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SF2 F-19 "Ghostrider" (aka Flying Frisbee) Upgrade Pak

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F-19 "Ghostrider" (aka "Flying Frisbee) Upgrade Pak for SF2



REQUIRES a Full-4 Merged, -or at minimum- SF2:E and/or SF2:I


Warning/Disclaimer: As stated above, this is designed for a Full-4 Merged install of SF2. This is because I made use of MANY stock items, in particular the cockpit from the F-15A in SF2:E. You may be able to use the F-15A Baz from SF2:I as they use the same cockpit lods; this has =NOT= been tested, as I have a Full-4 Merged, and it accesses pretty much everything. You are encourged to test this on your own. As the avionics/cockpit inis are supplied, all you need is the cockpit LOD they're pointing to (and, of course, all the bmps/tgas for the interior bits and HUD/Radars, which are stored in the various ObjectData cats.)




This is an upgrade/modification of Julhelm's F-19 "Ghostrider" Stealth Strike Fighter. It has gone through several tweeks to enhance weapons carriage, weapons types, some minor reskinning and the addition of new serial number decals. 50 serial Decals are supplied, for both skins (ie: the same ones used twice, but the 9th TFS has been repainted a darker gray to match the original lettering, and it also gets a new tail code decal). Lighting has been enhanced, with the addition of landing lights, 'rotary' strobe beacons and the missing tail lights re-added. Additional armor protection has been added to 'vital' areas. Engine sounds have been enhanced by (re)using the F-15 engine sounds from the F-15 Super Pak. A revamped, SF2-style version of my original 'artwork'hangar screen is included, as well as new paint chips with the 2 squadron patchs for skin selection.


No changes have been effected to the Flight Model or RCS modifiers. As much as possible, I've tried to stick with 'stock' weapons, but it =IS= reccomended that you have Gunny's Ordanance Shop installed for the Mavericks and the late-model LGBs & CBUs. These weapons are =NOT= included!! A-A loadouts are restricted to IRMs =ONLY= (as stated in "Red Storm Rising"). See "Notes" below for more on weapons. Other targeting enhancments include the addition of a permanant on-board laser designator and Electo-Optical viewer (read: FLIR/LLTV). The auto-speed canopy has been changed to a manual animation key, use shift/0 to open and close it. A seat has been added for the pilot to 'park it' on.


As always, fully detailed install instruction are below. And, as always, it's suggested you read them through before installing this mod.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein

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