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MiG-27M cockpit- Soviet leading ground attack fighter to attack in a NATO/Warsaw pact 1970s confrontation-Simplified from the "K" model, with BMP TV screen.

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About This File

Mig-27M cockpit (SFP1 series) made by Ordway, Starfighter2, lindr2 based on color cockpit photos and cockpit diagrams.


Original cockpit made by Armourdave and Sal.

Avionics and optional advanced flight model by Nele.


You need avionics 70 and the latest patch updates from Thirdwire. Tested on Windows XP and not Vista. However it might work on Vista too.


This is the cockpit for the Soviet MIG-27M ground attack fighter which would probably have been one of the first attackers against NATO in a NATO versus Soviet block confrontation in the 1970s and 1980s. It is referenced from color photographs and original cockpit diagrams.


The BMP TV screen is just there for looks. The real TV screen will appear as usual, in the upper right hand corner when using many guided bombs/missiles. No one I knew could figure out how to make it work on the instrument panel in the correct area.



MiG-27M History:


The MiG 27, had superb low altitude, high speed capabilities and could out run many other fighters.


Concerns over the complexity (and unreliability) of the very advanced MiG-27K ground attack fighter led to the development of a simpler variant, the "MiG-27M". It retained much of the MiG-27K's electronics including a jammer, but featured a cheaper and less sophisticated nav-attack suite. The MiG-27M could carry all the "smart" munitions carried by the MiG-27K except for the KAB-500L LGB. The MiG-27M was externally very hard to tell from a MiG-27K.


Initial flight of the first MiG-27M, a converted MiG-27, was in April 1976, and the type went into production in 1978 in Siberia . 162 Soviet-built MiG-27Ms were delivered into 1982.


However, from 1982, the decision was made to upgrade most of the older MiG-27 fleet to MiG-27M standards and this of course evemntually added hugely to the over all total number of MiG-27Ms.


The MiG-27M was license-built by one user, the Indian Air Force (IAF) starting in the mid-1980s, with the first HAL machine, assembled from a kit performing its initial flight on 11 January 1986. A total of 165 HAL MiG-27Ms -- sometimes referred to with the designation of "MiG-27ML





1) Download Lindr2's Mig-27 series at



2) Back it up just in case.


3) Just download the contents of whole filefolder Mig-27M intact into your aircraft folder as one folder.


4) When asked to overwrite say yes.




Thanks to Lindr2 for all his sustained hard and dedicated work.


Thanks to Armourdave and Sal for the original cockpit. Thanks to Lindr2 and Epizikl for help with the cockpit research and photos. Thanks to Lindr2 for the various TV (optical) cockpit images.


Thanks to Armour Dave and Sal for the cockpit.

Thanks to Starfighter2, lindr2 for the Mig-23P HUD which has stymied modelers until now that I know of.

Thanks to the Mirage factory for the Mig-23ML downloadable as a pack from combatace in the pack called Mirage Factory MiG-23 "Flogger" Series.


Not for payware.





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