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SAC Twilight: B-52G/H Stratofortress 1.0.0

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About This File

                           SAC Twilight B-52G/H Skinpack and Upgrade Package

This is a package that adds several historical skins with nose arts to the B-52G_89 and B-52H_88 aircraft. Several skins also include my skin as tga method to allow several camo schemes in one skin. It also upgrades the weapons loadouts and data.ini's for better
historical accuracy

- B-52G_89 and B-52H_88 aircraft with new loading screens, data ini, loadout ini, historical serials and nose arts
- weapons including a new B28FI_350 nuclear bomb and upgraded data inis for others
- effects and sounds for aircraft and weapons

unzip package, put into mod folder, allow overwrites for items that you already have

several skins have tga based skin to represent SIOP mod, Strategic, and all grey camo. this leads to the decal folder being large (over 3.5GB).
    B28 NOTES
the B28FI weapon included is to represent a laydown delivered weapon. it should not be released lower than 1600 ft AGL and slower than 515kts. the B28RI weapon should not be released lower than 6000ft AGL.
not responsible for fragging is these guidelines are not met.

daddyairplanes    - much ini work, tga work, hours of research, and minor tweeks to base skins
wpnssgt               - original model
Dels                       - cockpit
russouk2004        - model for B28 family of weapons
KJakker                 - data.ini edit assist,cockpit revisions, countermeasure strength, revised weapons (ODS contributor)
yakarov79             - ini edit assistance(weapons grouping)(ODS G contributor)
spillone104           - model for Hound Dog pylon(ODS contributor)
baffmiester           - technical assitance with FM
Third Wire               - for the original game
Test Team              - Nightshade/PR, Stratos, allenjb42, EricJ, Sheriff00

    Reserch Sources
Painted Ladies: Modern Military Aircraft Nose Art and Unusual Markings by Randy Walker
More Painted Ladies by Randy Walker
B-52 Aging BUFFs Youthful Crews by Rene Francillion and Peter Lewis
image searches on Google, Pinterest and Facebook

    Huge Thank You
to the FaceBook B-52 Stratofortress group as a whole. This group is predominantly BUFF veterans, and was a tremendous help to finding out a lot of information on BUFF markings, loadouts, and operations in the late 1980s. special mention goes out to

Jay Scales, Andrew Ferguson, John Mueller, Anthony Spencer


I  hope you enjoy this mod

Kevin Unruh

aka daddyaiplanes

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great work!!!!!!!!!!!:ty::clapping:

is there any plan for the other BUFF Models?as in B,D and F (Vietnam War)?:pilotfly:

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5 hours ago, kurdistan1 said:

is there any plan for the other BUFF Models?as in B,D and F (Vietnam War)?:pilotfly:

Nam BUFFs are actually well represented by other modders.

but anyone that knows me knows i like post Nam, and the F served up until 1978, the D until 1983. so yes, i am looking at another set further down the line.

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Thanks great work most appreciated…:ok::imhappy:

My favourite time period concering the B-52 is and was always the Vietnam War.

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