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A-20A Havoc, 89th BS

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A-20A Havoc, 89th BS

Douglas A-20A 'Havoc' mod for SF/WoV/WoE PTO WW2 Installs


While working on upgrading the targets for the New Guinea map, I realized we didn't have any of the very early model Havoc's as used by General Kinney's 5th Air Force. To that end, this little mod was developed.


It represents A-20A aircraft from the 89th Bomb Squadron (Light) of the 3rd Attack Group, based at Port Moresby in mid-1942. I've tried to match, with what few photos are available, the serial numbers and nose arts. The first 7 serials =are= actual aircraft that served in the South West Pacific theatre, and I've matched as best I can the nose arts used. With the exception of "Rebel Rocket", whose serial number I was unable to find. Altogether, you'll have serials for ~28 aircraft, which is probably more than General Kinney had working at any given time, in that early stage of the war.


These aircraft, even though they still have the glass nose, have been given the 'strafer kit' of 4 fixed forward firing 50 caliber machine guns. The bomb aimer's station is not used on these aircraft; the windows have been painted over. The 2 cheek guns have been removed; I've found no data indicating they were used.


There are 2 ways I've designed for this to be used


1) Just use it as another skin for the A-20C/Boston III. or,

this is the best way, and how I built it...

2) Create a new aircraft for USAAF usage. All parts (inis, skin, etc), excepting the aircraft LODs and cockpit folder are supplied for you to do this. A new gunsight tga has also been supplied for use. There's even a new hangar screen, too.



= =You MUST have the latest Weapons Pak to get the WW2 Weapons and Guns!! ==


PLEASE read the enclosed readme for detailed, step-by-step instructions for both choices...I didn't write it for my health, I wrote it make YOUR lives easier... There's also the usual comments from "General Notes", plus a list of sources and Thank Yous


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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