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A-1H SEA Camo

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A-1H SEA Camo


Douglas A-1H "skyraider" Skin for Wings Over Vietnam/Strike Fighters by Volks



A-1H Skyraider SEA Camoflage


Original aircraft and textures: MontyCZ and Myself

New Skin/templates: Myself





The Skyraider was the first aircraft to be produced for Strike fighters. It was also the first plane I skinned in the game. A revamp of the SEA camo was sorely needed and here it is. I have repaint it in better matching colours for the SEA camo, colours which I used for AD's F-105. I have also upgraded the weathering and other parts to current standards. I now beleive it has it place as a standard aircraft in WOV.






Simply unzip the file (VietnamUSAFCamo) into your A-1H folder, which is located in the Objects/aircraft folder of your strike fighters/WOV installation. The folder "VietnamUSAFCamo" will appear with all required skin files. It should overwrite the existing skin in that folder ( my old version of the skin)


Then open the Text file "A-1h.cfg" and enter the following text after the last skin entry:




Name=SEA Camoflage (Volks)







Replace the XXX with whatever is next in squence


I have also placed a new hanger screen and loading screen into the zip file as I didnt think the previous versions made the cut. If you like them just put them into the main A-1h folder.






This addon package is a non-commercial

addon package. It is not supported by Thirdwire

and/or Strategy first. The addon is supplied with

no support by me, and I (the creator) can not be

held responsible for any damage this addon might

do to your computer. You may use this addon for

your own non-commercial, personal use.

All rights remain to I (the creator).

You are allowed to distribute/share this addon package

in a non-commercial way. But you are not allowed to

modify this package in any kind (this includes

cutting off parts of the ZIP file it comes with)

or conceal it?s origin. If you want to modify this

addon package you have to get my permission first.


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