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AVG Skin Pack v1.1 - P-40B Tomahawk

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AVG Skin Pack v1.1 - P-40B Tomahawk

AVG Skinpack v1.1


For P-40 Tomahawk by Wolf257


Thanks to Wrench for sharing his superlative Template, and for the use of his new, improved ring-bead gunsight and cockpit.ini file. Cheers Wrench ;-)


Thanks also to Wolf257 for his AVG camo pattern which forms the base colouring of this skin set.


Decals, .ini edits and so forth by Baltika. There are a/c numbers, tailcodes and squadron markings for 100 of the AVG Tomahawks. Where possible I have tried to match these up with actual serial numbers, but the sources of information are often conflicting.


What you get are three separate folders, one for each of the AVG Squadrons, "Adam & Eves," "Panda Bears" and "Hell's Angels." Just drop the the 1AVG, 2AVG and 3AVG folders into your Tomahawk folder and you should be good to go.


There is also a folder called "AVGKills" which also goes into your Tomahawk folder. This contains kill markings for up to 50 kills. If your pilot has more than that you will need to start a new pilot to get them to show up.


You may want to add the following entries to your SquadronList.ini - what, you don't already have them. . . ? ;-)


Add to SquadronList, renumbering from the last in line:-




DisplayName=1st Sqdn AVG - "Adam & Eves" - Sqdn. Ldr. Robert Neale





DisplayName=2nd Sqdn AVG - "Panda Bears" - Sqdn. Ldr. John Newkirk





DisplayName=3rd Sqdn AVG - "Hell's Angels" - Sqdn. Ldr. Arvid Olson




Also, make sure your NATION.INI (in the /Flight folder) has the following entry - I'm not sure if this is stock with the upgraded Nations Pack, or Charles' WW2 Formations mod, but here it is just in case:=-




DisplayName=American Volunteer Group


























I have also included a new Flying Tigers themed loading screen from a "collage" I found somewhere on the web. Drop it into your Tomahawk folder and edit the Tomahawk.ini file to include the following line, replacing the old one, if you want to use it:-




Unfortunately I can't find my note of the name of the person who made this so I can't give proper credit. Sorry! It was freely available for d/l on a "fair use" basis, so I don't think I am breaching their intention by including it here. If you recognise it, please let me know and I will add a credit, or remove it if the originator so wishes.



You will also see a Ring-bead sight .tga and cockpit .ini which were built by Wrench, and are gratefully included in this package. Here's the instructions from Wrench's original Readme:-




= To Install Gunsight/Cockpit ini:


Rename your original Tomahawk_COCKPIT.INI by renaming it somehing originnal, like "ori_Tomahawk_COCKPIT.INI"

Drop the new "Ring-Bead_Sight.tga" into the cockpit folder.

Drop the new "Tomahawk_COCKPIT.INI" into the main Tomahawk folder.

You're done. This will give you a nice, standard fixed sight (done in black, with a gold aim bead). It might take a little getting used to, but it's much more historically accurate, as the reflector sights didn't appear until the D model.


As usual, I can be reached at the emal below, or on the SimHQ, Colum5 or CombatAce message boards. With thanks to Wolf for creating this bird, and to everyone else who has expanded our gaming experience into other times and places!




Kevin J. Stein






That's all folks!


Any problems, questions, complaints about these skins, you can get me at combatace. I am a fully signed up member of the "Fair Use" modding agreement at combatace, so feel free to modify these as you wish. Credit where it's due (remember the original template is by Wrench, The) and no payware, but otherwise these are fair game.




Burma Air War 1942 campaign coming soon. . .






July 2008


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