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Skyraiders Vol2

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two nights ago downloaded the Skyraiders vol2 package, and I have not stopped grinning yet. The aircraft are a joy to fly in WOV and FS9, the sounds are incredible and in WOV I can visibly see the enemies shoulders slump when they see my flight approach their position armed to the teeth.


The only downside was I had to purchase the package from PC Aviator, as I had one hell of a time trying to get hold of it from Razbam. At the time I was using Mozilla firefox, even PC aviator kicked my download until I went back to Internet explorer.


Hello Ron, thank you for the email, tried to reply but everything in my inbox has vanished, yeah I know "serenity now!"

Razbam really puts some effort into their products. Cheers.



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Eccles Welcome aboard fellow sandy pilot. Tell me have you tackled any Vietcong training camps yet, they are tuff but a couple of rock eyes and some napalm can clear the way for the sky raider. I picked it up while back when it first introduced. I haven't stop smiling yet. And your right its a pure joy to fly in WOV. There is a site which ehances WOV to the tenth degree its called Yankee Air Pirate. They won't steer you wrong go check them out. Untill then may your bombs always find their marks. :good:

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