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LOMAC Squadrons online

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We formed under Janes USAF about 2 1/2 years ago. Mainly we're just a group of pilots from all over the globe that love to livin up the game. We're a bunch of flight sim enthusiast at heart. Currently we are playing USAF, Strike Fighter: Project 1, Nascar2003, America's Army. We can't wait to add LOMAC to the list. We've got several members that are Hog Fanatics, while some love the Mig and F15. Most of the membership have come from different squads that have retired. We're not a 21 and over squad, but age does seem to have some advantages.


"Youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery"



You'll definately see us in the Hyperlobby flying. May even buy ya a beer (coke for minors). :D





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As VF143 is in a kind of hold pattern now, I cant really say much, but when LOMAC comes out I'm certain that we will be part of the squad vs squad play.

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The Savage 77th, Online Simulation Squad (S77th)

Is accepting new memberships before the release of Lock On Modern Air Combat.

We are looking for mature aged simulation gamers with or with out any jet sim experience to become pilots in the squad

& experienced pilots preferably from Flanker 2.5 or Falcon 4.0 to become Flight & Combat Instructors.




[*]Be 21 Years or Older.


[*]Have ICQ instant messenger


[*]Be able to attend regular events @ 8pm USA - EST


[*]BroadBand Connection preferred


[*]Microphone & Fullduplex Sound card


[*]Must not be in any other squad/clan in Il2, FB, LoMac or Americas Army

if you meet the requirements feel free to send me an E-mail dante20@optusnet.com.au or ICQ 74471610.

Members From USA Preferred. We do accept members from Australia, New Zealand & Canada..


Thank You




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