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Leni Riefenstahl dies at 101 (it was just a Nazi)

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The Nazi moviemaker is died at her heart. An heart that never was good because she had Nazi sympathics/feelings. Even after the war. Her famous movie/documentary was "Triumph des Willens" at Neurenberg.

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i don't want them to die so fast

i want those bastards will see how Israel and the jewish people has grown

i want those idiots to see the IDF protecting ISRAEL

the land of the jewish people and Israelis around the world in the past,in the present and in the future!! for ever !!


we didn't die then, we will not die now !!


our presents is the best victory

our presents is the sweetest revenge for those Nazi assholes



Salute to all soldiers fighting Terror all over the world

<S> Nesher

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Do you mean she wasnt a card carrying member? She shot propoganda for the twisted f*cks, thats just as bad as herding people into gas chambers. (Atleast it is in my opinion)

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