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Iraq, Western Asia (2003-2018) Terrain, by Menrva --- August 13th, 2017 (First Release)


-For Strike Fighters 2, Recommended Full-5 Merged
This is a complete remake of the IR2003 terrain once reworked and released by Wrench.
The entire map has been retargetized and retiled using a whole new tileset, combining tiles from JSF_Aggie, Stary, Centurion-1 and my bad transition tiles. All major water bodies, lakes and some minor rivers have been hand-tiled. The Caspian Sea coast had to be hand-tiled as well. Numerous cities and airports have been added in order to expand playability, targets of opportunity and year span.


Following one of Stary's great discoveries in terrain modding, this terrain features a new 250m heightmap, the double of a stock SF terrain, allowing for greater precision, overall better look and so on; visual oddities might appear, unless you make the following change in the FlightEngine.ini inside the Flight folder:




This terrain has a year span from May 2, 2003 (the day following the end of major combat operations of Operation Iraqi Freedom) to December 31, 2018; it is designed for fictional clashes between US-backed Iraq and Iran. It's the perfect playground for a remake of the fictive Operation Darius created by the CombatACE community. Iran is Enemy, Iraq is Friendly, other countries are Friendly as well.
The terrain won't work with the current Operation Darius campaign available at CombatACE, so I leave the job of updating that campaign to other modders. Targets reflect Real World events as accurately as possible; for instance, certain Iraqi airbases will be abandoned by 2004 or by other dates (some airports were converted to simple U.S. Army FOBs), etc. Some airfields won't be available after a certain date and/or will change name according to historic changes.


All main targets are in their Real World locations (I tried to be as accurate as possible, to the level that I probably went crazy as hell!). Shiraz Int'l Airport and Prince Sultan Airbase are beyond the Wall. However, if you have SF2NA, long range AI flights can be generated from such airbases.


Ground Objects ARE NOT included. You can obtain most of them from Wrench's original Iran-Iraq terrains, or from other mod packages.


-Credits (in no particular order):
-Wrench, who reworked the original terrain and provided the CombatACE community with plenty of mods and scenarios to play with. He gave me invaluable advise, the tools I needed and introduced me to the beautiful, exhausting world of terrain modding/making. Thank you, sir!
-swambast, who offered to build two high quality 3D models (Mosul Dam and Mosul Grand Mosque), featured for the first time in this terrain, it's a honor! He also provided major help in tracking and fixing common and uncommon bugs. If the terrain is stable (no CTDs), it's his merit!
-tiopilotos, for providing reworked .tga tiles with new alpha channels. Much appreciated!
-Spudknocker, who helped me complete the 1980-2003 beta version of the terrain, providing additional target areas.
-gerwin, whose TFDtool has proved to be essential in today's terrain making. If the terrain is pretty accurate to RL it's also because of him. I included his very nice Airfield 7+8 Addon Pack, too.
-MigBuster, I have included some of your great hi-res textures for runways.
-mue, for the improved shaders he made, which I have included and set up for the terrain, and for the tools he made for SF2 modding.
-luk1978, for a very good-looking waternormal.bmp which he shared quietly at the SF2 screenshots thread. Your mods are very interesting!
-Crusader, who provided me with the info I needed about ODS and other stuff related to targets.
-JSF_Aggie, for his high quality DS tileset, which I have expanded with my horrible transition tiles.
-7eleven, who directed me to a website filled with Desert Storm related info.
-Centurion-1, since I used some tiles from his Desert 4 Mountain Regions+ Addon. I tried to contact you for permission, but it seems RL got in your way. Your WIP mod about the Iran/Iraq war gave me the motivation to complete this terrain. The least I can say is thank you. Best of luck, mate!
-Stary, because his tilesets and TODs are pure art, his work is an inspiration to all of us. I borrowed a few TODs and tiles from his excellent IsraelME tileset.
-Gepard, for his great tutorials about terrain making, in the SF1 Knowledge Base at CombatACE. It's a gold mine!
-RussoUK, for the fixed Pit LOD he made, which solved a shadow bug from the original TW's LOD.
-krfrge and Stratos, who have shown me support throughout the long terrain development period. Thanks guys!


I am totally sure I missed someone, especially because the terrain was born from Wrench's original ones. So I also included Wrench's original readme files from his IR and IR2003 terrains to the end of giving proper credit to everyone involved directly or not.


Time to fly over the desert, hope you enjoy flying over the terrain as much as I enjoyed making it!


-Known Issues:
>Some .tga tiles still need to be fixed (wrong alpha channels).
>Rivers over hills and "water humps" in some areas.
>Terrain could use a better tileset complete with brand new .TODs.
>Nothing in life is perfect, or is it?


This is a freeware; yet it can be redistributed ONLY in other CombatACE mods/mod packages.
Any small changes to the terrain files, .ini files, etc. are NOT authorized if you plan to release them to the public. But permission will be granted to those who request it to me at CombatACE.
This terrain may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions.

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