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497th TFS Night Owl Textures

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497th TFS Night Owl Textures

Night Owl 497th TFS F-4D textures Version 2


This is a small add-on for the stock Wings over Vietnam F-4D (that I forgot I did). Although done before in several nice packages packages (one by Sundowner available here and one available through a Yankee Air Pirate mission set) these textures are all black-belly Night Owl birds from the 497th TFS, 8th TFW at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand which match my other F-4 texture packages, and of course all are actual serials from photos. The previous version had some missing files - my apologies to all.


The LORAN airplanes require the mod created for Yankee Air Pirate, with a slight ini tweak as sent to me by Sundowner, so I cannot include it here.


As usual, drop the folder into your F-4D folder and fly.



Mike Druzolowski


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I didn't intend to step on anyone's toes, but I had done these textures to go along with my other released USAF Phantom paint. I put these up for everyone because it has real serial number assignments, and as always, I was trying to shake loose any photos which anyone might have of additional airplanes painted up this way.


The LORAN antenna is a copywrited Yankee Air Pirate item, so requires the mission set 41-50 I think to obtain it, until someone makes a freeware one that is. Tanks were either all black, all dark green, dark green with black under, or just standard camo/light grey. I didn't make any note about how to change tanks - most everyone should be able to do that by now I think.


Both Sundowner and the Yankee Air Pirate missions have F-4D data.ini files with working tape lights, which I did not include again to not infringe on copyrights.


Mike D.

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