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Basic Directory Structure of a Generation 1 ThirdWire Sim

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This is a general layout of the directories in the first generation of ThirdWire sims (Strike Fighters Project 1/Strike Fighters Gold/Wings Over Vietnam/Wings Over Europe/Wings Over Israel/First Eagles). This does NOT include anything from Strike Fighters 2 or later!

This layout assumes you have the latest patches (as of 6 Mar 08).

Some of the directories will not exist unless the install has been modded.

Read the notes under this diagram!

Strike Fighters
- Campaigns

-- LinebackerI
-- (etc)

- Controls
- Effects
- Flight
- Manual
- Menu
- Missions
- NetCache
- Objects

-- Aircraft

--- A-10

---- cockpit
---- Euro

----- D

---- (etc)

--- B-52
--- (etc)

-- Decals
-- GroundObject

--- Barlock

---- Desert
---- (etc)


-- Weapons


- PilotData
- Screenshots
- Sounds
- Speech
- System
- Terrain

-- Desert
-- (etc)


1. The Weapons directory may not exist if you have a stock install. If you have installed mods, especially weapons packs, this directory will appear.

2. If you see the note (etc) in the diagram, it means there may be more than one subdirectory on that level. Example is the Aircraft directory...you will probably have WAY more aircraft then the A-10 and B-52 examples. Directories where this is relevant include the Campaigns, Terrains, GroundObjects, and of course, Aircraft.

3. The Aircraft directory can be confusing, so here is a more detailed explanation:

Aircraft are pretty much self contained directories. Within a specific aircraft directory, you will see at LEAST one subdirectory. Subdirectories within aircraft directories usually contain 3 things - Cockpits, Textures(skins), and Decals.

In the A-10 example above, the directory called 'Euro' is a Texture directory...usually full of BMPs and a file called TextureSet.ini.

Decal directories a lot of times can be inside a Texture directory...as in the A-10 example above, where the decal directory is called D, with TGA files and a Decals.ini file.

Finally, you'll usually see cockpit directories within 3rd party aircraft. Usually named 'cockpit', but can be named something else. You MAY NOT see such a directory in some aircraft that are flyable. Reference the 'Basic Operations' section to learn how the sim does this.

4. GroundObjects (post patch 3) are laid out in a very similar way to Aircraft. The only difference...they don't have cockpits or decals.

Remember this information, it will be REALLY useful later on when you start modding.


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