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Su-7/Su-17 cockpit variant 1.0.0

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Small package of cockpit improvements for Su-7/17


Su-7: cockpit by Stary - fixed misspelling and typos on labels, converted files to reduce size, fixed flaps/airbrake indicators, pilot's POV - nothing too drastic


Su-17 - original cockpit for Su-17 looks old (judging by the files, it was made in 2003), here possible replacements:

First gen Su-17s (Su-17, Su-17M (Su-20), Su-17M1 (Su-22)) get aforementioned Su-7 pit. It fits fine considering the time period.

Second gen Su-17s (Su-17M3 (Su-22M, Su-22M3), Su-17M4 (Su-22M4)) get pit from Su-25. While not a fully accurate replacement, pits of those two jets do share a lot of similarities.

Su-25K pit adapted for Su-17:

- changed airspeed and Mach indicators

- correct weapon stations indicators

Also fixed a couple of other problems: 

- original fuel indicator doesn't work - missing nodes; adapted former second engine exhaust temp indicator to show fuel quantity - it is in the lower right corner 

- altimeter missing hand for thousands (Soviet altimeters have two hands - one for hundreds, other for thousands) - just changed the single hand to show both with adapted altimeter texture 


Installation: remove old cockpit folder, cockpit_ and avionics_ files; drop in new files. new cockpit_ and avionics_ inis should be renamed accordingly to work properly 


Su-25K cockpit is taken from here:



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I wish there was an accurate SU-7 pit out there, but this fix alleviates a lot of the small stuff in Stary's pit. Thanks!

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Dear OiWilly, check your PM, please.
Good work!

Edited by michaelk

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