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TLG 2.3 Info

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Hey folks just giving you guys an update on the mod. Right now we are looking at a mid-August release date. This will be a standalone update. Much as TLG 2.0 has been a base installation for 2.1 and 2.2 2.3 will be another base installation due to the scale of improvements that we are offering. Right now we have had a ton of help from Tjoz who deserves a huge thanks for the work he has been doing for the team on the side while working on The Aftermath Mod. We have a new feature that we are just getting implimented right now that is something very new and very different that other mods haven't tried yet but we think will go over very well. It has nothing to do with gameplay but we believe it will make Legacy a much more well rounded game. Ok now onto the list of what has been done thus far for the coming release:


Wolf 359 Ships are now being ported over to TLG. We are wokrking on cleaning up the textures and bump maps as well as reworking new odf files so that that ships have canon stats and proper firing points. This pack includes: Niagara Class, Challenger Class, Freedom Class, Springfield Class, Cheyene Class, and the New Orleans Class.

New TMP Phaser sounds, Klingon TMP torp sounds and Federation TNG Bridge Ambient Sound: Weapon Effects ripped from DVDs at 24bit sampling. TNG Bridge Sound ripped from CD at 20bit sampling.

New TOS Connie Model

Secret Feature is being worked on right now: Thanks Tjoz

New Maps

New Load Screen

Revised Stats for some old ships to make them more canon

New Visual Enhancement Pack with New Explosion Effects and Scalable Graphics: Still a WIP

New Race Selection Screen

Changed Camera Angle on Ships in Fleet Selection

Revised Textures for ENT Challenger and Sarevejo Class: Ships look more canon compared to the original ports

Enhanced Textures on all ships in game to make them look better until we can port or create a new model and texture.


We have a lot more that we are working on so the list is not stopping here. I have a notepad list about a page long for changes we are still going to be working on beyond these.


Here are some shots of the Challenger Class on one of our new maps the Kolarin System:



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