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Fictional VF-1 Wolfpack squadron scheme

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Fictional VF-1 Wolfpack squadron scheme

Fictional VF-1 Wolfpack squadron by "Caesar"


Install Instructions:


Copy XVF1 folder into your F-14A folder, and add the following to F-14A.ini:



Name=VF-1 Wolfpack







If you have not done so, add the following to your squadronlist.ini




DisplayName=VF-1 'Wolfpack'



This is a fictional paint scheme for VF-1 Wolfpack, and is also my first low-viz scheme relying heavily on decals. This scheme is designed to combine the late 1970's to early 1980's low-viz scheme worn by the Wolfpack with the original scheme from 1972 before all aircraft had been delivered, providing hi-viz colors to the CAG and XO a/c. Aircraft numbers, BuNo's and notes are as follows:


Aircraft BuNo Notes:

NK100 158979 CAG bird in 1977

NK101 158627 XO's bird from 1973-1979

NK102 158984 NK105 in 1974, stricken 20 November, 1997

NK103 158625 Became NF-14 testbed

NK104 158993 Stricken 1 June 1992

NK105 158986 VF-2 NK206 in 1977, rendered to AMARC in 1991

NK106 158996 Crashed with VF-2 on 26 June 1977 at NAS Miramar

NK107 158616 "Deer Slayer"; struck and killed a deer on landing in 2001 with VF-101.

NK110 158633 SARDIPed, stricken 25 Sept 2003

NK111 159000 Stricken 1 June 1992

NK114 158985 VF-2 NK200 (CAG Bird) in 1977, stricken 31 March, 1992

NK115 158629 Lost on 18 June 2000 at NAS Willow Grove, both crew killed


Thanks to the Mirage Factory for this amazing aircraft, and if you haven't gotten it already, I'd strongly reccomend the Tomcat cockpit repaint by The Trooper. It rocks, baby!




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