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Counter-Measure free evasion

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Hey all,


I'm writing this one to get an idea of how successfully you other WoV/SF pilots have been able to pull off missile evasion without countermeasures. It was getting kind of frustrating engaging MiG-29's in the Tomcat, Eagle, Hornet, etc. with a roughly 1% hit probability using S/AHMs, so I went ahead and ditched its chaff/flare ability by setting the quantity to 0. Of course, this is a bit unfair for the bad guys, so I was thinking about entirely ridding of cm's, or maybe lowering the number on both friendly and enemy planes. This'll also make LANs more interesting.


As for myself, in an older flight sim, Fleet Defender, I wasn't all too bad at dodging missiles when I ran out of chaff or flares, but I've noticed that the missiles in WoV/SF provide much more of a challange for one reason or another; I can do it, but not consistantly. Any of you all good at dodging without cm's? I'm just trying to get an idea of whether or not I should ditch the cm's entirely or if that's plain out dumb. Forgive me if it takes me a while to respond...I'm on dialup until I return to college in a month...




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