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white airplanes after installing skins

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i got a problem hopfully anybody can help me i downloaded the new b-52

that was over at sim hq and gramps made 2 skins for it i dowloaded the skins added then to the b-52 ini with the next number in seq which is 3 & 4

the folders are there like there are supposed to be but when i go to the

screen in the game where i chose loadout and i pick one of the new skins

i just downloaded. the plane shows up white when i go to fly it what did i do wrong and the same with the f-86 skin pak i get this sometimes with other planes but most the time the new skins show up and also when i go to add the cruise missles to the weapons data ini it says i dont have enough menory it never did that with any other plane i have in the game

if any one can help on these issues i would very much appericate it



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Guest Sony Tuckson

for the skins,


double check the ini file (b-52g.ini for the stratofortress)


the last sections relate to skins


the first lines offer you the choice of skin via the loadout screen, but fot the texture to appear in game, the folder name line must also be correct


then check if those folders contain the bmp files with the same name as in the two original texture folders, sometimes renaming occurs there....


for the other issue, more info on your specs are needed..

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Viper, if you are using Notepad to add the cruise missles, Notepad has a limit of 64 k file size. This could be the problem. Get "Notespad", (do a google search). Its free and has a much greater range for files it can use. Plus it has a lot more goodies and stuff. But it does the job quite well.



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