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F-89C Scorpion, 57th FIS Skin & Ini Update Pake

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F-89C Scorpion, 57th FIS Skin & Ini Update Pake

F-89C Scorpion 57th FIS Skin and Ini Update Pak for SF, WoV & WoE


Happy Strike Fighters 5th Anniversery!!!


This little package will give you an revamped skin, based off Volksjager's original, with a full set of updated inis. To make life easy, just about everything is inculded. Exepting the aircraft itself -- you should already have that!!! ;)


--Please Note: this skin is designed to replace the skin folder marked "2" in your original install--


The 'fues1.bmp' has been repainted (from a new template created by me from the original bmp), new decals have been added for the serial, 'buzz', and individual aircraft numbers for 25 birds. This skin represents aircraft from the 57th FIS, "Black Knights", during the mid-1950s.


Modified main, data, cockpit, avionics and loadout inis are included. These reflect changes to operational uses as seen in the "Weapons Fixes and Loadouts" thread I maintain here at CombatAce.


NEW damage tgas are also supplied -- what? you think those Tu-4 gunners are going to sit there and let you shoot them full of holes????

And just for fun, my old Hangar screen is suppled as well.


== You MUST also have the latest weapons pak installed ==


PLEASE read the enclosed readme for detailed step-by-step instructions on getting everything up and running, along with a list of credits and sources.




kevin stein


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