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I Fought the Law...

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About this whole RIAA thing. I just want to say look, I download music. Alot. The reason I do it isn't because I want to cheat people out of money, I mean lets talk about sueing 12 year olds if you want to talk about that, I do it becasue they RIAA is screwing ME out of money. Why they hell would I pay $17 for a CD two decent songs on it. If they didn't make crapyy expensivve music, I wouldn't download it for free. Crap I gotta go to class, I'll finish this post later :?

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Amen brother. I'm not paying 15+ bucks for a CD. I mean, hell, the actual CD doesn't even cost a buck, and the artists themselves make uber bucks, more than I think they really deserve. As for the record companies, same for them.


Too bad the idea for a pay-per-month Napster service never took hold. I'd certainly pay for something like that.

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The way I see it is that Music Companies are screwing

themselves out of major profits by not taking an AOL

approach to the industry.


Let me explain: Arista Records should host a Site

with a subscribtion fee ($15.00 monthly), with that subscription

you should be allow to download say 30 tracks or three complete

Albums, :wink: (Showing my age ie: Albums). and then

say maybe .70 cents a song or whatever after that. (Lets face it they're

in it for profits)


The main two problems I see would be:


1. making the site secure. from theft

2. Having the artist you like available (like off Label Artist)


Anywho, I would subscribe to something like that then I could

ensure I get what I want and not some crap filled CD.


Also they are losing money on thier outta print Albums. ie:

(The Best of Slim Whitman) :lol:

anywho just my take on it, Good Luck Cowboy and watch your six when downloading!


BirdDogg 8)

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I generally get my music from private parties selling used CD's. I hate the high prices of CDs these days, actually, theyve always been too high. Ive not tried the downloading method. I think Birddogg and SD are on to something though. If I could pay a small, reasonable subscription fee for a certain amount of monthly downloads, that would work. I agree that the music industry is its own worst enemy. Ill buy used before I ever buy new at these prices, espesially when there are only a few songs you really want on a CD.

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Hmm... I download music aswell (from WinMX), although its usually a bitch to get a good connection, but I do have like 200 tracks that I have managed to get, and unknown amounts of various mpegs :lol: .


But I really feel that these music companies need to look at the Ministry of Sound model.



"Create your own playlist from any of the 200,000 + tracks available


If you know what you like and what you're looking for, then create your own playlists with the Ministry of Sound. Get 500 credits for only £4.99. This gives you either 500 streams, 50 downloads, or 5 burns a month."


I dont use it (because I'm really really really cheap), but look at this 500 streams (get a ripper like total recorder, and thats 500 songs for like 7 dollars). Now ministry is primarily a dance music oriented company, but they do have a large selection of hip hop, and ambient toons.


The thing is that MOS is the owner of like 20 sub labels, and have UK licensing with numerous American labels.


check out http://www.ministryofsound.com/Downloads


I dont see why the artists are bitching, they get their money directly from the record company, and thats before the album is made. The record company has to eat it either way, of that 15 dollars per album (roughly 9 goes into the record company. Sellers usually have to buy the records for like 12 dollars a peice (even at bulk), and artists only see a couple bucks from that 12. Most artists get their money from touring (unless you sell s**te like Mariah Carey or s**tney). So the artist is just the mouthpeice for the label, since the CEO's are losing the cash... whoo0 they lost like a mil for the year :cry: damn they have to stick with last years model of the 911 turbo... what a shame. I say hey dickhead, I had to work for my cash, and you put 1 good track out of 12, and act like you are being robbed.


Now with that said, I would like to look at another option. I (as a pseudo DJ) spend a large part of my online time looking at music, and the finest site that I have come across is https://everecords.org.uk/acatalog/index.html it si my favorite label's online shop. Here you can stream or download large chunks of all their songs from all of their sublabels. So I listen to like 2 1/2 mins of a 5 minute song and from there I see if I want to order that peice of vinyl. Not all record sites are ran this way (most that cater to DJ's are), and thats when I just look for an alternative site.


I think the bottom line is that, record execs are suffering (or maybe not) from the same disease that is rampant throughout all industry. CEO's just want to pinch those pennies until Abe screams for mercy. All they have to do is switch over to some kind of economical downloading service and they would be set, but instead they wanna take the legal route and make examples out of college kids (FSU is monitoring oncampus bandwidth... thank god I live off campus).


Damn, I need stop now, I could go on forever. I'll close with "THESE CEO'S are F*CKING SH*T and need to get some humanity in them, and maybe even start producing music that doesnt suck so f*cking bad.


And when are we gonna get a real rock band??? How bout something being played in the clubs that isnt fitty sh*tty cent, and when is Sh*tney gonna get ran over by a bus, and then urinated on by a hobo. Can we get rid of hip hop for all time, when is fashion gonna turn away from men wearing moo moo's and doo rags?


I hate to say this, but I may have applauded the sick twisted terrorist f*cks if they went after the MTV building instead of the WTC... no we would never be that fortunate... although from a tactical stand point, the MTV building would have been a much more devastating target... Imagine if the teeny boppers couldn't watch Carson ever again... and maybe all the boy bands, and all those look alike blonde bombshells were in the building too... my god parents would have to spend time with their kids, and the economy might come to a complete hault, you would have 3/4 of the under 18 pop in therapy 6 days a week, and mommy and daddy would have to be there. Yes Osama is a f*cking moron for picking the wrong target... Whoever sends a Maverick through TRL gets free beer for life on me.


Sorry, sorry, sorry, I will stop now, but the lack of decent music today is something that really really bothers me, and I blame it on the record execs for catering to "Video" and for MTV for playing that Crap!!!!!!!


Sorry, If I offended anyone.


Jason Saffell

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