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F-80 ShootingStar, 416th FG (post 1947)

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F-80 ShootingStar, 416th FG (post 1947)

F-80 Shooting Star, 416th FG, circa post-1947 Skin for SF, WoV & WoE


This is a re-vamp of my WW2: 46 PTO P-80 skin into something closer to the post-USAF formation time frame (ie: after October 1947)


This is skin represents aircraft from the 416th FG, the first operational unit to field the Lockheed 'Shooting Star' (albeit the A model, not the C we have - but, what the hay, it works!!). In saying 'revamped', means that I created new templates from the original skin that came with the aircraft upon it's release some years ago, so all glory for the original goes the original skinner.

There are redrawn panel and rivet lines, following the originals.


I've tried to recreate the aircraft nose arts as close as possible to those used by the 416th, and if you have the WW2: 46 PTO version, you'll probably recognize some of them. There ARE historically correct ones; 6 or 7 I think, but for the most part some of the others are just there because I hate to waste good decals ;)


I've also created the "buzz numbers" so prevelant in the post-war period, and into the Korea War, so this skin set will fit nicely into a "Cold War Gone Hot: 1948" scenario, or even a Korean War one.


BE ADVISED -- there may be nudity in some of the nose art decals, which is surely against post-war regs :wink: ... If you find beautiful, scantily clad women offensive; see a doctor quickly, as there's probably something very, very wrong with you!!! (excepting our female flyers, of course -- sorry, no beefcake for you! Well, actually, just one)


PLEASE!!! read the enclosed readme for full, detailed install instructions - the notes included will make it much easier for you to get this up and running.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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