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FA-18 Series Update by The Hornet Team 2.0

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F/A-18A/B/C/D Version 2.0


11 Jan 2015


Streamlined the mod, took out some of the skins to make the package smaller, fixed many ini problems. Add missing hangar and loadng screens. Deleted loose files. Made it more user friendly and complete package.


Dave USAFMTL Slavens


The Hornet Team:

Original Model by BPAO and the Mirage Factory, updated by FastCargo.

New pit by Brain32 with Crusader, Brain and CB34 doing the avionics.

Skins by Siddog, Dave and EricJ.

Crash test Dummy: Caeser

Pilots: by Diego

Seats: Julhelm and Ravenclaw

Weapons by Ravenclaw, wpnssgt and others.

Loadouts and variant shred out by CrazyhorseB34 who put a lot of effort into researching this part of the package. Its highly recommended you use the loads he made or you will have problems.

If I forgot anyone let me know in a PM and I will correct it.

To install:

C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 directory.



Previous readme info below.

Fixed decals and skins. Recommend deleting all the other skins and using these to get rid of excess files.

Added missing drop tanks and added Ravenclaws weapons.

This package is beta and to be honest we are all sick of looking at it. So here is the deal. You find something wrong and the community agrees, send it to me and I will keep the package updated. We just need fresh eyes on it. There is a new pit by Brain32 that is amazing.

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@The Hornet Team - great work lads, I am a big fan of F/A-18's and after testing this mod I am impressed, the quality and detail is amazing. Top work. Only thing to suggest - maybe adding a more detailed readme would be useful [since there are many new custom weapons added]. Thank's

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HI Dave,I'm having a serious problem with the mods.I put every folder in it's places and overwrited when asked, when I start the game the cockpit is not shown and the plane also,only the HUD infos without the frame, sorry please help ASAP...much appreciated

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I got a strange issue with this pack: every time I install it in a game (I tried in SF2 with Afghanistan and Libya terrain, in SF2-NA with Eastern Mediterranean terrain) the sounds go weird. The windloop and the jet engine sounds like a lawnmower gone mad, like it was an old LP playing at 45 rpm. I noticed this happens ONLY installing this pack... It's a very annoying thing because on other sides this is a very very very great job. Anyone else has got this problem?

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