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  1. Lockheed RF-80A Shooting Star 8th TRS(Korean War)

    For Strike Fighters 2
    Lockhhed RF-80A USAF 8th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.
    Version 1950 with engine GE J33-GE-11(3850 lbs).
    No weapons(like the originals). Only fuel, a lot of fuel(see readme).
    Decals after real 8th TRS RF-80As. Included short historial of each jet.
    By the began of the Korean War, 8th TRS complement was 25 RF-80A.
    The unit was deployed at Itazuke AB and flew his first mission over Korea on Jun 28, 1950.
    8th TRS became 15th TRS on Feb 25, 1951.
    Deployed at Taegu K-2 from Mar 1, 1951.

    Original of ErikGen.


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  2. SF2 Lockheed RT-33A Shooting Star Pak by ErikGen

    SF2 Lockheed RT-33A Shooting Star Pak by ErikGen 3/25/2014
    = For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =
    This package contains a new aircraft for SF2. Originally part of the KAW F-80/T-33A/RF-80 pak, it somehow slipped under the radar (which Recon birds are supposed to do!!).
    *Note: as this aircraft were built with the latest 3W exporter, it will =NOT= work in SF/Wo* 1stGen Installs at any patch level.*
    Like the other Shooting Stars, this is a complete pak with everything needed.
    The skins included are:
    USAF (Generic style markings)
    Natural Metal (uses stock 3W decals; generic for everyone else)
    Skins and damage textures are in DDS format. Decal randomization is TRUE.
    The USAF skin uses painted on national marking, the "Natural Metal" does not; all marking will be decals. Generic "plane-in-group" decals reference stock 3W numbers.
    Serial numbers are 100% historically correct for T-33s, but should be considered generic in nature, as they represent no particular unit or aircraft within a particular unit.
    The "Generic NM" skin will be a good, blank canvas for other users to be created. All decal positions are pre-plotted on the included decals ini. Some adjustments may be necessary for specific country users, but that's a simple matter of creating a new, country specific skin and replotting the decal locations.
    It's also know to me that Soulfreak has some other skins in the works; when released, these will be great additions for your flying pleasure!
    Drop tanks are 'built in' to the aircraft lod; weapons folders for the drop tanks are included, as are the pilot figures and seat. As this is a recon bird, it's limited to ONLY RECON, and carries no weapons or guns of any kind.
    The canopy is controlled via the Standard Animations Keystroke ™, Shift/0.
    As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too. There are "Operational Notations" with other impertinant data you should know.
    Happy Landings!
    Kevin Stein


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  3. SF2 Lockheed F-80C/RF-80C/T-33A Shooting Stars Pak by ErikGen

    SF2 Lockheed F-80C/RF-80C/T-33A Shooting Stars Pak by ErikGen (Ver.2)
    = For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =
    Ammended: 36th FBS skin now has the correct national markings!
    This package contains 3 completly new aircraft for SF2. As there are some 1stGen versions available, you'll most likely want to delete the old Pasko versions, if you have them, from your SF2 installs.
    *Note: as these aircraft were built with the latest 3W exporter, they will most likely =NOT= work in SF/Wo* 1stGen Installs*
    Aircraft included, and skins are:
    35th FBS, 8th FBG
    36th FBS, 8th FBG
    80th FBS, 8th FBG - Korea, 1950/51ish
    'Generic' USAF (represents 416th FG circa 1948*)
    45th TRS, Korea
    'Generic' USAF
    Football City AF (a 'What If' skin for fans of "The Wingman" series*)
    While designed with the Korean War in mind, they are easily used in any 'early jet' scenario.
    All skins are in DDS format. Decal randomization is set to TRUE for all skins. The 8th FBGs 3 squadrons have 95% historicaly accurate serial numbers. The 416th skin has 'semi-hisorical' serials (meaning they ARE for F-80Cs), and all the nose arts from the original release for Pasko's F-80C. The RF-80 and T-33 have 'generic' serials, but reflect actual aircraft, though no squadron affiliation was discoverable.
    Drop tanks for all are 'built in' to the aircraft lod; weapons data inis included, as are the pilot figures and seat. Bombs and rockets are NOT included; they're in the GunnyPak, and the soon-to-be-released KAW Weapons pak.
    The canopy for all is controlled via the standard Animations Keystroke ™, Shift/0
    Happy Hunting!
    kevin stein
    *you all KNOW how much I hate wasting good decals!!! <grin>
    Updated: corrected 36th FBS skin


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  4. F-80C Shooting Star (by Pakso) For SF2 Updated

    Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, Skin & Ini Update Pak
    For SF2, Any and All versions. (although Full-4 merged, with Expansion Pak 1 is HIGHLY reccomended for some weapons that might be needed!!)
    This package contains Pakso's F-80C "Shooting Star" kinda-sorta updated for SF2.
    This is a full aircraft package, with 3 skin/decal sets:
    A 'base' USAF skin (my 416th FG with all the cool nose arts),
    A new FAC (Colombian Air Force) skin,
    and a 'Plane-Jane' generic natual metal, also tagged for USAF (easily used on others; this skin points to the 416th for some decals).
    There are many more skins for the F-80 in the SF/Wo* downloads section. The cockpit is included.
    Many of the 'tweeks' in the package are from several other mods, either by me or other folks I can't remember (oh! age!!). Other edits give you a manual animation keyed canopy (use Shift/0 to open/close), landing lights, a new SF2 UserList, updated avionics that give you the radar ranging gunsight. The main F-80C.ini is 'cleaned' out as to skin listings, so any others you may have will automatically add. A 'generic USAF' SF2 style hangar screen is included. It should be noted here, that although this is mostly for the FAC skin pak, it should be consided an SF2 update for the entire aircraft. Some changes have been made to the Flight Model, but it could use further refinements (flys ok on Normal)
    The WW2 era bombs are =NOT= included, but the 2 drop tanks are and a 'new' rack for the HVARs is. The other items are available in the GunnyPak or if industrious, you can edit the loadout ini to use 3rdWire WW2 bombs from SF2:I Expansion Pak 1. Details are in the loadout ini (although TK neglected to add the AN/M65 1000 pounder..
    As always, READ the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs/requires/should have, to make it a LOT easier to install. There are some weapons notes in the "Notes and Other Ramblings" section that may be pertinent to those withOUT Expansion Pak 1
    Happy Flying!
    kevin stein


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