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Time to ratchet up the action....

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So now the Iraqis have captured some of our troops, and not surprisingly, are not abiding by the Geneva Convention.


Perhaps it is time to quit being the "nice" guy. Can you say saturation bombing?


It may be the only way to assure annihilation of the evil regime in Iraq. Innocent people will undoubtedly fall victim to such attacks, but HELLO?.... THIS IS WAR! The Iraqi evil regime is ensuring that their propaganda is given plenty of air time. I think it is time for our electronic surveillance planes to identify the source of their transmissions, and drop a MOAB on them, IMMEDIATELY.


Either we increase the aggressiveness of our attacks, or things will only get worse for us.


As for those who are mistreating our soldiers, I hope they die a very slow and painful death.


Sorry. I am furious at the state of events from today. A firing squad for those Iraqis involved in today's actions against our soldiers...is too humane of a way to die.

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