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Any good situations?

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Anybody have some good flights to look at scenery / weather? Any ideas? I just got it, havn't had too much time to look around. Also, I love the graphics, but they're taking too much of a hit on my frame rates, and I'm not sure what to turn down. Here's how I've got it set up right now in the display menu:



Mesh complexity = 22%

Texture size = High

Terrain detail = Land only

Water effects = low

extended terrain textures = checked

special effects = high

scenery complexity = dense

autogen density = normal



Global Aircraft quality = high



Sight distance = 60 (lowest)

Cloud draw = 30 (lowest)

#D cloud percentage = 30

Detailed clouds @ density Low




render to texture = checked

transform and lighting = checked

Trilinear filtering

MIP = 8

hardware rendered lights = 6

Global max texture size = Massive


As stated above, I'm not sure what to change on here. I'm getting less than 5 fps in cities, and anywhere between 10-20 elsewhere. Does chaning from 1024x768x16 to 1024x768x32 do anything for fps? anyother ideas? By the way, I have a 1.7 GHz P4, 256 RAM (soon to be upgraded), Nvidia Vanta 16 Mb vid card (small but fast). And lastly, I'm not getting any effects on the water, with the exception of wave hitting the shores. Is there supposed to be movement out in the ocean?


Thanks for any help! FS2004 looks like a great game, I just hope I can get it working good for me!

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I'm just learning this sim myself..will post anything i learn that might help.

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I don't have FS2004 (yet) so this is all educated guesses on my part but I think you really need to do something about that graphicscard of yours. It's a bottleneck in an otherwise adequate system.


My suggestions regarding the settings would be to turn off 'transform and lighting' as the Vanta does not support this AFAIK and reduce the 'Global max texture size', you can only do so much with a 16Mb card. Maybe reduce some other texture-related settings aswell.


Hope this helps!

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Yeah, the 16Mb card is pretty small, but its fast enough for now, and I'm waiting for LOMAC to come out before I buy a better one :D. I'll try those things. Thanks!

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