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Leon Kerensky

battletech inner shpere pack

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battletech inner shpere pack


inner sphere pack



house kurita

house steiner

house davion

house maric

house lio

NOTE: you need the talon fighter to be able to use these scheemes

add files to C:\program files\wings over veitnam\objects\aircraft\talon

sorry it took so long, it's finaly summer wich means no more huge projects... for now.




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LOL, I thought it was an actual Mech pack.


if only it where posible,


do you know if it could be posible to hack the code from Mechwarrior mercs and add the C++ code to WoV as a patch?

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I think your skills would be welcome here


wow, thanks for the link! i hope i can help! :ok:

i know this website that dose mods on mechwarrior sims, but i dont know anything about modding microsoft games, there way too complex for me to understand here's the link, and if you have mech 4 mercinaries, than there's a nifty little patch that alows you to get all of the clasic unseen mechs

MekTek Development Team - Home

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