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Demo Status Report - Monday, August 25, 2003

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Author:    Stormin

Rank:  Over 2000 Postings 

Date:  08/25/03 07:51PM 



Not much to report except that we are waiting for a new compiled version of the demo to be provided by the Team sometime on Tuesday. The team worked on it this past weekend and needed some more time to tie some loose ends. What time it will be ready to review and what condition it is in have yet to be determined. Don't make the assumption that it will be released on Tuesday, as that is NOT what I am saying.


If we review it on Tuesday and something is broken, then the process starts all over again. That is the frustration of software development.


I understand the anxiety some of you have but you are just going to have to be patient. We will release the demo when we are sure it is stable and complete and that the installation routine is properly configured.


Please stop asking when it will be ready. I am no longer going to answer these types of questions. Some of you expected it to be available at the crack of dawn this morning. Stop creating expectations that are only going to result in disappointment. When we are ready to release it we will make an announcement. You guys are just going to have to be patient.


We still plan to release the demo this week. When exactly is something we can't say just yet. If someone comes to this board for the first time this week and asks "When is the demo going to be released?" Here is what you say: "They are planning to release it sometime this week provided it is ready."


Hang it there.




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Guest Ranger332

ty for the update


Ill wait till it gets here when its here its here---Iam having to much fun with SFP1

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