• Version 1.0.0

Here's my rework of the original SF2 F-35A from FastCargo's F-35A/B/C Lightning II V 2.5 for SF2 pack. It includes USAF F-35A only, so there are no B/C or foreign operators versions (maybe I'll do them in the future). This pack was created and tested with full 5 merged install of SF2 with latest patch. My main objective was to make this aircraft more reallistic by reworking the skins (RAM coatings, panel lines etc.), loadouts and other minor .ini changes. The afterburner is changed to the Viper Burner by The Viper Team and the pilot is changed to the one with JHMCS. Following squadrons are included: 4th FS, 388th FW, Hill AFB, UT 31st TES, 53d TEG, Eglin AFB, FL 34th FS, 388th FW, Hill AFB, UT 58th FS, 33d OG, Eglin AFB, FL 61st FS, 56th OG, Luke AFB, AZ 62d FS, 56th OG, Luke AFB, AZ 63d FS, 56th OG, Luke AFB, AZ 422d TES, 53d TEG, Eglin AFB, FL All aircraft numbers are real and come from this site: http://www.f-16.net/aircraft-database/F-35/serials-and-inventory/airforce/USAF/ The default loadouts are all-internal. Presets with external stores are also included to use with in-game mission editor. Most weapons come from Ravenclaw's Weapons Pack 2. Loadouts do not include external fuel tanks as they are not used in real life. Reworked skin template based on DoctorWho's template is included. It is suitable for F-35A only. Feel free to create new skins, give me credit when publishing. Installation:  Firstly, if you are new to SF2, please head to The Knowledge base and read about Mod Folders and installing mods. It is highly recommended to delete your previous version of F-35A from your Aircraft folder. After doing this, copy all the content of "To Mods Folder" folder to your mod folder. Overwrite when asked. Credits: FastCargo - original F-35A/B/C Lightning II V 2.5 for SF2 pack ravenclaw_007 - weapons The Viper Team - Viper afterburner DoctorWho - original F-35A/B skin template You can use my work included in this pack under the terms of Combatace Freeware License.