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AMX A-1A, AMX-T A-1B and AMX A-1M Brazilian Air Force v3.0

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The AMX International AMX is a ground-attack aircraft for battlefield interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance missions. It was built until 1999 by AMX International, an Italian-Brazilian joint venture. The AMX is designated A-1 by the Brazilian Air Force, and A-11 Ghibli by the Italian Air Force.


The AMX is capable of operating at high subsonic speed and low altitude, by day or night, and if necessary, from bases with poorly equipped or damaged runways. Low IR signature and reduced radar equivalent cross-section help prevent detection, while low vulnerability of structure and systems aid survivability, while integrated ECM, air-to-air missiles and nose-mounted guns provide self-defence capabilities.


In 1986, development of a two-seat advanced trainer variant was undertaken. This was intended to provide trainee pilots with experience on fast jets, while still retaining the single-seater's attack capabilities. First flying in 1990, the AMX-T equipped both the Italian and Brazilian air forces.


The product of a Brazilian upgrade program of their A-1s; significant features include a Mectron SCP-01 Scipio radar, Embraer BR2 data link, FLIR Systems navigation equipment, Elbit INS/GPS/databus, the adoption of a glass cockpit,[31] a new OBOGS system and HMD DASH IV.


O AMX International AMX, ou simplesmente AMX é um avião de ataque ar-superfície usado para missões de interdição, apoio aéreo aproximado e reconhecimento aéreo. Foi desenvolvido pelo consórcio internacional AMX Internacional. Na Força Aérea Brasileira, ele é designado A-1 (A-1A para a versão monoplace e A-1B para a versão de dois lugares). Com a modernização o A-1 passa a incorporar o M em sua designação na FAB, tornando-se então A-1M. Na Itália, ele tem o apelido de "Ghibli".


O AMX é capaz de operar em altas velocidades subsônicas a baixa altitude, tanto de dia quanto de noite, e se necessário, a partir de bases pouco equipadas ou com pistas danificadas. O caça conta com relativamente baixa assinatura em infravermelho e reduzida secção frontal ao radar, para melhorar seu percentual de sucesso nas missões. A auto-defesa é proporcionada por mísseis ar-ar, canhões integrados e sistemas de contramedidas eletrônicas


Two versions of skin
Two fictitious skins (A-1M)


Three models:


Model By Rafael Rodrigues
Texture By Denis Oliveira

What's New in Version v3.0


  • JPG Texture;



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Thank you,  Denis Oliveira. Your skins is a great effort to give a decent look to an ancient LOD. Really, the AMX model by Rafael Rodrigues, despite its advanced age and very low weight (only 329 kB) still manages to look pretty good. But as you know, for SF2, the use of BMP format textures is obsolete method. Besides the fact that they look worse in the game, they also take up too much space. Downloading 358 MB in weight is a lot in itself, and in unpacked form it takes an inadmissible amount of space! For comparison: now each folder with skins occupies 72,8 MB, and with a JPEG textures - only 8,15 MB. Below, in the attachment, you'll find a Rafael’s model that requires textures in the JPEG format instead of a BMP. The only thing you have to manually change the format of each texture in the JPEG format (I use the Fast Stone Image Viewer, through the option "Save As ..."). It will take you some time. Of course, this is not for those who have a terabyte hard drive and professes the rule "F*ck disk space economy!" :)



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