Aircraft and Objects\Weapons).
      3a. (RECOMMENDED) Review the Cockpit and Avionics, and F-14 SP Update word documents for information on updates.
      4. Go fly!
      1. Unzip the contents of the F-14SP_V121.7z file into a folder.
      1a. You may choose to use the Avionics70.dll F-14D for SAR mode on strike missions. If you wish to do so, see Section 6 of the F-14 SP Update V120 word document (Para 6.1-6.3) for install procedures and recommendations.
      2. Open your Strike Fighters 2 mod folder (e.g. C:\User\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\...)
      3. Copy the contents of the unzipped Objects folder into your SF2 mod Objects folder, allowing all files to overwrite (Objects\Aircraft, Objects\Weapons, and Objects\Decals will be affected).
      3a. (RECOMMENDED) Review the Cockpit and Avionics, and Update word documents for information on updates.
      4. Go fly!
      Model: Flying Toaster, Oli
      Cockpit: Chris (original), reworked and updated by Brain32
      FM: ThirdWire, Column5, Spectre8750, Caesar
      Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34
      Pilots: Old_Diego, CrazyhorseB34
      Skins: Dave, Spectre8750, Column5
      NATOPS Textures: HomeFries
      Extra Hangar, Loading and Main Screens: Dave, Spectre8750
      Ejection Mod: Stary
      Testing: Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, EricJ, Spectre8750
      TARPS: Bunyap and Spectre8750
      Weapons: Ravenclaw, wpnssgt, Bunyap and others
      ===Dedidacted to Oli===


         (31 reviews)



    10. SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 - Sep. 2014 Update

      SF2V Air & Ground Expansion Pack v. 2.1 - Sept. 2014 Update
      This is an update package for the "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air & Ground Expansion Pack v. 2.1" Gold/Final Release available at CombatAce. This update contains fixes for the ThirdWire post-Mar2012 patch levels as well as enhancements for all supported patch levels. It also contains updates for those with ThirdWire's "Strike Fighters 2: North Atantic" (SF2NA) integrated into their SF2 installations.
      This is a cumulative update, meaning that it contains all the fixes and updates from previous updates to the Expansion Pack as well as some new ones. It is designed to be applied over the top of an existing installation of the version 2.1 Expansion Pack. You can download the four main Expansion Pack files here:
      Part 1:
      Part 2:
      Part 3:
      Part 4:
      This update is designed to be applied over verison 2.1 (Mar. 2010) of the Expansion Pack. If you installed the original version 2.0 from Nov. 2009 but have not updated to the Mar. 2010 version (available in the links above), you should update before applying this update package.
      Please take a look over the remainder of this ReadMe before installing the update.
      ** Minimum Requirements: SF2V, SF2, & SF2E
      The orignal release of the Expansion Pack required only "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam" (SF2V). With the release of this update package, the minimum requirements have changed. In addition to SF2V you must also have "Strike Fighters 2" (SF2, with the Desert terrain) as well as "Strike Fighters 2: Europe" (SF2E) as part of your base install of Strike Fighters 2.
      The original SF2 and SF2E are now required in order to provide several aircraft that are not included in SF2V: A-4B, A-4B_65, MiG-17, and MiG-17PF. Previously we supplied alternate stand-in versions for these aircraft. With this update, we are now requiring that the ThirdWire originals be part of the install -- and that means requiring the installation of SF2 and SF2E.
      ** Support for SF2NA
      This update adds support for installations that include SF2NA, but SF2NA is not required.
      ** Patch Levels
      This update supports several different patch levels:
      1. Jun2009b: the last patch level before Dec2009, which introduced support for DX10. The first phase of the install process for this update provides all the files necessary for the Jun2009b patch level. Those on later patch levels will need to proceed with the additional install steps in order to pick up the updated files for later patch levels.
      2. post-Mar2012: any patch level from Mar2012 through the most recent patches in 2013 is also supported. Files unique to these patch levels are installed in later steps during the install process described below.
      We understand that some users may have stopped patching at some point during 2011. The post-Mar2012 patch level updates can probably be used to support any patch level after May2011, with one major caveat: those with patch levels between May2011 and Nov2011 should not install the \Menu\*.STR files from the post-Mar2012 updates. In other words, install everything in this update for the post-Mar2012 patch level except for those two .STR files (stick with the updated versions found in the Jun2009b update files).
      ** VPAF Add-on
      The VPAF Add-on for the SF2V Expansion Pack was released in Feb. 2011 as a separate download:
      This Add-on is now required in order to install this update package. The update process has been built on the assumption that the VPAF Add-on package is installed (with its alternate campaigns and several aircraft updates). If you have not already downloaded and installed the VPAF Add-on package, please do so before trying to install this update.
      Unlike most previous updates, this update starts with a file replacement stage. During this stage you will remove some outdated aircraft from your Expansion Pack install and replace them with newer versions. After replacing those outdated aircraft, you will proceed with the main part of the installation process.
      The main installation process has three major phases: one for all patch levels; a second for the post-Mar2012 & later patch levels; a third for installations with SF2NA. Move through each phase and apply the updated files as directed until you hit a step that does not apply to your installation.
      In other words, EVERYONE performs Phase 1. If your install is at the Mar2012 patch level or later, you should then do Phase 2. If your install also includes SF2NA, do Phase 3 as well.
      Before installing this update you should:
      1. Ensure that SF2V is properly installed & updated. (Note that SF2 and SF2E must be part of your base install.)
      2. Ensure that the Expansion Pack v. 2.1 (Mar. 2010) is installed to your SF2V Mod Folder. (Also, the VPAF Add-on must be installed.)
      3. This update is distributed as a two part download. You must unpack both parts. Unpack both SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sep14_Pt1.7z and SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sep14_Pt2.7z to a safe place on your drive.
      Now you're ready to install the update.
      Open the \0_Replace directory in the folder where you unpacked the Expansion Pack update package. The 0_Replace directory includes complete new versions of several aircraft (including decals):
      - B-52D
      - B-52F
      - B-52G
      First, locate and remove the equivalent older versions of these aircraft from your existing install of the SF2V Expansion Pack. That means removing the aircraft folders from \Objects\Aircraft as well as the decals for them from \Objects\Decals (all are found in your SF2V Mods Folder.)
      Now copy or move the three aircraft from 0-Replace\Objects\Aircraft directory to the \Objects\Aircraft directory in your SF2V Mod Folder.
      If your installation's patch level is at Mar2012 or later, do the same with the aircraft folders in 0-Replace\Objects\Aircraft_Mar2012, allowing Windows to overwrite files as prompted.
      Finally, move the folders from 0-Replace\Objects\Decals to the \Objects\Decals folder in your SF2V Mod Folder.
      Note that you should NOT simply drop the newer versions of these aircraft over the older versions or you may wind up with broken aircraft. You really do need to remove the older versions first before dropping in the newer versions. Also, if your patch level is Mar2012 or later, you DO need to install the files from both \Aircraft and \Aircraft_Mar2012. (The \Aircraft_Mar2012 directory does not contain a complete set of files for the aircraft.)
      Now that you've replaced these old aircraft with newer versions, you're ready for the main part of the installation process.
      Open the \1_All_Patch_Levels directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      If you are running SF2V at any patch level earlier than Dec2009, then your installation process is finished. If you are running at the Mar2012 or later patch level, then you have at least one more step.
      If you are running the Mar2012 patch level or later, then open the \2_Mar2012_Patch_Level directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      If your base install does not include SF2NA, then stop here -- your installation is finished. If your installation includes SF2NA, then proceed to the next step.
      If your installation includes SF2NA, then open the \3_SF2NA directory. Drag and drop all the files and folders from within that directory to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.
      * * * * *
      That's it. You should be good to go.
      You may now consider installing some of the optional items discussed the remainder of this ReadMe. Also, there are notes on some of the new additions found in this update.
      Optional A-1 Cockpits
      Included in the \OPTIONAL\A-1_Cockpits folder are two alternate cockpits for the A-1 Skyraiders. The first, made by Dels, was released in Oct. 2011. The second, made by CA_Stary, is based on the default F-8 cockpit.
      The \A-1_Cockpits folder contains one copy of Dels's A-1 cockpit, including the \Cockpit folder as well as the necessary COCKPIT.INIs for each of the Skyraiders.
      If you prefer Stary's A-1 cockpit, you can find a copy of that in \A-1_Cockpits\_ca-stary-cockpit (the cockpit folder is contained in a ZIP file that will need to be unpacked).
      Also included in A-1_Cockpits\old-cockpit are backups of the old .INIs and the old \Cockpit folder from the original Expansion Pack install.
      To install:
      1. Remove the existing \Cockpit folder from each of the A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft (found in your SF2V Mod Folder).
      2. Copy the new \Cockpit folder to each of the A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft.
      3. Copy the new COCKPIT.INIs to the appropriate A-1 folders in \Objects\Aircraft.
      Optional MiG Cockpits
      Included in the \OPTIONAL\MiG_Cockpits folder are alternate cockpits for the J-5, J-6, MiG-17, MiG-17F, and MiG-17PF. These alternate cockpits are designed for use on the Jun2009b patch level, as the newer MiG-17 and MiG-19 cockpits use LODs not compatible with that old patch level. If you are using one of the later supported patch levels (Mar2012 or later), then you do not need to use these older cockpits.
      There are three folders in the MiG_Cockpits folder:
      - J-6: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for the J-6
      - MiG-17_J-5: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for both the
      J-5s, the MiG-17, and the MiG-17F
      - MiG-17PF: contains an older cockpit and the INI files for the MiG-17PF
      To install:
      1. Remove the existing \Cockpit folder from each of the aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft (found in your SF2V Mod Folder) that you intend to replace.
      2. Copy the new \Cockpit folder from each of the sub-folders in \MiG_Cockpits to each of the aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft that you are replacing.
      3. Copy the new COCKPIT.INIs and AVIONICS.INIs from the sub-folders in \MiG_Cockpits to the appropriate aircraft folders in \Objects\Aircraft. Keep in mind that some aircraft will have only a COCKPIT.INI, not an AVIONICS.INI.
      Do not mix and match folders and INIs. In other words, don't take the \Cockpit folder from the J-6 sub-folder in \MiG_Cockpits, add it to one of the J-5 folders in your Mod directory, then add the J-5_cockpit.INI from J-5_MiG_17 sub-folder to same aircraft folder in your Mod directory.
      If you are adding the INI files correctly to the aircraft folders in your Mod directory, they should overwrite the existing INI files in the target aircraft folders.
      Formation Take-Offs
      Included in the \Optional\Formation_TO folder is a set of Airfield.INIs that enable EZLead's "Staggered Take-offs" (aka "Formation Take-offs") for all the airfield types in the VietnamSEA terrain.
      To use these alternate Airfield.INIs (and thus enable formation take-offs), simply copy the INIs to \Terrains\VietnamSEA and \SouthVietnam.
      A few notes about these new INIs:
      1. Formation take-offs may cause problems for some of the larger aircraft (e.g., B-57s, C-130s, etc.).
      2. The airfield.INI used for U Tapao RTAFB is vietnamSEA_airfield6b.ini, which is a copy of the default 3rdWire vietnamSEA_airfield6.ini. As a result, staggered take-offs are not enabled at that air base because that base is used by the B-52s in campaigns.
      IMPORTANT: even if you elect NOT to use the staggered/formation take-offs airfield.INIs, a copy of the vietnamSEA_airfield6b.ini file MUST REMAIN in each of the terrain folders because the TARGETS.INI for each terrain references it.
      Alternate Aircraft
      The \Optional\Alt_Aircraft directory contains three alternate aircraft that you may consider installing. Each requires files from ThirdWire.
      1. Canberra20
      The Canberra20 is the ThirdWire version of the Camberra Mk.20 used by the RAAF in South Vietnam. This alternate version is inlcuded in SF2E Expansion Pack 2 pack from ThirdWire. If SF2E Expansion Pack 2 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \Canberra20 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      2. AC-47
      The AC-47 Spooky is the first gunship developed by the USAF for use in South Vietnam. This aircraft is based on the C-47 included in SF2I Expansion Pack 1. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \AC-47 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      3. C-47A
      The C-47A is a WWII-era transport that saw use by the USAF and allied forces in the Vietnam War. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \C-47A folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      4. Li-2
      The Li-2 Cab is a Soviet-produced version of the C-47 (DC-3) flown by the VPAF. This aircraft is based on the C-47 included in SF2I Expansion Pack 1. If Expansion Pack 1 is part of your install, simply copy or move the \Li-2 folder to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder.
      5. F-104C_61 & F-104C_66
      These are alternate versions of the F-104C, flown by the USAF from bases in South Vietnam and Thailand. These two alternate versions (which collectively supercede the third-party version shipped with the default SF2V Expansion Pack) require that you have the DLC 28 (AI Plane Pack 1) from ThirdWire installed. If that DLC is part of your base install, simply copy or move both F-104C aircraft folders to \Objects\Aircraft in your SF2V Mods Folder. The Rolling Thunder campaign will automatically use these new aircraft in lieu of the default F-104C included with the SF2V Expansion Pack.
      Please note that all of the above alternate aircraft can co-exist with the original versions of these aircraft supplied with the SF2V Expansion Pack. There is no need to remove the older versions, though you are welcome to do so.
      Alternate Ships
      Also included are two USN destroyers (the Charles F. Adams class and Farragut or Coontz class) based on the DLG-10 included in the "Yankee Air Pirate 2" and "Yankee Air Pirate 3" commercial mods. To use these optional destroyers you must have the necessary LOD files from "Yankee Air Pirate".
      Installation of these destroyers is simple:
      1) Copy the Coontz2.LOD from "Yankee Air Pirate" to the \Adams and \Farragut
      folders in \Optional\Alt_Ships (in the location where you unpacked this
      update package).
      2) Create collision LODs for both destroyers by making a copy of Coontz2.LOD
      and renaming it Coontz2_COL.LOD.
      3) Move the Adams and Farragut destroyers from \Optional\GroundObject to
      \Objects\GroundObject in your MOD folder.
      Please note that these alternate ships require your install be at the Mar2012 or later patch levels. They can be made to work at earlier patch levels, but doing so requires editing of the INI to remove Mar2012 patch level configuration data.
      Rolling Thunder Variant Campaigns
      The default Rolling Thunder campaign included with Sf2V is a sprawling multi-year affair, allowing players to fly one aircraft for a particular squadron over an extended period of time. In some cases, depending on the squadron selected, the 50 mission campaign might extend from March 1965 all the way through October 1968 -- a spread of three and a half years.
      For this update we decided to supply seven variant campaigns that break the Rolling Thunder campaign into 6-9 month chunks. You will find these new campaign variants listed in the camapigns menu by letter and start date:
      Campaign Dates
      -------- ----
      Rolling Thunder (A) 2 Mar. 1965 - 1 Sep. 1965
      Rolling Thunder (B) 1 Sep. 1965 - 1 Mar. 1966
      Rolling Thunder © 1 Mar. 1966 - 1 Sep. 1966
      Rolling Thunder (D) 1 Sep. 1966 - 1 Mar. 1967
      Rolling Thunder (E) 1 Mar. 1967 - 1 Sep. 1967
      Rolling Thunder (F) 1 Sep. 1967 - 1 Mar. 1968
      Rolling Thunder (G) 1 Mar. 1968 - 1 Nov. 1968
      You will find that these date-specific variant campaigns allow for a more focused campaign exerience, with the interval between campaign missions reduced to a few days (as opposed to the weeks or months long intervals in the default campaign).
      These new campaigns also allow for more dedicated coverage of the various areas of the North Vietnam terrain. Thus, you will find the 1965 campaigns are far more focused on target areas in the southern part of North Vietnam, whereas the campaigns from 1966 and 1967 have more missions into Pack VI -- the Hanoi and Haiphong areas (along with Thai Nguyen).
      Finally, these campaign variants allow us to place USN squadron on the actual carriers they flew from during Rolling Thunder. Historically, USN squadrons often moved among several carrier air wings, which themselves moved on occasion from one carrier to another. The default Rolling Thunder campaign does not reflect these changes, as the Rebase command in campaigns can be used only for land-based squadrons. In these new Rolling thunder variant campaigns, however, we've taken care to base squadrons on the actual carriers they flew from from during the time periods covered by these campaigns.
      Although the original Rolling Thunder campaign is still available, we think you'll find these new variant campaigns to be an interesting new way to enjoy a Rolling Thunder tour of duty in SF2V.
      A Note on the Helicopters
      Several helicopters have been added as flyable aircraft in this update. Set the "Flight Model" in "Game Play Options" to "Normal," and use your thrust vectoring controls in conjunction with the standard SF2 flight controls to maneuver and fly the helos.
      At the end of the day, please remember that Strike Fighters is NOT a helicopter sim. That means helo flight models are rough, unrealistic, and borderline unstable. It also means that AI helo pilots can occasionally run into difficulties, esp. when trying to land these things.
      Until someone creates better helo flight models for SF2 (or TK updates the ThirdWire flight engine to accommodate helicopters), that's just the way it is. If you don't like the way the helos fly, then don't fly them.
      New Terrain Target Areas
      This update adds 32 new target areas to the VietnamSEA terrain. Some of these new target areas are also included in the SouthVietnam terrain.
      Bac Giang Rail Yard
      Hanoi Rail Car Repair Shop
      Trung Qui Mo Munitions Factory
      Nam Dinh Munitions Factory
      Nam Dinh Textile Mills
      Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant
      Bac Le Barracks & Supply Depot
      Canal des Rapides Bridge [Hanoi]
      Canal of Bamboo [w/ Nam Dinh Port facilities]
      Kep POL Storage
      Do Son POL Storage
      Hong Lieu POL Storage
      Nguyen Khe POL Storage
      Thai Nguyen Truck Yard
      Hai Duong Truck Yard
      Thai Nguyen Warehouse Storage
      Haiphong Warehouse Storage
      Nam Dinh Warehouse Storage
      Quon Lang Warehouse Storage *
      Thanh Hoa Warehouse Storage
      Vinh Loc Warehouse Storage
      Yen Bai Warehouse Storage
      Vinh Warehouse Storage *
      Bac Giang Transshipment Point
      Phuc Yen SAM Storage Facility
      Quon Lang SAM Storage & Support Facility *
      Hong Gai Radar Station
      Lach Truong Radar Station
      Dien Chau Radar Station
      Muong Xen EW Radar Station
      Moc Chau EW Radar Station
      Phuc Yen Air Defense Command & Control Center
      * = also in South Vietnam
      SF2NA Support: Some Notes
      As noted earlier in this ReadMe, this update adds support for SF2NA. If SF2NA is part of your base install of Strike Fighters 2, you will enjoy the following:
      - new aircraft: EA-6B_71, E-2A/B, E-2C
      - carrier take-offs in single missions for USN aircraft
      - new ships: GearingFRAM1B, Knox, LCC-19, LPD-4
      - carrier battle groups in single missions
      Unfortunately, we were not able to implement full support for SF2NA-style carrier battle groups in campaigns. SF2NA uses a new and different system for integrating carriers into campaigns. At present there is no practical way to use that new system (which supports carrier battle groups) with SF2V campaigns.
      The Rolling Thunder campaign presents the biggest problem, as it requires that carriers perform multiple tours on Yankee Station over an extended period of time. SF2NA-style carrier battle groups do not have the ability to perform multiple tours. Furthermore, the large number of carriers used in the later campaigns (Linebacker I & II) makes it difficult to implement carrier battle groups on Yankee Station.
      You will see other ships (some destroyers and misc. support ships) on Yankee Station in campaigns. These ships, however, are static terrain objects and do not move with the carriers.
      This news will undoubtedly come as a disappointment for those with SF2NA, some of whom may have expected to see SF2NA-style carrier battle groups in SF2V campaigns. If and when TK ever implements a system that allows carrier battle groups to be included in campaigns that require multiple tours over the course of several years, we will update the Expansion Pack campaigns accordingly. Until then, though, we are stuck with the old-style carrier system for campaigns.
      Change Log
      This update (formerly the Sept. 2013 Update) was refreshed in September 2014. New fixes &
      updates include the following:
      - C-47A Skytrain (optional aircraft)
      - An-2 VPAF silver skin
      - new F-111A skins
      - Il-28 cockpit
      - deck lighting for all aircraft carriers
      - fake afterburner nodes for a number of older model third-party aircraft
      - minor updates & fixes to six dozen aircraft
      - visual shoot-cue for F-4D cockpits
      - minor updates to some effects
      - new hangar & loading screens for VPAF aircraft
      This update also contains the following fixes and add-ons from previous cumulative update releases:
      ** September 2013: **
      - Implemented DIANE mod for A-6A/B cockpits
      - Added Home Fries' A-6 skins to A-6A/B
      - Added VA-115 skins to A-6B
      - Added VA-86 Diamonds skin to A-7E
      - Added new VPAF & PLAAF skins to An-2
      - Added VPAFSilver1 skin to An-12
      - completely overhauled B-52D/F/G
      - Added VNAF skins to B-57B
      - Added new skins to EA-6B
      - tweaked/updated USAFCamo2 F-4 skins
      - Added new skin to F-4E Rivet Haste
      - Added VF-102 skin to F-4J
      - Added new Silver & Camo skins to F-104C
      - Implemented gunsight mod for F-105Ds
      - Added new skins to KA-6D
      - Added VNAF skins to A-1H/J
      - Added VNAF skins to AC-119G/K, C-130A, O-1E, O-2A, & UH-1D
      - Added new camo & grey skins to MiG-17F
      - Overhauled J-6/MiG-19 VPAF925 skin
      - Replaced J-6/MiG-19 VPAFBlue1 skin
      - Added PLAAFSilver1 skin to J-6
      - Implemented "Pure Fighter" changes to MiG-17 & MiG-17F
      - Added new cockpits for MiG-17s & J-6/MiG-19
      - Added VPAFSilver2 skin to MiG-21F
      - Overhauled MiG-21PFM 927_Green & 927_Camo skins
      - Implemented tweaks or minor fixes for almost every aircraft
      - Upgraded ships for Mar2012/SF2NA compatibility
      - Upgraded all AAA guns
      - Upgraded all SAMs & SAM radars
      - Added new destroyed LODs for some ground objects
      - Updated or tweaked a number of weapons & guns
      - Added a few new weapons
      - Added new SA-2 missile models
      - Overhauled Environment.INI for post-Dec2010 patch levels
      - Updated FlightEngine.INI, Nations.INI, SpeechSystem.INI for
      Mar2012 & later patch levels
      - Updated custom MissionSummary.STR & MissionType.STR files for
      Mar2012 & later patch levels
      - Added a number of custom sounds to SoundList.INI
      - Updated SquadronList.INI
      - Added a number of new items to terrain TargetTypes.INI
      - Added updated VietnamSEA_Water.bmp for SF2NA
      - Added custom WaterNormal.BMP to both terrains
      - Renamed Noi Bai Airfield to Phuc Yen Airfield
      - Overhauled or tweaked dozens of target areas in Targets.INI
      - Added 32 new target areas to terrain Targets.INI (see above)
      - Implemented minor twaks/fixes to all campaigns
      - Added seven date-specific Rolling Thunder variant campaigns
      - AC-47 Spooky ++
      - E-2A/B Hawkeye +
      - E-2C Hawkeye +
      - EA-6B_71 (ThirdWire) +
      - F-104C_61 (ThirdWire) *
      - F-104C_66 (ThirdWire) *
      - J-5 Fresco-A
      - J-5A Freco-C
      - Li-2 Cab ++
      * Note: these aircraft require DLC 28 from ThirdWire
      + Note: these aircraft require SF2NA from ThirdWire
      ++Note: this aircraft requires SF2I Expansion Pack 1
      NEW SHIPS *
      - Adams Class DDG
      - Allen M. Sumner Class DD
      - Austin Class ATD
      - Bainbridge Class CGN
      - Belknap Class CG
      - Blue Ridge Class ACS
      - Enterprise Class CVAN
      - Farragut Class DLG
      - Forrest Sherman Class DD
      - Forrestal Class CVA
      - Garcia Class FF
      - Gearing FRAM IB Class DD
      - Knox Class FFG
      - Leahy Class CG
      - Midway Class CVA
      - Mitscher Class DL
      - Small Cargo Ship
      - Soviet Cargo Ship
      - Soviet Trawler
      - Spy Trawler
      - USN Tanker
      - USN Transport
      * Note: some ships require SF2NA or LOD files from YAP
      ** January 2012: **
      - Dels' A-1 cockpit included as an optional item
      - EZLead's "Staggered/Formation Take-offs" mod included as an optional item
      - A-1 Skyraider weapon stations & loadouts overhauled by Malibu43
      - alternate USMC F-4 loadouts included in May2011 & later patch levels
      - F-102A flight model replaced
      - MissionChance schedules for most aircraft in Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive
      campaigns overhauled
      - a few new weapons added (others fixed)
      - cartoonishly large explosion debris reduced in bomb explosion and flak
      effects for Dec2009 & later patch levels
      - A-6A/B Intruder drop tanks fixed on May2011 & later patch levels
      - SouthVietnam terrain tweaked to prevent VPAF MiGs from intruding
      - CBU-14As & CBU-25s fixed to allow AI pilots to use them properly
      ** September 2011: **
      - added optional A-1 cockpits based on the F-8's (by Stary)
      - updated ground wars for Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive campaigns
      - added new napalm effect (by Stary) to BLUs
      - updated NATIONS.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated FLIGHTENGINE.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated SOUNDLIST.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated SQUADRONLIST.INI for May2011 patch level
      - updated ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI for May2011 patch level
      - added new 3W VNAF A-1 textures
      - added VNAF camo texture to B-57B
      - overhauled Cessna180 & O-1E and added new cockpits to each
      - added USNGrey5 texture to F-8C & F-8C_66
      - added three new textures to O-2A
      - added updated "Willie Pete" effects for May2011 patch level
      - updated terrain DATA.INIs for May2011 patch levels to correct
      visual problems with height maps, water levels, & coast lines
      - minor corrections to A-6A, A-6B, EA-6A, EA-6B, B-26K, B-57B, CanberraB20,
      Canberra20, F-100D, F-100D_64, F-100D_68, F-100D_WW, & O-2A
      - minor corrections/updates to most post-Dec2009 F-4s to account for model
      differences from earlier patch versions
      - minor corrections to most AAA, SAM, and radar ground objects
      - minor corrections to a number of other ground objects
      - minor corrections to several tanks & weapons
      ** April 2011: **
      - minor updates & tweaks to Rolling Thunder, Linebacker II,
      Easter Offensive, & Steel Tiger campaigns
      - added medals pack for North & South Vietnam
      - adjusted Altitude data in MissionControl.INI
      - updated & expanded SquadronList.INI
      - added new cockpit textures for F-111A
      - tweaked textures for F-4B
      - added USMCGrey3 texture for F-4B_67
      - added field-mod bomb racks for Canberra B.20 (both 3rdWire
      & ajundair versions)
      - added new engine sound for AC-119s
      - minor tweaks/updates to several other aircraft
      - changed gun targeting on NVA tanks from AIR_AND_GROUND to GROUND
      - added dummy SA-2D missile to ZiL-157 SA-2 Trailer
      - added FAB-50, Canberra bomb rack, and weapons for Hueys
      - minor fixes/updates for both VietnamSEA & SouthVietnam terrains
      - F-4G Phantom II (VF-213, USN)
      - UH-1B Huey Gunship
      - UH-1D Huey
      ** February 2011: **
      - minor fixes to MiG-17 skins
      - minor tweaks to EA-6B
      - added B-26K Counter Invader
      - added F-4D LORAN
      - updated Steel Tiger & Easter Offensive Campaigns
      - updated/expanded SquadronList.INI
      - updated unit designations for several texture sets
      - added two dozen new weapons
      ** January 2011: **
      - checked all radar family names
      - checked all radars, jammers, RWR for freq data
      - fixed afterburner effects for post-Dec2009
      - added proper CEP to all bombs, rockets, & A2G missiles
      - checked all LGB/AI bomb names
      - added cartridge weights for all custom guns
      - added ammo weights on aircraft internal guns w/ EjectShells=FALSE
      - checked NumSquadron= for all carriers in campaigns
      - checked campaign names
      - checked weapons EffectsClasses
      - integrated Malibu43's EasterOffensive & SteelTiger campaign fixes
      - added missing cockpit files to some aircraft
      - added destroyed models to some aircraft
      - added new 'Nam-era weapons
      - added O-2A Skymaster
      - updated RF-8 skins
      - updated some F-4B_67 & F-4J skins
      - updated O-1E U.S. Army decals
      - updated A-1H/J USNGrey1 decals
      - added a few new effects
      - added nations music for campaigns
      - added Exp Pack 2 water .BMP
      - updated FlightEngine.INI
      - updated SquadronList.INI
      - added A-1H_67 & A-1J_67
      - updated B-57B DATA.INI for Exp. Pack 2
      - added CanberraB20 from Exp. Pack 2 as Optional/flyable
      - integrated A-1H/J_67 into campaigns
      ** July 2010: **
      - replaced grey-background VF-111 tail decals
      w/ white-background versions on F-4Bs
      - updated A-1H/J flight models
      - updated B-57B flight model
      - tweaked F-102A control surfaces
      - added custom AIM-4D for F-102A
      - made F-102A missile bay doors automatic
      - corrected several node names on Dec2009 & later F-4s
      - minor fixes on F-4E Rivet Haste, R-4B, RF-4C
      - added VPAF pilot to all MiGs
      - added two missing sound files
      - added a few missing pilots
      - tweaked O-1E/Cessna180 fm & weapon stations
      - tweaked F-104C fm
      - filled out F-104C radar data
      - tweaked AC-119 fm
      - tweaked F-5 fm & control surfaces
      - tweaked MiG-17 flight models
      - corrected MiG-17PF radar parameters
      - filled out RF-4B/C radar data
      - filled out RF-8A/G radar data
      - fixed OV-10 tank DATA.INI
      - tweaked F-5 centerline tank data
      - tweaked ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI for Dec-2009 & later
      - updated avionics HUDs & DTVMaterials for Dec2009 & later shaders
      - added F-5E Tiger II (VNAF)
      - added F-5E Tiger II (VPAF)
      - added "dumb" AI versions of LGBs
      - added 30MM_GSh-30-2 cannon
      - added texture set patches for a number of aircraft
      - added new Loading & Hangar screens for F-102A
      - added Raven's Navy trawler texture set
      - added sounds to carriers
      - added clean exhaust emitters to A-1 Skyraiders
      - added grey B-57B tanks
      - added/updated hangar/loading screens for several aircraft
      - added damage models to several aircraft
      - added holes .TGAs to a number of aircraft
      - customized mission type name/description strings
      This update contains new items from the following modders who generously allowed their use:
      Home Fries .................................. A-6A & EA-6B skins/decals
      JSF_Aggie ................................... A-6B VA-115 skin
      MiGBuster ................................... DIANE mod for A-6A
      Wrench & RussoUK2004 ........................ AC-47 Spooky
      gbreuder .................................... B-52 Vietnam Era Upgrade Package
      Dave (USAFTML) .............................. B-57B VNAF skins
      Paul Nortress ............................... new EA-6B skins
      Crusader .................................... F-105D gunsight mod
      slick_cowboy ................................ F-111E/F new skins
      Paul Nortress & allenjb42 ................... new KA-6D skins
      Kelvin & ArmourDave ......................... Il-28 cockpit (based on Su-17 cockpit)
      MiGBuster ................................... VNAF skins for C-130A & O-1E
      Paulopanz ................................... PLAAF J-5 & J-6 skins/decals
      Paulopanz ................................... overhauled skins for MiG-21F, MiG-21PFM, & MiG-17F
      Paulopanz ................................... Li-2 Cab
      Paulopanz ................................... An-2 VPAF & PLAAF skins
      Gepard ...................................... MiG-17 Pure Fighter upgrades
      CA_Stary .................................... new MiG-17 & MiG-19 cockpits
      The Mirage Factory............................F-5E Tiger II
      Capun, Gramps, Charles, Kesselbrut, Wrench....B-26K Counter Invader
      Veltro2K, Cliff11, & XRAY.....................O-2A Skymaster
      Pasko ....................................... UH-1B Gunship
      Kesselbrut .................................. UH-1B/D flight model
      Gramps ...................................... UH-1H Huey
      HrntFixr ................................... UH-1B skins
      Dave (USAFTML) .............................. VF-213 F-4G skin
      Dave (USAFTML) .............................. VNAF B-57B skins/decals
      CA_Stary .................................... optional A-1 cockpits (based on F-8's)
      Dels & CA_Stary...............................optional A-1 cockpits
      liamp51 ..................................... re-textured F-111A cockpit
      Malibu43......................................new A-1H/J Skyraider loadouts
      FastCargo ................................... Canberra B.20 bomb racks
      Wrench....................................... bits for F-4D LORAN
      Malibu43......................................alternate USMC F-4 loadouts
      Wrench ...................................... overhauled O-1E & Cessna180
      Wrench ...................................... new textures for O-2A
      Fubar512..................................... bits for EA-6B
      Fubar512 & MiGBuster ........................ Carrier Deck Illumination package
      WhiteBoySamurai ............................. Leahy & Bainbridge class
      Julhelm ..................................... new Firecan radar
      SUICIDAL .................................... New Destroyed Tank LODs
      Spillone104 ................................. SA-2 Guideline Pack
      Hinchinbrooke ............................... Adams class & Farragut class
      Florian ..................................... USN AOE Transport
      Julhelm ..................................... USN Tanker
      Kesselbrut .................................. Small Cargo Ship, Trawlers
      Cocas ....................................... Trawler & Soviet Trawler
      Raven ....................................... Trawler skins
      Crusader .................................... Soviet MANPADs for SF2
      Raven........................................ Navy Trawler texture
      Paulopanz ................................... medals pack for North & South Vietnam
      christian59 ................................. generic aircraft damage textures
      OldDiego, Pappy, Wrench, Pasko, ............. Pilots
      Florian/AmokFloo, & PureBlue
      CA_Stary .................................... new CBU-based napalm effect
      CA_Stary .................................... updated Willie Pete effects
      Malibu43 & Vigilant...........................fixed CBU-14A & CBU-25
      EZLead .......................................Staggered/Formation Take-offs mod
      Credits for all items included in the Expansion Pack can be found in \ReadMes_Old. If we have neglected to credit anyone here, please let us know. We will get it fixed ASAP.
      Legal Stuff
      We have signed onto the freeware "list" on CombatAce.com. As such, the original work here can be included or used in other mods as along as they aren't payware and credit is given to the creator(s).
      Malibu43 & eburger68
      malibu43 & eburger68
      1 Sep. 2014


         (15 reviews)



    11. SFP1/WOE/WOV CAT File Extract Utility

      A great utility that extracts game files from the .CAT files. A must for skinners and FM tweakers.


         (3 reviews)



    12. JAS-39C Gripen

      JAS-39C Gripen
      You Gripen Team is:
      Model, Weps and Skins by Gux
      FM by Column5
      Avionics by Moonjumper and Jat
      Testing by USAFMTL
      Installation insctructions:
      Just install the aircraft into your objects/aircraft folder.
      Put the weapons folder in objects folder. If you have a weapons pack installed then that folder will already be there. In that case take the contents and put them in the weapons folder.
      Add the weapons according the link below. The gundata is added the same way. Just using the gundata editor.
      The data you need to add is in two separate notepad documents.
      Sounds go into the sounds folder.
      Been tested in WOE only.


         (43 reviews)



    13. Mirage Factory Weapons Pack 01/25/2009

      This weapons pack is compatible with the latest patched versions (Oct2008) of SF1 and WOE. Of course use at your own risk.


         (11 reviews)



    14. Mig-21 Complete Pack SF2 1.8

      MIG-21 Complete Pack Strike Fighters 2 line of games
      Version 1.8 30.03.2014
      1.0 19.07.2009
      initial release
      Changed all mig engines accel to about 8-9 sec per engine doc. Bis version
      is little bit faster.
      Iddle RPM changed to RL values:
      R-11F-300 (37F) 30%
      R-11F2-300 (37F2) 33%
      R-11F2S-300 (37F2S) 31%
      R-13 (95) 34%
      R-25 (25) 40%
      Corrected fuel tanks quantities to reflect real world figures.
      F - 2350L
      PF - 2850L
      PFM - 2675L
      MF - 2675L
      BIS - 2900L
      Changed all additional files with Mig21_ prefix so all are unique now and
      not interfere with other mods.
      F version now have true ranging-only radar. It can be still turned off by
      Ctrl+PgDn. In current game engine this radar starts on.
      Added KV1 seat to all MF and Bis variants. Deleted old seat from model.
      Added SF2 Mig variants. Changed FMs little bit based on Fubar512 values on
      alpha stall to make Migs usable in knife fight. It not bleeds speed in sharp
      high AOA turns so much. Added vetral fin from Fubar512 FM.
      Added aditional SF2 stuff (radar, rwr) into fm dats.
      1.1 01.10.2009
      Fixed afterburner burner texture always on.
      Copied additional fuel flow settings from SF2 game dats
      Added Flight\VIEWLIST.INI file vith custom and more consistent FOV settings
      for normal/padlock/snap view transitions.
      1.2 04.10.2009
      Fixed reversed nose gear rotation.
      Fixed start dates for squadrons in campaigns.
      1.3 04.07.2010
      Fixed missing AB Flame effect with DX10 shaders (missing shader fx entry).
      Fixed cockpit positions for more realistic out of cockpit view of wings.
      Changed PFV radar to R2L version (made it slightly more powerful).
      Consolidated and joined all game versions Mig-21s into one pack.
      Removed Flight\VIEWLIST.INI and modded Europe campaign files.
      1.4 05.07.2010
      Added KM1 ejection seat to PFM as all side opening canopy models have KM1
      seat and all front opening canopy models have SK seat.
      Added 50mil depression for AG bomb sight for F, FM and Bis variants.
      Added gunsight to PM and PFM to be able to aim ground weapons.
      Added AG mode gunsight to all variants.
      For F, MF and Bis values are:
      AG gun depression 10mil
      Rockets depression 35mil
      Bombs depression 50mil
      For PM, PFM and PFV values are:
      AG gun depression 10mil
      Rockets depression 35mil
      Bombs depression 35mil
      Try fire rocket in shallow dive with AOA around 0 deg. Depression values
      are always compromise without CCIP. Just train well.
      1.5 14.07.2010
      Removed empty windloop.wav - its up to you how you mod it, if at all.
      Added radar guided air to air missile capability to all variants from PF up.
      Added semiactive radar guided RS-2US from SF2 weapon pack as all variants from
      PF and up can carry it.
      1.6 31.07.2010
      Removed mirrors from PFM cockpit. PFM does not have top one and even side ones
      to my best knowledge.
      1.7 15.08.2010
      Big thanks to Paladrian all pits are now fixed for DX9 and shaders disabled
      installs. No more white parts in cockpit on Win XP.
      1.8 30.03.2014
      Sight and modified RP-21 radar image from lukasn22 MiG-21MF cockpit retexture
      for MF and Bis. Made Bis engine R-25 same as R-13. Original R-25 had bad
      looping and i do not like it.
      Fixed centerline station system from left wing to fuselage for PF and PFV.
      Added loadable GP-9 gun pod for PF, PFV and PFM.
      This pack inludes nearly all official Thirdwire MIG-21 models as flyable jets with
      cokcpits in most complete form what my modding knowledge allows. All in easy
      install form. I am not author of any 3d pits, FMs, sounds. All is what i
      downloaded from Combatace or made by Thirdwire. I want to thank to original authors
      of included files and this nice sim. Hope it is ok to reuse their work to
      provide really complete, up-to-date and easy to install Mig-21 package. I was
      always sad with that great pits available and terrible way to install it into
      latest ptached games and it is always missed something. Loading screens, loadout
      picture, good FM and so on... Now with latest patches FMs are usable and nicely
      flyable so i used it as base FMs for pack.
      This pack was done with combined/merged SF2/Europe/Vietnam/Israel games.
      If your single game install missing model that cause problem, just delete its directory
      in Objects/Aircraft folder. Probablby PFV is included only in Vietnam.
      Pack contains folowing stuff:
      Nearly every official MIG-21 flyable with pit for SF2 line of games. I corrected
      some errors in pits, Used latest TW patches as base for FM fat files
      with tweaks in engine (thrust for each model, spool up time, radar, weight). FM
      is not touched and i think it flies now ok with latest patch. Diferent sounds for
      each engine model is included with Mig RWR sounds. Better Mig pilots too. Each
      Mig-21 has loading and hangar screen and camouflage sample patch with loadout
      picture. All includes corresponding serial numbers to choose from. I made
      Numbers.lst for Arab, Czechoslovakia, East Germany and Poland by hand.
      Strike Fighters 2
      MIG-PFM has added LCOS gunsight to be able to use gunpod in fight. More realistic and
      distictive heaters sounds are included too.
      Simply unpack content of folder "StrikeFighters2" into each your SF2 game mods folder
      located in your c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\.
      For example for complete/merged game install, copy content to each this folder:
      c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2
      c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe
      c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Israel
      c:\Users\<YourUserName>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam
      Sure paths can be different on your system. This is how it is on my Windows 7.
      Also copy files after you run all games at least once. Otherwise game overwrite
      modded files with original ones at initialization and you dont see Migs as flyable.
      Optional files:
      Simply unpack content of folder "StrikeFighters2" into each your SF2 game mods folder and
      allow overwrite files.
      _BetterCockpits Contains hires cockpit textures.
      _EasyFM Contains easiest FM files from stock game.
      _MediumFM Contains intermadiate FM files. Spins are more frequent.
      _HardFM Contains hardcore FM files. Spins are almost deadly if not handled fast.
      _PFGunPodLoadout Contains gunpod default loadout for air to air PF and PFV.
      _ResetInis Contains ini files that are reset to default non flyable ones after game update or DLC install.
      Just use it to make Migs flyable quickly again
      This version of complete MIG-21 pack is far from to be perfect or complete so feel
      free to let me know if there is something missed, bad or not working. Also if
      someone has some more accurate tech data for enhance FMs feel free to mail me and
      pack get fixed or updated.
      Finaly thanks to everyone whom work made this pack reality.
      Tomas 'ATARIBABY' Hamarcak
      Contact: ataribaby@seznam.cz
      Paladrian F/PF/PFM/MF/SM Mig-21 pit models and avionics
      Spillone104 R-11 R-13 engine sounds
      howling1 Fishbed-L engine sound. I renamed it to R-25
      Klavs81 AIM-9 Sidewinder Growl sound
      Wrench RedAir pilot
      Hangar screen tutorial
      lindr2 for his Mig-21 variants zip
      Zdenek Kussior for his great info on engines
      4plus MiG-21
      book for all fuel info
      Mirage Factory Mig AB effect
      Fubar512 For his FM work from where i borrowed alpha stall values and ventral fin.
      AmokFloo for KV1 seat from his excelent MIG21UM
      Rob "Bunyap"
      McCray For his original weapons pack.
      331Killerbee For his SF2 weapons pack
      comrad For his excelent hires cockpit textures
      lukasn22 For sight and modified RP-21 radar image for MiG-21MF
      If i forgot someone please tell me and i will include credit.


         (26 reviews)



    15. Tornado Package

      Tornado IDS and GR1 by AD and Sundonwer
      Pit by Florian (modded by Sundonwer)
      Weapons by Bunyap painted by Sundowner
      2048x2048 High Res Skins by Sundowner
      IDS Hanger/Loading Screens by USAFMTL
      1 millions hours of weps tweaks, data tweaks and testing by Bunyap, USAFMTL, and Sundowner....
      You must have the latest weps packs installed. Add the weapons to the weapon editor based on the tutorial. Link is here
      This aircraft and weapons are the property of thier owners and may not be distributed without the owners permission.
      Put the planes in the objects/aircraft folder
      Weapons in the objects/weapons folder.
      There are no winder rails due to the max file being lost.


         (6 reviews)



    16. A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack

      May. 20, 2016
      Version 1.5 Package A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack
      Content size of Install files 2.27 GB unzipped for Full Package. 248 Mb for Update only Package.
      The package includes:
      Updated A-10A Early, Mid, Late and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Model of the 3.0 released by Wpnssgt, re-released as version v1.0
      A-10 Squadrons represented 11TASS, 18TFS, 19TASS, 23TAS, 25TFS, 45TFS, 46FTS, 47TFS, 66WS+JAWS, 74TFS, 75TFS, 76TFS, 78TFS, 81TFS, 91TFS, 92TFS, 103TFS, 104TFS, 107FS, 118TFS, 131TFS, 138TFS, 163FS, 172FS, 176TFS, 184FS, 190TFS, 303TFS, 333TFS, 354TFS, 355TFS, 356TFS, 357TFS, 358TFS, 509TFS, 510TFS, 511TFS, 706TFS. Plus Extra Skins.
      Wpnssgt - Original model and post v3.0 3D Modifications.
      Spectre8750 - 3D Modifications
      Russouk2004 - 3D Modifications
      Sundowner - Skin Template, Skins.
      Spectre8750 - Skins, Decals.
      A-10 Aces II Seat - Ravenclaw_007.
      Diego - USAF Pilot
      Ejection Seat system - Stary.
      Tracer Smoke Emitter - Stary.
      GAU 8 Smoke effects - Spectre8750
      30mm GAU-8\A Effect - Deuces.
      Clean Install only, do not install over old Aircraft Squadron Folders except for the update version.
      Drop contents of the "install" folder into the games root folder. Overwrite if needed.
      Included in Extras folder:
      Extra Skins for modding Squadrons if wanted.
      SOUNDLIST.INI to use for reference.
      AIRCRAFTOBJECT.INI with modified WindSound to go with included Sounds (This is Optional) just drop in Objects root.
      SQUADRONLIST.INI and A-10SQUADRONLIST.TXT with corresponding Number sets for Modders.
      Some patches and decals are included for modders.
      Templates will be posted separate.
      A special Thanks to Mike (Wpnssgt) for all his work and allowing me to take on this project.
      And to Kesselbrut for giving me his work on the Cockpit.
      Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy.


         (17 reviews)



    17. F-15 Super Pack (Version 2.4)

      F-15 Super Pack for the SF2 series
      ****************** Version 2.4 ****************************
      Added many skins by JAT to the F-15C_85 and F-15E_04
      ****************** Version 2.31 ***************************
      Minor issues fixed.
      ****************** Version 2.3 ****************************
      F-15E_04, F-15SE, F-15SG updated with proper Sniper Pod model, skin by JAT81500.
      ****************** Version 2.2 ****************************
      Updated to June 2010 Patch standards. Cockpit view issues fixed.
      ****************** Version 2.1 ****************************
      Several early variants of the non-Israeli Eagles added. You will need to have SF2E to be able to have a cockpit for these early versions. The stock F-15A ini files included with SF2E has also been tweaked to take advantage of the 3rd party effects in this aircraft pack.
      There may be a way to use the Baz cockpit included in SF2I and/or use the Eagle/Baz cockpits in WOE/WOI...however, we cannot provide support for this due to time constraints.
      Additional thanks to USAFMTL for indulging me in my obsessive/compulsive disorder by helping decal every variant...
      ****************** Initial Release ************************
      Version 2.0.
      Supersedes every Eagle released for the ThirdWire series with the exception of the stock ThirdWire F-15s and the F-15 ACTIVE.
      Includes the F-15C, F-15D, F-15E (2 versions), F-15I, F-15J, F-15DJ, F-15K, F-15S, and F-15SG. Be advised, uncompressed, this file will take up 2 GBs on your hard drive.
      Simply drag and drop into your mod directory, allow overwrites, and read the readmes!
      Thanks to the following folks:
      TK - For the ThirdWire series of sims.
      The Mirage Factory - For the nice F-15D MSIP aircraft...in particular Flying Toaster, wpnssgt, and Dave for making the F-15 MAX files available for me to play with.
      Kei Nagase - For the awesome skins for the F-15 ACTIVE.
      AleDucat - For the nice ACES II ejection seat models.
      Deuces - For the F-15 Afterburner and weapon effects.
      Diego - For the Modern USAF Pilot skins.
      Fubar512 - For the FM work.
      JimmyBib - For the F-15C cockpit flight control textures.
      MoonJumper - Avionics work.
      Sundowner - Textures.
      USAFMTL/Dave - Decals.
      Wpnssgt - Models, Textures.
      Kesselburt - Original F-15C cockpit.
      Kout - Loading and Hanger Screens.
      Kct - Textures and decals for the F-15SG.
      Brain32 - Improved/new textures for F-15C cockpit.
      Mago - F-15E Cockpit.
      331KillerBee - SF2 Weapons Pack (basis for some of the weapons included).
      Lexx Luthor - Siberian Sky Experimental 3-D Rocket Exhaust
      JAT81500 - F-15E Cockpit avionics and HUD work.
      To my fellows at Combatace for helping me beta test and work out bugs.
      Any errors or mistakes are entirely mine.
      12 Jan 10


         (21 reviews)



    18. A-10A Version 3.0

      A-10's Version 3.0 By Wpnssgt, Kesselbrut and usafmtl (crash test dummy) for WOE
      FM by Column5 (unchanged from previous versions)
      GAU-8 Effect by Deuces
      Sound Files by Fubar512
      Drop the effects into your effect folder, the sounds in the sounds folder and the aircraft inthe aircraft folder. That is it. GO fly.
      The package includes:
      A-10A-LASTE low altitude safety and targeting enhancement system (LASTE)
      Also the NAW A-10B. The NAW was the Night Advrse Weather version of the A-10 with 2 seats and can be used in any weather conditions.


         (17 reviews)



    19. Korean Air War Complete Mod

      This is a complete Korean Air War Campaign and COMPLETE PLANE SET AND OBJECT SET for Strike FIghters Project 1.
      You can fly the F-86 Sabre, F-84 Thunderjet, F-80 Shooting Star, F-51D Mustang, AD-4 Skyraider, F9F-5 Pantherjet, F2H-2 Banshee, and F4U-4 Corsair for the USAF, USN, USMC, and RAAF. Carrier Campaigns included.
      ALL YOU MUST DO to utilize the campaign and all the aircraft is
      1. Make a fresh install of SFP:1 and Patch it to SP3.2, then delete EVERY SINGLE stock aircraft.
      2. Put the latest version of the Weapons Pack in the Objects folder,
      3. Put the Korea terrain file in the Terrain folder, and
      4. Unzip the provided files to a Temporary Directory. Copy the Campaigns, Flight, Menu, Objects, and Sounds folders to the Strike Fighters Directory, letting them overwrite the existing files.
      Then you can go fly, and smash the Communists.
      Have Fun,


         (3 reviews)



    20. F-35A/B/C Lightning II V 2.5 for SF2

      F-35 A/B/C for the 2nd Generation ThirdWire sims...beta Version 2.1.
      Very similar to Version 2.0, reformatted to SF2 standards with Weapons, Guns, Decals.
      Also, several bugs fixed in all 3 models, including nozzle animations, carrier operations, etc.
      Please contact us at CombatAce if you have issues not addressed in the readme or previous releases.
      23 May 09
      Version 2.2
      The weapon editor for SF2 did not like the naming convention for the F-35 drop tanks. So I changed the names, edited the data.inis and now they are fixed. Also there is an avionics fix in there that goes in each versions folder as well.
      Delete the old drop tanks in your SF2 weapons folder and drop these in. Then drop the data.inis and the avionics.inis in each version of the F-35 and overwrite.
      F-35C sound fixed.
      Various ini fixes by Crusader
      Dave (USAFMTL) 29 May 2009
      Version 2.3
      Fixed gun naming issue.
      Dave (USAFMTL) 3 Jun 2009
      Version 2.4
      Feb 2010 Updates By Jat
      Version 2.5
      Apr 2010
      RWR fix
      F-35A Engine Sound Fix


         (12 reviews)



    21. SF2 Falklands Mod

      "Falklands '82" (Operation Corporate)
      for Strike Fighters 2
      This package contains an updated version of Kesselbrut's "Falklands '82" (Operation Corporate) mod package for Strike Fighters 2 (SF2). In addition to making the original mod compatible with SF2, this updated version also adds a number of other mods that were released in the years subsequent to Kesselbrut's original effort.
      This update pack should be applied to SF2 or SF2V installations (or merged installs incorporating SF2 or SF2V) that are patched to the Dec2009 or later patch level, including Feb2010, Mar2010, May2010, Jun2010, Dec2010, Jan2011, May2011, Jun2011, Jul2011, or Aug2011. If you are running SF2 or SF2V at an earlier patch level and do NOT intend to update to one of the later patch levels mentioned above, you should NOT install this mod package.
      Note that this is a COMPLETE mod package. There is no need to install the original "Falklands '82" mod for SFP1.
      Before installing this mod package, please ensure the installation of Strike Fighters 2 that you intend to use is updated to at least the Dec2009 patch level (the Jun2010 patch level is recommended). The latest patches for Strike Fighters 2 can be downloaded from ThirdWire:
      Also, please be aware that the mod requires either the original Strike Fighters 2 (with the Desert terrain) or Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam (SF2V). If you will be using SF2V as a mod base, then you will have one additional step at the end of the installation process.
      The main installation process consists of three main steps. Please read the following instructions carefully and follow them religiously. If you wind up with a non-working mod install, then you likely failed to follow the instructions properly.
      NOTE: If you installed the verison of this mod released in Dec. 2010, we recommend that you NOT install this newer version over that older version. Instead, start from scratch, using a fresh/new Mod Folder.
      This mod requires a separate mod folder. Please do not attempt to install this mod over or combine it with other mods such as NATO Fighter 4+ or the SF2V Expansion Pack.
      - Open your SF2 Installation directory and make a copy of StrikeFighters2.exe or StrikeFighters2 Vietnam.exe, Rename the copy to StrikeFighters2_Falklands.exe (or whatever unique name you prefer).
      - Run the newly copied and renamed .EXE file, then exit back out to the Windows desktop after navigating through a few menus. A custom Mod Folder for your Falklands'82 mod install will have been created in one of these locations:
      Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\ThirdWire\[YourModFolder]
      Windows Vista: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[YourModFolder]
      Windows 7: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[YourModFolder]
      ...where [YourModFolder] matches the name of the copied .EXE file that you created.
      - Open your Mod Folder and delete the \Objects sub-directory (including everything in it).
      Now you're ready to install the Falklands'82 mod proper.

      This is the easiest step.
      - Unpack the SF2_Falklands82.7z archive package to a location on your hard drive.
      - Move the contents of the \To_Mod_Folder directory to your Mod Folder (created in Step 1 above).
      If you've moved everything correctly, you should have a new \Objects sub-directory in your Mod Folder, along with a few new other sub-directories.

      This last step involves a bit of text editing, so please pay attention.
      Open the Options.INI in your Mod Folder. Locate the "Instant Action" section and replace it with the following:
      Just below the "Instant Action" section is the "Single Mission" section. At minimum you should change the EndYear= statement to 1983 or higher. I recommend setting the StartYear= and EndYear= as follows:
      Save your changes and close the Options.INI file.

      STEP 4: Optional Step for SF2V Users
      This last step is for those who are using Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam (SF2V) as mod base instead of the original Strike Fighters 2 (with the Desert terrain). If your SF2 installation does not include the original SF2 (with the Desert terrain) and you're using SF2V as a mod base, then you must swap out terrain .INIs so that your MALVINAS.INI points to the correct .CAT file.
      - In your SF2 Mod Folder, open the \Terrains\Malvinas folder. Delete the file Malvinas.ini.
      - In \Terrains\Malvinas\Alt you will find the file Malvinas_vietnamsea.INI. Copy it to the \Terrains\Malvinas folder (just above the \Alt sub-folder) and re-name it to Malvinas.ini (thus replacing the file you deleted just above).
      THAT'S IT. Your "Falklands'82 for SF2" mod should now be ready to use. You may consider installing some of the "optional" items as described in the next section.
      Installation of Optional Items
      Included in the \Optional folder are a number of optional items that you may consider installing (if your installation has the required base installation items).
      - Canberra62: this is an alternate version of the Canberra B.Mk62, based on the 3rdWire Canberra B.6 model. In order to use this model your base installation must include SF2E Expansion Pack 2. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \Canberra62 folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft. The campaigns will automatically start using this newer model.
      - Harrier3: this is an alternate version of the Harrier GR.3, based on the 3rdWire model included in SF2E. In order to use this model your base installation must include SF2E. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \Harrier3 folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft. The campaigns will automatically start using this newer model.
      - IAI-Dagger: this is an alternate version of the IAI Dagger, based on the 3rdWire Nesher model included in SF2I. In order to use this model your base installation must include SF2I. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \IAI-Dagger folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft. The campaigns will automatically start using this newer model.
      - Mirage IIIEA: this folder contains an alternate Mirage IIIEA cockpit based on the 3rdWire Mirage IIICJ cockpit from SF2I. It is a replacement for the stock cockpit of the Mirage IIIEA and requires SF2I to be part of the installation. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \MirageIIIEA folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft, allowing it to overwrite file as prompted.
      - WaterNormal: this folder contains various alternate WaterNormal.BMP files, which can be used to change the texture or appearance of the water in the Malvinas terrain. To use any of these alternate .BMPs, simply drag the file you wish to use to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in the \Terrains\Malvinas folder, allowing it to overwrite the version already there. Note: the default/original .BMP used by this mod is in the \3rdwire sub-folder.
      Game Play Notes (PLEASE READ)
      There are some important things you should know about playing this updated version of the "Falklands '82" mod.
      1. Single Missions vs Campaigns
      Like the original "Falklands '82" for SFP1, the Malvinas terrain here is set up to use different years for Single Missions (i.e., "Create Mission") and the Campaigns.
      Campaigns: both campaigns automatically start on May 1, 1982, and continue
      into early June 1982.
      Single Missions: when flying Single Missions, set the "Mission Date" to 1983. If
      you set the date to 1982, you may get a CTD (crash to desktop)
      when attempting to start the mission.
      As Kesselbrut noted in his original ReadMe, game-generated single missions ("Create Mission") should be flown in 1983 because the only British air base on the islands was build in late May. If you have a mission date before May 29, 1982, the game will CTD becaue there is no air base for British aircraft to use. User-created missions (with a 1982 mission date) will work normally. British aircraft will still have to take off from a carrier before May 29, though, even in user-created missions for 1982.
      2. Recommended "Gameplay Options"
      Some of the island-based airfields are a bit rough. It is highly recommended that you change the "Landing" Game Play option to "Normal" or "Easy." If you use a "Hard" landing option setting, you may see aircraft exploding on the runway either because they start without landing gear deployed or because they lose their landing gear halfway down the runway. This is esp. true of Stanley Airfield.
      You can fly all fixed wing aircraft on "Hard" or "Normal" Flight Model. Helicopters are best flown on "Normal" Flight Model.
      3. Canberra Bomb Sight
      In the Canberra, you can switch between Pilot and Bombadier with "Hook" key to use the bomb sight.
      4. Carriers
      All Carriers have zero speed. Were they allowed to sail normally, they would cruise wildly through the ship formations.
      5. Infanty Speed
      Note from Kesselbrut: "The infantry units have too much speed - when I use normal Footslogger speed there are no ground battles."

      Known Bugs
      There are a few bugs (none "showstoppers") that you should be aware of.
      1. Stanley Airfield
      The terrain on which this airfield resides is treacherous. The best we've been able to do is implement workarounds for this airfield's several problems.
      First, as noted above, set your "Landing" Game Play option to "Normal" or "Easy."
      Second, you will find that you will start missions off center on the runway. This is done to prevent you from losing your landing gear half-way down the runway. Do not veer across the center line when taking off (stay in your lane).
      Third, even despite doing the above, you will notice that your aircraft is slow to accelerate and tends to bounce around a bit. You may even need to run off the end of the runway to get airborne.
      With the exception of Skyhawks (whose spindly landing gear has real problems with this runway), all Argentine aircraft can be used from Stanley. Historically, though, the runway was off-limits to the fast jets -- e.g., A-4s and Mirages.
      2. Non-paved Airfields
      When taking off from non-paved airfields -- esp. the Port San Carlos FOB used by Harriers -- you will notice your landing gear sinking into the ground a bit. Also, some airfield runway textures may not appear. These are other quirks of the Malvinas terrain in SF2 that we have been unable to fix.
      3. Rapier SAMs
      The British Rapier SAMs will not fire in the Operation Corporate campaign due to a bug in SF2 that prevents the game from handling Blue-side static SAMs correctly.
      4. Helicopters & AI Pilots
      All helicopters in this mod have been made flyable. Set the "Flight Model in Game Play Options to "Normal, and use your thrust vectoring controls in conjunction with the standard SF2 flight controls to maneuver and fly the helos.
      At the end of the day, though, Strike Fighters is NOT a helicopter sim. That means helo flight models are rough, unrealistic, and borderline unstable. It also means that AI helo pilots can occasionally run into difficulties, esp. when trying to land these things.
      Until someone creates better helo flight models for SF2 (or TK updates the ThirdWire flight engine to accommodate helicopters), that's just the way it is. If you don't like the way the helos fly, then don't fly them.
      5. Comrpnt's Missions
      Comrpnt created an excellent set of historical missions for his "Falklands Mod & Mission Pack." While these work fine with the original "Falklands '82" mod for SFP1, we encountered significant problems when attempting to get them to work in SF2.
      In particular, there appears to be a bug in SF2 that causes the game to refuse to start an aircraft on the ground at an offset east or west of the defined center of the airfield target area. This bug manifests itself only in user-created single missions for some reason. The consequence is that many aircraft in comrpnt's missions have problems taking off -- esp. from the Hermes or Stanley Airfield -- because they start on the ground in the wrong position relative to the runway (whether it be a carrier deck or a land-based runway).
      As we could not resolve these problems or find an acceptable workaround for this bug, we have not included comrpnt's missions (though we have implemented other parts of his Falklands mod pack).
      Changes, Fixes, & Additions
      This mod was released in December 2010. In January 2012 it was updated with the following fixes and changes:
      Fixes & Updates
      - campaigns overhauled, with revised AirOffensive schedules, unit start
      dates, and other minor changes
      - variant of Argentinean campaign added (Operation Rosario), which bases
      3 Esq. de Caza y Ataque (A-4Q) on the 25 de Mayo aircraft carrier instead
      of Rio Grande Airbase
      - Operation Corporate campaign now allows players to fly the small detach-
      ment of 1 Sq. Harrier GR.3s that flew from the HMS Hermes
      - flak & bomb effects fixed to reduce cartoonishly large debris
      - Formation.INI updated to reflect changes from the latest 3rdWire patches
      - terrain Tyes.INI overhauled to standardize data and better organize/
      prioritize target types for campaigns
      - terrain Targets.INI tweaked to fix various minor errors & address
      problems with front line
      - front line (Movement.INI) adjusted to correct problems with game engine's
      handling of certain target areas in campaigns
      - Exocet ASMs changed to allow them to hit moving targets in Single Missions
      - ship-based SAMs overhauled to improve performance
      - most warships tweaked to improve performance of ship-based SAMs
      - Super Etendard's weapon stations tweaked to correct roll to the left
      - Super Etendard's cockpit position moved forward
      - Super Etendard's decals.INI fixed to show all decals
      - Ajunaidr's Canberra B.62 overhauled to add 3rdWire flight model, remove
      guns, and bring weapons stations/loadouts in line with Soulfreak's B.62
      - AIM-9 Sidewinder rails added to A-4Q Skyhawk
      - CruiseSpeed for all Skyhawks boosted slightly
      - mission radii for all Harriers reduced to prevent them from flying
      missions against the Argentinean mainland
      - UH-1H flight model tweaked for performance
      - ground-based SAMs, AAA, & radars tweaked to improve performance
      In September 2011 this mod was re-released following extensive bug fixes, changes, and additions.
      - missing/incorrect Sea Harrier decals
      - bright white Sidewinder rails on Sea Harrier
      - A-4 nation decals missing
      - non-working nozzel on Sea Harrier
      - incorrect alignment/decals for UH-1H
      - wrong missiles on Mirage IIIEA
      - Mirage IIIEA unable to maintain expected high altitude speed
      - wrong .INI pointer for A-109A unit in Malvinas campaign
      - Type_12M frigate not appearing in terrain
      - front line leaves British ships on Argentine side in campaign
      - wrong alignment for Port Howard target area
      - wrong model for AR_R-530R
      - wrong squadron for Harrier GR.3 (No.1 not No.3)
      - loadout/weapon stations problems with S-2F Tracker
      - rolling radius on Super Etendard nose wheel too high
      - Airfields 1,2,5 use mix of old/new runway textures
      - MB.326 & MB.339 experience nose pitch-up at speeds > 400 knots
      - Harrier GR.3 & FRS.1 don't sit properly on tarmack/deck
      - Harrier FRS.1 damaged 50% when landing on carriers
      - aircraft on use ski jump improperly on Hermes
      - AI pilots land incorrectly on Hermes
      - double green Pucara's 1-Tex skin wrong color-depth
      - AI pilots w/ Twin Otter not take off/land correctly
      - AI pilots w/ T-34C Mentor not take off or fly correctly
      - wildly inaccurate squadron strengths in campaigns for some aircraft
      - "Intelligence" values on wrong force/side in Malvinas campaign
      - some number decals not appear on aircraft in campaigns
      - other minor errors in campaign DATA.INIs
      - ReadMe for Malvinas WP not included
      - RWR/ECM corrections on Harrier GR.3
      - overhauled decals on Harrier GR.3
      - engine updates on Harrier GR.3
      - loadout updates on Harrier GR.3
      - RWR/ECM corrections on Sea Harrier FRS.1
      - engine updates on Sea Harrier FRS.1
      - loadout updates on Sea Harrier FRS.1
      - corrected black skins from Elephant for Sea Harrier FRS.1
      - new "blue-black" 800/801 skins from PanamaRed for Sea Harrier FRS.1
      - corrected 809 skins from PanamaRed & Elephant
      - overhauled decals for Sea Harrier FRS.1 based on work by Elephant
      - Lynx & Sea King upgrades by dtmdragon
      - Argentine pilot pics from IceMan
      - new RAF & RN pilots from Elephant & PanamaRed
      - new SquadronList.INI from STORM w/ texture data keyed to it
      - WATERNORMAL.BMP from SF2 Desert.CAT
      - optional verions of WATERNORMAL.BMP from luk1978
      New Optional Items
      - 3rdWire Nesher-based Dagger (SF2I only)
      - 3rdWire Mirage IIIEA cockpit (SF2I only)
      - 3rdWire Harrier GR.3 (SF2E only)
      - 3rdWire Canberra B.Mk62 (SF2E Exp. Pack 2 only)
      - alternate WaterNormal.BMPs
      General Changes, Fixes, & Additions
      This mod is a conversion and upgrade of the original "Falklands '82" mod released by Kesselbrut for SFP1. This version incorporates the following changes over the original:
      General SF2 post-Dec2009 Updates/Conversions
      - Hangar/Loading Screens: converted to .JPG format
      - Loadout Images: coverted to .TGA format
      - Cockpit Positions: checked & updated as needed
      - HUD/DTVFilter Materials: added & updated as needed
      - Effects: added proper shaders to all effects
      - EnvironmentSystem: added proper Dec2009 shaders & new
      environment parameters
      - Menu Screens: coverted to .JPG format
      - Non-decal TGAs: moved to aircraft texture folders
      - UserLists: added UserList.INIs to all aircraft
      - AircraftShortNames: added AircraftShortName statements
      to all aircraft
      - Damage models: added aircraft damage models to all air-
      craft DATA.INIs
      - Decals: moved all aircraft decals to \Decals folder
      - Pilots & Seats: moved all pilots & seats to \Pilots folder
      - Radar frequencies: added radar frequency data to aircraft
      radars, RWR statements, anti-radiation missiles, & ground
      radars (not ships)
      - converted weapons & guns to SF2
      Other Updates & Fixes
      - added damage .TGAs to several aircraft
      - tweaked weapons loadouts/stations on several aircraft
      - updated flight models on Mirage IIIEA, IAI Dagger, Harrier
      GR.3, Sea Harrier FRS.1, MB-326GB, C-130, KC-130, Super
      Etendard, T-34C Mentor, & IA-58a Pucara
      - tweaked flight models on most remaining aircraft to make
      them SF2-friendly
      - added additional skins to A-4CA/P/Q, Canberra B.62, Sea Har-
      rier FRS.1, IA-58a Pucara, IAI Dagger, Mirage IIIEA, & KC-130
      - added new Hangar & Loading screens for a number of aircraft
      - made minor correction/fixes to most aircraft
      - replaced original cloud mod with Cellinsky's WideSky cloud mod
      - updated original Menu screens and added a few new ones to round
      out the set
      - created new InstantAction.INI
      - added custom SpeechSystem.INI to suppress some gun-firing radio
      calls ("He's firing his guns!")
      - carried over original Nations.INI tweaks to SF2 Nations.INI
      - added custom pilot pics from comrpnt's mod pack
      - carried over relevant customizations from original Formations.INI
      to SF2 Formations.INI
      - added several new sounds & updated SoundList.INI
      - tweaked flak guns to improve effectiveness & use new effects
      - fixed Type 12M (Rothesay) Class Frigate so that guns/missiles are
      now working
      - added bobrock's Invincible re-paint skin
      - converted main terrain .INIs to SF2 standards
      - added seven new terrain target areas for temporary ship locations
      to TARGETS.INI
      - added new terrain items (static models, ships, etc) to TYPES.INI
      - added new terrain items (static models, ships) to TARGETS.INI
      - fixed StanleyAirfield_DATA.INI to enable aircraft to take off
      - tweaked FOB_DATA.INI to allow more than four aircraft to take
      off properly from Port San Carlos FOB
      - implemented custom terrain lights from comrpnt's mod pack
      - updated campaigns for SF2-compatibility (& added MB-339A)
      New Air & Ground Items
      - MB-339A ARA
      - Twin Otter
      - Type 12L frigate
      - Type 21 frigate
      - Type 22 frigate
      - Sotoyomo & Z-28 patrol craft
      - Argentine Mercedes trucks (Trucks camiones)
      - Banidos team static terrain models
      - several new weapons or weapons models
      This update pack adds a number of new items to the "Falklands '82" mod package. These new items are from the following modders, who generously allowed their use:
      comrpnt .......................... Falklands Mod & Mission Pack
      ChrisBV .......................... Sea Harrier Pack
      NeverEnough ...................... IA-58a Pucara for SF2
      Tracker & Syd Adams .............. Twin Otter
      ID(io)T Team...................... MB-339A
      Banidos Team ..................... Static Malvinas Models
      Banidos Team ..................... Trucks Camiones
      Banidos Team ..................... Type 12L, 21, & Type 22 frigates
      bobrock .......................... Invincible re-paint skin
      Adrian Benetti ................... Sotoyomo & Z-28 patrol craft
      Adrian Benetti ................... Malvinas Weapons Pack
      ChrisBV .......................... Falklands War-era Weapons Mini-Pack
      Cellinsky ........................ WideSky cloud mod
      SayWhat?! ........................ IA-58a Pucara skins
      JefeFOSS ......................... Canberra FAA Oscuro skin
      PGC .............................. Mirage IIIEA skins
      torno & HrntFixr ................. C-130/KC-130 skins
      torno ............................ ARA Sea King skin
      Falls, nosecone, Banidos Team, ... A-4CA/P/Q skins
      Fallschirmjager, & 3-A-305
      PanamaRed ........................ Harrier FRS.1/GR.3 fixes, Hermes fixes,
      Mentor fixes, Pucara fixes
      Elephant ........................ updated Harrier FRS.1 skins & decals
      STORM ............................ updated/expanded SquadronList.INI w/ a/c .INIs
      luk1978 .......................... new WaterNormal.BMP versions
      Ice Man .......................... Argentine pilot pics
      dtmdragon ........................ Lynx & Sea King upgrades
      torno ............................ Dagger skins & antennas for 3rdWire Nesher
      Soulfreak ........................ Canberra B.Mk62 (3rdWire B6 model)
      ataribaby ........................ Super Etendard fixes
      Wrench ........................... Exocet ASM fixes
      Additional skins from Edward's "Falklands Mod and Campaign for SFP1."
      Credit for the original "Falklands '82" mod package goes to Daniel "Kesselbrut" Himmel and the team of modders that contributed to that original release for SFP1. For a list of all the modders whose work is used in the complete "Falklands '82" mod, see the original ReadMes included in \OriginalReadmes.
      If we have neglected to credit anyone here, please let us know. We will get it fixed ASAP.

      eburger68 & Dave (USAFMTL)
      15 November 2010
      5 Jan 2012


         (13 reviews)



    22. Wings over Korea (1 of 3)

      Wings over Korea Part 1 of 3.

      Part 2:
      Part 3:

      This all in one pack is a collection of all the K.A.W. mods released in the past and makes them come together into a guns only standalone dogfight theater, with a collection of 6 (+5 RedFor) campaigns.

      SF2 Israel, SF2 Vietnam, SF2 Europe, July 2012 patch level or above, 6GB of HDD space.

      Recommended but not necessary:
      SF2 Expansion Pack 1, SF2 Expansion Pack 2, SF2 North Atlantic. (See install instructions step 4.)

      What's new in 1.2 update:
      Campaigns updates. Strategic node network expanded; Ground units OOB expanded; Frontline precision increased; Campaign parameters adjusted; RedFor ground war campaigns separated from BluFor campaigns using non-NA carrier stations; Reinforcement BluFor squadrons first spawn on airbases in Japan or near Pusan; Tu-2 squadrons added to Korean Air War and Stalemate '51 campaigns. New mods added. Aircraft: Tu-2S, An-2; Cockpits: F7F-3N, F-94B, F-84E&G. New sounds for all jet engined aircraft. Ini updates. Reworked FM: F-86, An-2, F-82, F-84, B-29, Mig-15; Updated cockpit avionics: Mig-15, F-84; Fixed a few CTD triggers in ground object inis. Damage modeling specific updates. Increased AI gunfire accuracy and separated into 3 categories: Radar-ranging, Gyro, Non-Gyro; AI Mig-15 cannon ranges reduced; Added new tracer smoke, tracer size reduced; Aligned gunsight reticle to trajectory convergence point; A few components durability reduced due to large volume; Jet engine durability halved to provide possibility of disabled engine due to damage; Fuel tank minimum size capped above 0.4m^3. Other misc. fixes.
      Authors of new mods added:

      Tu-2S by Cocas, Kulbit80, Baffmeister, Kesselbrut, Wrench, Jiver (from IL2 SAS)
      An-2 by Pasko, Diego, Wrench
      F7F-3N cockpit by Stary
      F-94B cockpit by Stary
      F-84E&G cockpit by Flakiten, Brain32, Stary
      WW2/Korea fx tests by Stary
      Mig-15 ADI fix by Coupi
      B-29 ini updates by Crusader
      F2H, F9F, F-80, F-84, F-86, Meteor and Mig-15 engine sounds by Jiver and Tiger33 (from IL2 SAS)

      Special thanks to Stary for the beautiful cockpit works; to Wrench the mod master; to Baffmeister and Fubar512 for guidance on FMs; to Nicholas Bell for game engine discoveries; and to mue for the revolutionary LODviewer and TargetAreaEditor tools.

      Will update promptly if I missed anyone.

      What's new in 1.1 update:
      5 new ground war campaigns depicting different phases of the Korean War: North Korea Attacks, Race to the Yalu, Chinese Intervention, Stalemate '51, Stalemate '52. And a revised Korean Air War static campaign. All 6 campaigns are fully flyable from the red side. Added aircraft, skins and FM mods since last release and utilized in campaigns. New sounds for piston engine planes. A complete database overhaul for aircraft, ships and vehicles. Datas are attempted to fine tune to Thirdwire standards. Damage modelling has been revised for better realism and detail. Carrier battle groups now have deadly AAA. Added infantry units for ground combat. Game requirements lowered. Install instructions updated. More fixes on missing decals in campaign mode and other misc. fixes.
      Huge thanks to Wrench, Baffmeister and Mue (author of LODviewer), without whom the update won't be at all possible.

      Added mods since last release:

      Seafury, by Skippybing, Wrench, Baffmeister, 7eleven, PauloPanz, GregoryP, Hinchbrook, Stephan1918, KJakker, eburger.
      NK prop FMs for IL-10, La-11 and Yak-9, by Baffmeister.
      New F9F panther flight model by Baffmeister (07/21/2015 edit: dunno how I completely missed this one... sorry Baffmeister!)
      KAW B-29 Pack by Wrench, MontyCZ, PauloPanz, Crusader, GregroyP, Brain32, lindr2, bobrock.
      F-86 Fighter Bomber Units skin pack, by Wrench.
      SF2 Colourful Korea, by Gunrunner.
      AN-M65 1000lb bomb, by ravenclaw_007.
      C-47 21TCS skin, by Wrench.
      C-47 skin pack, by paulopanz, Wrench.
      Li-2 Pack, by paulopanz, Wrench, Kesselbrut, Kubit.
      SF2 Wings over Korea (KAW) HiRes hangar and loading screens, by viper63a.
      Razbam Banshee tweeks, by Wrench, luk1978.
      AD-4NL 3w pack, by Wrench, Dels, Bunyap.
      F4U-5 Corsair pack by TMF, Crusader, Wrench, RussoUK, CrazyHorseB34.
      Korean War pilot pics, by Capitaine Vengeur.
      Open cockpit method by Coupi.


      Install instructions (please follow these carefully):
      First and foremost, be clear on what module is actually installed on your PC, and what is not. To repeat install requirements:

      SF2 Israel, SF2 Vietnam, SF2 Europe, July 2012 patch level or above, 6GB of HDD space.

      Recommended but not necessary:
      SF2 Expansion Pack 1, SF2 Expansion Pack 2, SF2 North Atlantic. (See install instructions step 4.)

      Make sure the minimum install requirements are met, i.e. SF2I, SF2V and SF2E, otherwise problems will occur, from the minor missing aircraft and objects, to the severe game hangs / CTDs. Further if you do not have SF2Exp1, SF2Exp2 or SF2NA, extra install step 4 is needed!

      1. Set up the Mod folder.

      a. Go to the SF2 root directory, make a copy of an .exe of choice (i.e. StrikeFighters2 Vietnam.exe), and rename it to StrikeFighters2 Korea.exe. Run it once, set game options. When setting graphics, recommend turning off shadows (Shadows: Low). Exit the game.
      b. Go to the generated mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), delete the objects folder.

      2. Set up the Korea Terrain.

      a. Download Wrench’s KoreaV3 terrain here:
      b. Go to the mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), create a new folder named Terrains.
      c. Extract the downloaded KoreaV3.7z, cut the newly extracted Korea3 folder, paste it into the Terrains folder created above.
      Note, after this step, the various terrain files and textures etc. should reside in this path: C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\Terrains\Korea3\

      3. Set up the mod.

      a. Download the 3 .7z files for this pack, extract them and put the contents of the first two .7z files together (StrikeFighters2_Korea_1_of_3.7z and StrikeFighters2_Korea_2_of_3.7z).
      b. Cut the StrikeFighters2 Korea folder, and overwrite it over the mod folder (paste it into C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\)
      Note, after this step, the mod folder should be populated with the following:
      Campaigns, Controls, Effects, Flight, Menu, Missions, Objects, PilotData, Screenshots, Sounds, Terrains, as well as Options.ini and Version.ini.

      4. Step for not having the recommended game installs. (If all three of the recommended games: SF2 Exp1, Exp2 and North Atlantic, are already installed, feel free to skip this step.)

      Go to the extracted contents of the third .7z file (StrikeFighters2_Korea_3_of_3.7z), and enter the folder named "No_NA_EXP1_EXP2".

      a. If you do not have SF2 North Atlantic, copy the contents of the folder "No NA" into your mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\).
      b. If you do not have SF2 Expansion Pack 1, copy the contents of the folder "No EXP1" into your mod folder.
      c. If you do not have SF2 Expansion Pack 2, copy the contents of the folder "No EXP2" into your mod folder.

      5. Mod specific .ini configs

      a. In your SF2 installation directory where all the game .exe resides, make a copy of StrikeFighters2 Israel.ini (or any other similar ini) and rename it StrikeFighters2 Korea.ini. Open the newly created .ini and find the following:


      And change it to:

      CampaignsDirectory=C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\Campaigns\

      *Please do not just copy paste this line but replace [username] with whatever’s set on your PC.

      This step is to prevent stock campaigns from displaying which can sometimes cause problems.

      b. In your Mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), open up the file Options.ini, find the [instantAction] section, and replace it with the following:


      This would get InstantAction working spawning F-86s, Mig-15s etc.

      --- Above are essential steps. Optional steps follow.

      6. Files for payware mods.

      Go to the extracted contents of the third .7z file, and enter the folder named "Payware Files".

      a. The contents in the folder "For Razbam Banshee" are for the F2H-2 aircraft sold by Razbam. If you have it, drop the contents from this folder into the mod folder (C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\), and then drop the .LOD files from your purchase into their corresponding paths (banshee korea.LOD, and f2h2cockpit.LOD for the cockpit). Banshees will thus fly sorties in campaigns.
      b. The contents in the folder "For YAP Essex" are for Carrier Pack 1 (CV-34 Oriskany and F9F) sold by Yankee Air Pirate. If you have it, drop the contents from this folder into the mod folder, and then drop Essex_Korea.LOD from your purchase into its corresponding path. Next, create a copy of the .LOD, and rename it "Essex_Korea_Col.LOD" (Without the "). This is crucial, as the game will use the collision LOD for ship deck positioning.

      7. Alternate mods.

      Go to the extracted contents of the third .7z file (StrikeFighters2_Korea_3_of_3.7z).

      a. The folder "F-86 Alternate Cockpit" contains modded F-100 cockpits for use on the F-86 series. If decided to use these cockpits, use the contents in the folder "With EXP2" if SF2 Expansion Pack 2 is installed; if not, use the contents in the "NO EXP2" folder.
      b. The folder "F-86 Alternate Skins" contains SF1 F-86 skins adapted to SF2.

      And that’s it, the setup is complete.



      Cocas, Kulbit80, Baffmeister, Kesselbrut, Wrench, Jiver (from IL2 SAS)

      Pasko, Diego, Wrench

      F7F-3N cockpit:

      F-94B cockpit:

      F-84E&G cockpit:
      Flakiten, Brain32, Stary

      WW2/Korea fx tests:

      Mig-15 ADI fix:

      B-29 ini updates:

      F2H, F9F, F-80, F-84, F-86, Meteor and Mig-15 engine sounds:
      Jiver and Tiger33 (from IL2 SAS)

      Skippybing, Wrench, Baffmeister, 7eleven, PauloPanz, GregoryP, Hinchbrook, Stephan1918, KJakker, eburger

      NK prop FMs for IL-10, La-11 and Yak-9:

      F9F panther flight model:

      KAW B-29 Pack:
      Wrench, MontyCZ, PauloPanz, Crusader, GregroyP, Brain32, lindr2, bobrock

      F-86 Fighter Bomber Units skin pack:

      F4U-5 Corsair pack:
      TMF, Crusader, Wrench, RussoUK, CrazyHorseB34

      SF2 Colourful Korea:

      C-47 21TCS skin:

      C-47 skin pack:
      paulopanz, Wrench

      Li-2 Pack:
      paulopanz, Wrench, Kesselbrut, Kubit


      SF2 Wings over Korea (KAW) HiRes hangar and loading screens:

      Razbam Banshee tweeks:
      Wrench, luk1978

      AD-4NL 3w pack:
      Wrench, Dels, Bunyap

      Korean War pilot pics:
      Capitaine Vengeur

      Open cockpit method:

      YAP Essex Decals:

      F-86 Sabre/GunVal Sabre Pak:
      Wrench: Skins, ini
      Zurawski: 3D model, cockpit
      Fubar512: FM, sounds
      NDicki: SAAF Decals
      Brain32: cockpit
      Crab_02, Zurawski, Dave: RF-86F rework
      Pappychksix: JASDF skin and decal
      Wrench: USAF, ROKAF Skin and decal
      Russouk2004: Wing Fence
      FastCargo: Fakepilot
      Ravenclaw007: Skin template

      F-86 Sabre/GunVal Sabre Pak Update:

      F-86 120/200Gal Hi-def drop tanks:

      Wrench: Skins, Pilot, ini
      Fubar512: FM, sound
      Stary: Cockpit
      Pasko: Seat
      Spillone104(?): VK-1 sound

      Mig-15/Mig-15Bis Skin pack:
      Paulopanz: Skins, decals, ini
      Stary: Cockpit
      Spillone104: pylons, sounds
      Pasko: 150 tank
      Gaunt, Y. Gordon: Reference

      Bobrock: 3D model, cockpit
      Wrench: Skins, decals, ini
      Spillone(?): engine sound

      F9F-5P Photo Panther pak:
      Pasko: original aircraft
      ChampionsVA56: skin
      Diego: pilot
      Bobrock: sounds, cockpit
      Wrench: ini

      F-80 Shooting Star pak:
      ErikGen: original aircraft
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Hgbn: skin template
      Diego: pilot
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini
      Baffmeister: KAW FM update

      F-94B Starfire:
      ErikGen: original aircraft
      Paulopanz: skin, skin template
      Wrench: skin, ini

      AD-4 Skyraider:
      Dels: cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      AD-2 Skyraider:
      Dels: cockpit
      TMF: flap/gear sound
      Timmy: AN/APS-4 pod
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      Dels: cockpit
      Bunyap: AN/APS-31 pod
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      F4U/AU-1 Corsair pak:
      TMF/Crusader: original aircrafts
      Russouk2004: engine sound
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini
      Sundowner(?): skin

      Cocas: 3D model
      Paulopanz: skin
      Baffmeister: FM
      Pasko: cockpit

      Wrench: skin, decal, ini
      Baffmeister: KAW FM update

      F-82G pak:
      FastCargo: 3D model
      Baffmeister: FM
      Crisis(?): cockpit
      Flogger23: skin, decal
      Fubar512: sound
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      F-84E Thunderjet pak:
      Russouk2004: 3D model, template
      JSF_Aggie: skin
      Zurawski: cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      F-84E ANG Tjets skin pak:
      Russouk2004: 3D model, skin template
      Wrench: skin, decal

      F-84G Thunderjet pak:
      Russouk2004: 3D model, skin template
      JSF_Aggie: skin
      TMF: Triple rocket rack
      Wrench: skin, decal, ini

      A-26B invader pak:
      Timmy, Bobrock: 3D model, template
      Hgbn: skin
      Wrench: decal, ini

      Geo: 3d model, skin
      TMF: cockpit
      Cliff11, Lex Luther, SabreDog Team, Zurawski: cockpit
      Cliff11: 150 drop tank
      Baffmeister, Cliff11, Charles: FM
      Wrench: assembling

      MontyCZ: 3d model, template, skin
      Soulfreak: skin
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Wrench: skins, decals, screens, assembling

      Simon Porter: original aircraft
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, screen, ini

      Bunyap: 3D model, skin
      Kesselbrut: cockpit
      Wrench: decal, ini

      Wolf257, Crab_02, FastCargo: original aircraft
      Crisis(?): cockpit
      Wrench: skin, decal, assembling

      Aleks: 3D model
      Cocas: 3D upgrading/fixing
      Spillone104: 3D edits, sounds
      Baffmeister: FM
      Paulopanz: skin, decal, screens

      Simon Porter: original aircraft
      DenisOliveira: pitot
      Wrench: hangar
      FastCargo: fakepilot
      Derk: reference
      Baffmeister: KAW FM update

      Wrench: skin, decal

      B-29 Superfortress:
      MontyCZ: original aircraft
      Pinch: proploop sound
      Wrench: hangar screen
      Howling1: ini, sound

      Gen1 Sabre Skins:
      USAFMTL, Zurawski, Jimmy Bib

      Independence CVL:
      Yeyeye: original ship
      eburger68: arrestor cable fix
      Paulopanz: parking slots
      Fubar512: sounds, skin
      Wrench: skin

      Atlanta CL, Cleveland CA:

      Fletcher DD:
      GrinchWSLG: ship, skin, decal
      Hinchinbrooke: ini
      Typhoid, Ghost029: reference

      Colossus CVL:

      Cavalier DD:
      Hinchinbrooke: original ship
      Wrench, Paulopanz: rework, assembling

      Essex edits:

      High-Res Runway Textures (rescaled):

      Map Counters, Pilot Pics:
      Capitaine Vengeur

      Briefing screen planning map:

      Original Campaign content:
      Edward, luk1978

      And huge thanks to TK for making such a fun game.


         (11 reviews)



    23. Mirage Factory F-14A and F-14B Tomcat

      Grumman’s F-14 Tomcat could be described as the Marilyn Monroe of aircraft designs. Both were at once beautiful and flawed, with indelible public images and yet often misunderstood and misrepresented. Both also met untimely ends. For many, the aircraft will always be remembered as the star of the hit 1986 movie Top Gun, but the Tomcat was a real weapon on the front lines of the Cold War, personifying the technological prowess and advanced production methods that the Soviet Union could not match, and which eventually drove them to break their economy in the attempt to keep up. For me personally, it will always be associated with the three years my family lived in Virginia Beach, near NAS Oceana, in the early 1980s. I vividly remember all of the jets that used to fly over our house—Skyhawks, Intruders, Phantoms and especially Tomcats. With their twin tails and swing-wings they had to be the coolest things in the air, and in retrospect I believe they really were. --c5
      This aircraft is dedicated to our departed friend and Cheif of Production, Oli.
      Please see the included PDF for information on the cockpit, including some known issues that will be addressed in a future update.
      Model: Flying Toaster, BPAo
      Skins and Flight Model: column5
      Cockpit: Chris
      Avionics: MoonJumper
      Pilots: Diego
      Extra Hangar and Loading Screens: USAFMTL
      Testing: The Mirage Factory
      Please contact one of the above people at CombatAce if you would like to use this mod in a freeware project. This mod may not be used as part of any payware project.


         (18 reviews)



    24. Mirage Factory F/A-18A Hornet

      A completely new F/A-18A Hornet by Flying Toaster, Bpao, C5 and USAFMTL. Includes very detailed pit, droptanks and sounds.


         (0 reviews)



    25. AH-64 Package for SF2 Ver 1.1

      This is my AH-64A Apache and AH-64D Longbow Apache for SF2. (should work in Gen 1 but is untested)
      DDS skin version and Photoshop templates are also included.
      Please read the readme.txt.
      Glad to finally get this one out there.
      -New cockpit glass reflection texture.
      -Changed AGM-114L to CGR and added Hellfire rails to the 3d
      model to overcome the issue of engaging moving targets.
      (Thanks to WhiteBoySamurai for this idea and thanks to
      FastCargo for letting me use the 3d model of his Hellfire rail)
      -Changed loadout types so the AH-64A cannot be loaded with the
      AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire.
      -Changed the Specular and Glossiness levels to make the skin
      look more matt.
      -New hangar and loading screens.
      -Some FM and performance tweaks. (Thanks to EricJ for some
      -Completely new M261 model made by me. I have also made the M260
      rocket pod, Hydra rocket with a M229 warhead and Hydra APKWS with
      a M151 warhead.
      For mode info and details on the APKWS look here:


         (26 reviews)




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