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Generic 4WD Tune Spec' Template & Forcefeedback Wheel settings for DiRT (on the 360)

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I've played DiRT since it's release. One thing that has always baffled me, is why in God's name did they make the default car tuning, the way that it is? It seems that they just used a whole series of random numbers or they gave it to the local office Chimp, who had seen a rally on TV once.



I've posted other tune setups before, but this time, after a lot of testing, I think I've come up with a All-purpose, one shoe fits all, generic solution. This tuning setup has been used extensively with 4WD cars and tested using the Force Feedback MS Wheel, so FWD and RWD cars may differ slightly and using the controller may provide a different experience? Use these values as a default and then add Salt & Pepper to taste for your own driving style and any car particular quirks that are present.


Anyway, what I've done (In my opinion), is replace the default values with something that makes the vehicles handle more realistically and behave more, as you would expect a car to perform.


So here goes...


Options/Control Setup.



Force Feedback


Force: On

Force Strength: Max

Force Weight: Max

Effects Strength: 3



Wheel Advanced


Steering Deadzone: 0%

Steering Saturation: 95%

Steering Linearity: 0.00

Acceleration Pedal Deadzone: 0%

Acceleration Pedal Saturation: 100%

Brake Pedal Deadzone: 0%

Brake Pedal Saturation: 100%





Generic Tuning for 4WD Cars.






Front: -1.00'

Rear: -0.03'


Toe Angle

Front: 0.01'

Rear: -0.01'



2. Suspension Springs



Front: 33

Rear: 50


Ride Height

Front & Rear: 0.66



3. Suspension Dampening



Front Bump: 33

Rear Bump: 50



Front Rebound: 33

Rear Rebound: 50


Fast Bump

Strength: 66

Activation: 0.50



4. Final Drive




5. Brakes


Brake Bias

Bias: 55%Front : 45%Rear


Brake Set

Discs: 6"

Pads: Hard



6. Differentials


Central Diff

Central: 66%Front : 34%Rear


Limited Slip Diff

Front Acc: 0.50

Rear Acc: 0.33


Front Dec: 0.50

Rear Dec: 33



7. Downforce


Strength: 0.66



8. Anti-Roll


Anti-Roll Bar

Front: 33

Rear: 50






Force Feedback and Steering Wheel Setup


As well as saturation and dead-zone controls, the following force feedback wheel options are available in the DiRT™ controller setup screen. Modifying these values may increase the amount of 'oscillation' felt in the force feedback - eg. the wheel vibrating slightly when driving straight.


i) Force Feedback Strength


The overall strength of force feedback. Higher values may increase the level of oscillation.


ii) Force Feedback Weight


Higher values make the force feedback feel 'tighter' - only small changes in wheel orientation are required to cause large forces. This increases the perceived strength, but removes some of the subtlety and smoothness.


iii) Steering Linearity


Negative values make the steering concentrated around the centre of the wheel - moving the wheel only a small way will give you most of the steering response, and then moving the wheel all the way to full lock will give only a little more. Positive values do the opposite - moving the wheel around the centre accomplishes little, but as you approach full lock you start to get the full steering effect. Wheel linearity is very much an issue of personal preference. You may find that using negative values requires the force feedback weight to be decreased in order to reduce oscillations.





I'd be interested to read any feedback (good or bad) on these setting. Happy New Year All.

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