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Reenlistment pictures from a former shipmate

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When I was at NAS Whidbey Island, my LPO for my last year and a half was an AT2 named Fran McHale. He was, without a doubt, the finest natural born leader that I had ever had the pleasure of serving with. He assisted me greatly in supervising my Line Division, and made my last few months in the Navy a breeze!


Fran has since made First Class Petty Officer, and is presently awaiting word on the results of the current Chief Petty Officer Selection Board. I promised him many years ago that when, not if, he ever made CPO, that I would travel to wherever he was stationed, and attend his initiation.


Well, he will get the results by the first week of August, and if his name is on the list, then I will be trying to get a hop to Hawaii. One way or the other, I hope I can be there for his all-important day, if he makes it. He gave 100 % effort for me, and it is the least I could do.


Fran emailed me pictures from his recent reenlistment, held at the USS Arizona memorial.



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Navychief I'll be crossing my fingers for him, a few years ago I got invited to attend the ceremony for my old chief when he made masterchief (Chef sergent, in Denmark we use army enlisted and NCO rank for the navy).


I hope you can be with him if he makes it!!




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