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Tornadoes Package 2.3 GR.1, patch 2.3b

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About This File

I used ianh755's updated V4.0 version of Dave & Sundowners original Tornado GR1 & GR4 series and F3 cockpit.
All included models are optimized for



1st, the most important thing.
If you want to enjoy low level flying, you must change missioncontrol.ini file !




Then use our missioncontrol, that you can find as archive in our pack.


Patch 2.3 b
We promise this is last patch for GR.1 ;-))
Now we are going for GR.4 .
We corrected:


1) some bugs in cockpit
2) HUD (it's reworked to look more like real Tornado, thx to Fanatic Modder documentation)
3) AI attacks for british planes
4) removed Lightening pod from BL755 loadout for german ECR


we added:
1) open canopy animation for cockpit view (thx ravenclaw for 3d lessons)
PRESS -> SHIFT + 3 to see animation.
2) missed oil pressure indicators


Patch 2.3 a


We corrected:


1) Problem with wing tip vortex
2) Rudder secondary input
3) Landing speed
4) SPILS system settings
5) Fuel quantity for Saudi GR.1
6) Engines altitude power tables.
7) missing outer wing weapon stations for GR.1 82
8) ECM for brit and saudi planes moved back to pods from fuselage.


we added:
1) New Sky Shadow 3d model


We also did some small lift for steering sensitivity.


Fanatic Modder's and Guuruu's Tornado GR.1 version 2.3




This is really serious upgrade .
Only Tornado GR.1, IDS and ECR are in this pack.


What is new ?


We tried to get flight model as close to real Tornado as possible, so aerodynamic model
is new .
All planes have correct (reworked) engines, wing-sweep positions, max G for turning and
new cockpits (with lots of working lights).
We tested their acceleration, fuel consumption (it's still not perfect but better it was),
turning and climb rate.
We also added correct skin for Italian IDS 81 .
Weapons are no longer separate download, also missioncontrol.ini is inside of pack.


We decided to remove GR.4 from this files. She is far from finish and will be published
as separate files.


You will find 11 planes in this pack:


GR1 82 Early production
GR1 90 Better engines, more weapons than 82 model (in fact it is GR.1B with Sea Eagles)
I thought there is no sense to create same plane with only +Sea Eagles.
GR1 90 DESERT STORM Simply GR1 90 with desert camo (plane and weapons)
GR1A Recon version of GR1 90


GERMAN ECR HARM armed Tornado with Mk.105 engines
GERMAN IDS 79 similar to GR1 82
GERMAN Marineflieger IDS (with Kormorans and HARMs)
GERMAN IDS 06 which is continuation of Marine IDS after they were transferd to Luftwaffe.


ITALIAN ECR as german ECR but Italians didn't replace engines for Mk.105 and they use GPS JDAMS
ITALIAN IDS 81 very close to german IDS, can use JP233 insteed MW1


Saudi Arabia:
SAUDI GR1 93 similar to british GR1 90


Every plane has only 1 skin.


We higly recommend to remove/backup all earlier versions of OUR(!) GR.1 or ECR Tornadoes.
Then unpack this download and copy/paste (overwrite if needed) all files to your
MODS folder .




Dave & Sundowners for great job they did with all previous versions
ravenclaw_007 for WE-177, new weapons and german Tornadoes loads.
Dave (again) for B61 bomb and nuke explosion from his B1B pack
Sundowner (again) for Cockpit background comms sounds
Jarhead1 for F3 cockpit
bobrock for Tornado F3


and everybody we forgot ;-) Thx guyz.



What's New in Version 2.3 GR.1, patch 2.3b


  • 2.3b open canopy cocpit view + minor upgrades
  • 2.3a few small errors corrected, some upgrades
  • 2.3 massive upgrade for Tornado GR.1.
  • 2.2a Added missing files
  • 2.2 Global update
  • 2.1a Global update for GR.1 and GR.4 making their low level flight more fluent. It's my last update for Tornado.
  • 2.1 Lifting
  • 2.0 Final version
  • 1.7b Tornado GR.4 cocpit finally done.
  • 1.7a fixed 1 serious bug in 1.7
  • 1.7; full package, almost final version
  • 1.5a; better HUD and corrected lot of small bugs
  • different avoidance mechanics.
  • search mode radar.
  • 1.5; Full package with Italian and Saudi planes.
  • Lot of small bugs corrected.
  • 1.4b; last patch that improving terrain avoidance
  • 1.4a; AGM-65E and GBU-28 for German Tornados.
  • corrected weapons positions and loadouts.
  • 1.4 ; More planes and lot of gugs corrected.
  • 1.3 ; Added AIData modification for better low-level flying on autopilot
  • 1.2 ; better looking terrain avoidance and more funny ALARMS.
  • 1.1a ; just few small bugs corrected.
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Hmm, interesting thing .

Looks like autopilot uses AIData for steering your plane ;-)

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Yeah, I know . Just forgot to change it. Tried Objects/Decals but it don't work for me .
Anyway , thx ;-) I'm stil testing these planes, so I hope final version will be ok .

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Oh ok, I cannot wait since you did an enormous job for an airplane that in our days is completely out of fashion and badly underestimated!

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Out of fashion ? Maybe ;-) But she is still great small beauty. My 2nd favouritte plane after Spitfire ;-)

And over 35 years of duty says ... maybe I'm not perfect, but enought good to stay in duty even when Typhoons come.

They are modern, but can't do what I can ;-)

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FullName=CPU-123B Paveway II 1000lb LGB
Mass=1162.000000 < WRONG



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The same problem exist with the following entries


Tornado GBU-123


Tornado GBU-123_GW




A request - please on the next release, provide us with a seperate patch. It 's easier like that to track the changes. I 've anknowlegde that you did a heck of a job - we did with viper & spud something similar with the F-15 and it was a monstrous job.

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Ah;-) thx. I just didn't check every weapon, but I'll correct it.

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A message to everyone, this is a MASSIVE update with intentions to be the final version




If you think that something is still missing, please report it.


I want to thank guuruu, he did an incredible job!

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Can you share the 2.2a pack? I want to fly the  GR4, even though she is not perfect. Thank you very much!

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I finally got to fly your Tornado in full TFR\Terrain Avoidance mode! OMG!!! It is awesome! Excellent work! I love it. 

Question, changing the MISSIONCONTROL.INI, how does this affect other plane, modes...etc....

Excellent work! Thanks. I will have to look at the F-111 package for this. Any thoughts?





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I have a problem can't takeoff with them they stick to the runway like glue above 180kts when I try to pull up for takeoff the rigth gear explodes and then the whole airplane, anyone knows a fix for this?

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