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Su-37 Yellow Squadron skinpack

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Skinpack including 4 skins from Ace Combat 04; Yellow 13, Yellow 4, Jean-Louis, and Gene.


The skin itself is edited from Jetfreak-7's Yellow 13 skin for HAWX, you can find it here --> http://jetfreak-7.deviantart.com/art/Su-37-Yellow-Squadron-331659969


A little info about the pilots:


-Yellow 13 and 4 were part of the 156th Tactical Fighter Wing, also known as Aquila, however, due to the yellow bellies of their Su-37s, the squadron was commonly known as the Yellow Squadron. The nicknames of their pilots came from the number of their aircraft, for example, Yellow 13 isn't the thirteenth pilot of the squadron, he pilots the 013 aircraft. Four was killed during the Stonehenge assault after deciding to depart with her damaged Su-37, after a bomb exploded on their makeshift runway. Thirteen was shot down and probably killed during the Siege of Farbanti. Both pilots were shot down by Mobius One.


-Jean-Louis and Gene are part of the Megalith Defense Squadron, a squadron hastily formed by a group of officers after the Second Usean Continental War to defend Megalith. They weren't part of the 156th TFW, but they had painted their Su-37s in their colors. They were both killed during the Megalith assault, first Jean-Louis, making Gene first-in-command, and later himself.


Note: The Su-37 model found in CombatACE and ported from HAWX has a mapping issue, where both wings use the same part of the texture. This means that the left wing is always mirrored from the right wing. Sorry, I can't do anything about it :(


Thanks for downloading, and good hunting!

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Oh sweet dude, I have a Yellow skin for DCS. This is perfect if I'm feeling more laid back about flying. This is great thank you!

P.S. Symmetry patterns are nice sometimes, don't feel bad!

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