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A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack 1.6 A-10C updated no pil

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May. 20, 2016
Version 1.5 Package A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack
Content size of Install files 2.27 GB unzipped for Full Package. 248 Mb for Update only Package.




The package includes:


Updated A-10A Early, Mid, Late and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Model of the 3.0 released by Wpnssgt, re-released as version v1.0




A-10 Squadrons represented 11TASS, 18TFS, 19TASS, 23TAS, 25TFS, 45TFS, 46FTS, 47TFS, 66WS+JAWS, 74TFS, 75TFS, 76TFS, 78TFS, 81TFS, 91TFS, 92TFS, 103TFS, 104TFS, 107FS, 118TFS, 131TFS, 138TFS, 163FS, 172FS, 176TFS, 184FS, 190TFS, 303TFS, 333TFS, 354TFS, 355TFS, 356TFS, 357TFS, 358TFS, 509TFS, 510TFS, 511TFS, 706TFS. Plus Extra Skins.






Wpnssgt - Original model and post v3.0 3D Modifications.
Spectre8750 - 3D Modifications
Russouk2004 - 3D Modifications
Sundowner - Skin Template, Skins.
Spectre8750 - Skins, Decals.
A-10 Aces II Seat - Ravenclaw_007.
Diego - USAF Pilot








Ejection Seat system - Stary.
Tracer Smoke Emitter - Stary.
GAU 8 Smoke effects - Spectre8750
30mm GAU-8\A Effect - Deuces.




Clean Install only, do not install over old Aircraft Squadron Folders except for the update version.
Drop contents of the "install" folder into the games root folder. Overwrite if needed.


Included in Extras folder:
Extra Skins for modding Squadrons if wanted.
SOUNDLIST.INI to use for reference.
AIRCRAFTOBJECT.INI with modified WindSound to go with included Sounds (This is Optional) just drop in Objects root.
SQUADRONLIST.INI and A-10SQUADRONLIST.TXT with corresponding Number sets for Modders.
Some patches and decals are included for modders.
Templates will be posted separate.


A special Thanks to Mike (Wpnssgt) for all his work and allowing me to take on this project.
And to Kesselbrut for giving me his work on the Cockpit.


Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy.

What's New in Version 1.6 A-10C updated no pil


  • V1.6 2016/10/23
  • This main LOD and Data.INI Mod is the A-10C_05 Lod modified to remove the Pilot so any Pilot
  • can be used.
  • Also modified the Main Wing Slimers.
  • Just drop the LOD and Data.INI into the A-10C_05 folder and overwrite, modify the
  • Data.ini for the desired pilot.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • V1.51 Hotfix: May. 21, 2016
  • • Fix for missing Weapons files.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • V1.5 Update Package: May. 20, 2016
  • • Tweaked outer Wingtips.
  • • Fixed Mk.40_M151 Rockets not showing.
  • • Replaced some Incockpit Switches.
  • • Moved lower front landing light position.
  • • Fixed early RWR's showing wrong.
  • • Other cosmetic tweaks.
  • • Added Flag to front left windshield for exterior
  • and In Cockpit view.
  • NOTE:
  • If you want the Flag to show up, all you need is
  • the Flag.jpg. If you don't want it to show just
  • remove the Flag.jpg or rename it. You can also
  • have the flag show for specific skins by dropping
  • the Flag.jpg into specific skin folders.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • V1.41 Package: May. 1, 2016
  • • Tweaked Canopy Frames, missing smoothing and improper mapping.
  • • Added a few of Ravenclaw_007's LAU's and Mk Bombs that were updated.
  • • Fixed Distance LOD from showing incorrectly.
  • • Tweaked distance LOD entries in the main INI.
  • • Added Glass to Instruments in Cockpits.
  • • Tweaked Data.INI's to slightly more realistic.
  • • Added reflection on right side cockpit TV and MFD.
  • • Adjusted sound files bitrates so sounds should work.
  • • Adjusted Sound shorter for Hydraulic and Flaps.
  • • Fixed ALQ improper entries in Loadout and Data INI's.
  • • Fixed Smoke effect for Cannon smoke now works.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • V1.4 Full Package: July. 30, 2015
  • • Added Control Stick back in Cocpits missing it.
  • • Updated all LOD's.
  • • Updated the Single Maverick Rail on Station 3 and 9 positions to allow
  • selecting other weapons without the Rail showing all the time. Thanks to
  • ravenclaw_007 for the help in getting this resolved.
  • • updated INI's accordingly.
  • • Reverted Squadron names to the Unit Name method so all Decals show all the time
  • with whatever Squadronlist.ini you have.
  • • Added LAU-5003 Single Launcher.
  • • Added a few more skins by request.
  • • Additional Decals added.
  • • More cosmetic changes.
  • • Some remapping done and Skins ALL updated.
  • • Updated Decal.INI's
  • • Updated A-10NORMAL.JPG on '93 and later models.
  • • Fixed GAU8 Fire Effects, more smoke from the Gun. Thanks to DEVIL11 for reminding
  • me it needed fixed.
  • • Tweaked engine thrust and Aircraft weight.
  • • Changed Exaust to the NewCleanExaust.
  • • Added OpenPOD for A-10C from 2015 and beyond.
  • NOTE:
  • If you want 2 or more Mavericks on Stations 3 and 9 just change in the Loadout Menu
  • or change the number and racktype in the Loadout.INI, using the LAU-88 Rack.
  • Version 1.3b required for the Update only download.
  • Install:
  • Drop the Folders into the Main Aircraft Folder and overwrite old files.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.3b Fix Only: July. 17, 2015
  • • Updated A-10A_76, A-10A_79, A-10A_87 LOD's. The left Wing Light had wrong
  • Texture, fixed.
  • Install:
  • Drop the Folders into the Main Aircraft Folder and overwrite old files.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.3 Full Version: July. 17, 2015
  • More refinements to Fuselage and Landing Gear.
  • Reduced Polys and Normals for Fuselage. This was a fix do to multiple layers
  • that were introduced during export and import. Still has same shape.
  • Introduced more Aircraft Years and fixed existing Aircraft that were not accuratly
  • modeled for certain years.
  • Set A-10C's AN/AAS-35(V) Pave Penny to be removed from the Year 2012
  • onward. Pylon still shows.
  • Updated Reduced Distance LOD's.
  • Added new Slimers , more real.
  • Added 3D Vertical Stabalizer RADAR Altimeter Sensors.
  • Added more Squadrons.
  • Update INI's.
  • Updated Decals.
  • Updated SquadronList.INI.
  • Update some of the Screens.
  • Added 81NOSENUM000.PSD to \Extras\Decal Templates\ for making the Top
  • Nose Numbers.
  • Updated "A-10-01Sundnrs_SpectreNewUse.PSD" Template will be uploaded to
  • the Skin Template Downloads at Combat Ace Skins Section.
  • So much was changed that a clean full install is required.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.2 Full Update: June. 5, 2015
  • Some cosmetic work done on the Nose, Fuselage and Gear Pods and under the
  • rear bottom. Also the the rear horizontal stablizers, including repositioning
  • of the whole tail section. I think they (A-10's) look more accurate.
  • Adjusted Slimers.
  • Update aircraft and Decal INI's.
  • Larger Tires.
  • Copied missing Sharkteeth 2 and 3 Decals into the General Decal Folder.
  • Adjusted Targeting Pods to scan around and look for targets better.
  • Updated Loadout.INI's.
  • Updated Squadronlist.INI.
  • Various other tweeks.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1i Cumulative update only: August. 2, 2014
  • Fixed A-10C_05.LOD front wheel well texture mapping incorrect.
  • Fixed 76FS MARPAT A-10-01.JPG texture missing pattern behind Flare dispensers.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1h Full Update: Apr. 14, 2014
  • Larger MAU Pins.
  • Adjusted main gear hydraulic lines so as to not show through gear doors.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1g Update: Mar. 31, 2014
  • Cleaned up Fuselage warping on left side of the A-10A_87.
  • Updated Cockpit Textures.
  • Updated Wing leading edges.
  • Re-Done Distance Models with small texture and changed Aircraft.ini's.
  • Removed Interior View Pilot legs and arms to cut down on Poly's.
  • Engine Fan Spinners are a tad bigger.
  • Sized the Warning Control Box up.
  • Re-worked the Interior View Canopy Frame to match with Exterior model.
  • Repositioned rocket locations on the LAU-3A Rocket Pod.
  • Added MAU Pins.
  • Other bits here and there.
  • Drop the contents of the Install folder into the Game Root folder. e.g.
  • X:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Israel\
  • Overwrite when asked.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1f Update: Mar. 18, 2014
  • Added and adjusted lead computing sights on all aircraft.
  • Retexured Cockpit Frame caps.
  • Added correct Hangar files to A-10A_76.
  • Updated Loadout INI's to fix missing ALQ-131 and CBU's on A-10A_87.
  • Added ALQ-131BII.
  • Updated 2.75in. rocket LOD.
  • Updated reduced distance LOD's.
  • Added Destroyed Model LOD.
  • Seperated Extra Skins into Skin folders that can be dropped into any of the aircraft folders for added
  • schemes. Just select the skin and then the squadron you want.
  • Skins are independent of the Squadron list, but can be switched back by deleting the trailing decal
  • number and changing the decal type, example:
  • [Decal005]
  • MeshName=Fuselage
  • DecalLevel=0 <--------------------------------------------- change to 1
  • DecalFacing=LEFT
  • FilenameFormat=A-10C/Generic/WING605 <------- delete 605 so it reads A-10C/Generic/WING
  • Position=2.40,0.7
  • Rotation=0.0
  • Scale=0.40
  • DecalMaxLOD=3
  • Only squadron markings need to be changed if wanted. Also if you choose do do this the decals
  • will be dependent on the SquadronList.INI which I've provided, or if you choose to use your own
  • SquadronList.INI you will have different Squadron numbers and will need to re-number the decals.
  • Advantage is that you can pick in-game any skin including generic skins and pick a squadron and
  • the colours and markins will show up. As is shows only certain markings as in numbers or nose teeth.
  • Are we confused yet! Another way around this is to just drop a skin that you like into a Squadron folder.
  • Drop the contents of the Install folder into the Game Root folder. eg:
  • X:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Israel\
  • Overwrite when asked.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1e Update: Mar. 14, 2014
  • Replaced both early A's Cockpits with correct Lod's.
  • Updated all Aircraft Data.ini's for realistic weight, stall, climb etc. Flies less like a pig, more like a Warthog.
  • Tweaked landing gear, but may still get a bit of jitter at first roll for AI's still.
  • Numerous updates to A-10A early and Late Pits including RWR Keypad lights, Flare Chaff Counters, ECM
  • Indicator.
  • New Bump Map with inverted seams.
  • Updated Weapons.
  • Mapping tweaks.
  • Updated Interior Canopy Glass texture.
  • Added extra skin.
  • Added more decals.
  • Added missing ACES II_A10.
  • Added FakePilot.
  • Updated all INI's.
  • Added LAU-117 Single Maverick Launcher Rack.
  • Added smooth shut-down and start of engine fans.
  • Added Pylons and Stations for PODs so you can select RP's in place of PODs properly. The Loadout shows 2
  • rocket pods but 1 is Laser Pod. Just select RP's or leave for 1 RP and LP.
  • Added smoothed ModUSAF Pilot to the Aircraft LOD, custom pilot skins can be droped in the Aircraft skin Folders.
  • Pilot now scans for and looks at targets on ground and air. A couple of pilot skins are provided in the Extras Folder.
  • Note: See instructions at bottom for install.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1d Update: Feb. 20, 2014
  • Modeled early A-10A, late A-10A separate. Pave Penny is switched off before 1978 through station 12 in Loadout.INI.
  • Further shaped canopy and frame. Eliminated glass flickering.
  • Wider wheels.
  • Updated internal view Cockpits.
  • Added fast prop fan blades.
  • New Gun model.
  • Added skins for A early model.
  • Updated decals.
  • Updated Bump Map.
  • Updated Loadout for A's.
  • Updated Avionics for A's.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1c Update: Feb. 7, 2014
  • Re-shaped Canopys and Frames for better realism.
  • Fixed missing top light glass and adjusted lights on A-10C.
  • Re-Cut Refuel Slipway Door on all models.
  • Mapped Vents.
  • Replaced Mirrors in C variant.
  • Deepened MFD's on C Variant.
  • Re-shaped Flaps slightly.
  • Updated Skins.
  • Updated Bump Map.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1b Update: Feb. 5, 2014
  • Added A-10A_87 aircraft with built in AAQ-14 for Station 10. Delete old "A-10LIGHTNINGPOD" in Weapons folder before install.
  • Adjusted dates, LOADOUT.INI and adjusted DATA.INI for A-10A's.
  • Adjusted Squadrons available by date for both A-10A variants. Clean install required by deleting both A variants.
  • NOTE:
  • Station 4 and 5 are open to select LGB's or whatever you want, Station 10 on Group 2 uses the Laser Pod, so don't change
  • unless necessary.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.1 Update: Feb. 4, 2014
  • Now includes A-10A and A-10C.
  • Rebuilt inner canopy frame.
  • New wheels, nose RWR and reshaped gear pods.
  • Fixed decal bleeding on nacelles and fuselage.
  • ====================================================================================================
  • V1.0d Update:
  • Smoothed Canopy Frame.
  • Added detail to Canopy.
  • Cut square vents.
  • Reworked wheels to look realistic.
  • Added missing Fuel Tank and Travel Pod INI's.
  • Fixed Slat Animation.
  • Updated FlightData.INI.
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