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First let me make this clear: the MS sims mentioned here are not combat sims (excepting CFS2). CFS3 is not even considered here, as it is, in my view, a dismal failure in all respects. Immersion in sim is the controling idea behind these comparisons, as well as ease and precision of play/flight/ features/add-on placement in sim/ sim possibilities--not the shoot-and-hear-a-bang experience, or bombing or strafing. Civil sims like FS2002 are not combat ones and therefore no comparison in this sector is possible. BUT comparison in all other aspects is possible. :D


After having played SFP1 for the past 2 months, I think I can finally compare with some other sims I am familiar with and would like to offer these thoughts for comment:


1.In play, SFP1 is generally-speaking easy. The flight models are approximate and you cannot achieve the 1-meter, 1-knot differences you can with sims like MS FS2000/02/04. Precision flying is out of the question, in other words.

Launching missiles and getting hits is also easier than many other sims.


2.There is clearly a need for more objects, buildings,trucks, convoys of vehicles, bridges, trains, ships, carriers etc down on the ground and at sea. Major Lee was right in putting out a plea in these forums to this effect. EAW is richer in this respect.


3.SFP1's greatest advantage seems to be two-fold: (a)the ease of its open architecture (less complex than MS FS2002, with fewer things to add to get a new plane), and (B) the fact that the aircraft themselves look better than a/c in most sims, esp. those that have metal surfaces or are colourful. A look at Mike Stone's USAF C-130 Hercules recent creation for FS2004 will convince you--it looks pathetic and a sad sight next to the average SFP1 plane, and Mr Stone is supposed to be a revered plane designer in the FSim community and one of the best.If you want more convincing, compare it to Bunyap's F-100s.


4.Add-Ons like in_flight refueling, Carriers with arrestor cables that work, flight-planners, navigation planners,airport facilities, radars, airport data, player-controllable Autopilot, HUD displays, gauge-adding and removal at will and panel-making in general seem to lack in SFP1, possibly because of glitches in its architecture or in the way the game has been modularly conceived. Here the MS sims score best, as they offer an infinite number of possibilities to makers of all sorts of things (including balloons and paper aeroplanes and other oddities), and therfore that ratio of 1 add-on for SFP1 to each 350 or so for MS FS2002 that exists around today, though that may be because of the fact that few people know of SFP1 round the world.


5.To me, SFP1 has a peculiar feel to it: it seems to be the type of sim that is best described by the term "start game, quick, fly to target, enjoy the great looks of your plane en route, shoot, bomb etc and complete mission,and get out and exit game". This is the kind of impression it gives to one who is used to CFS2 and FS2002. Not having the inner structure for certain things (mentione in # 4 above), it does not invite you to land, do navigation, look at the map ( a sore sight by most standards),loiter and play with the technical aspects of the aircraft, etc etc.No weather to change or even fog to get lost in-- even of you manage to get lost, it does not seem to matter in this game, as long as you've clobbered at least one enemy with a Sparrow, you feel done. That was not the case even with EAW, for me at least. :D


These are some random thoughts, and are not meant of lead us into fights or tirades-- look at them as a pleasant reading, and please communicate your thoughts, as they are valuable as always.


:rolleyes: Teaser: if only CFS4 would come out at Xmas with an F-100 and a Carrier (USS Hancock) and a MiG-21 on its mainscreen and box cover......


Nick from Athens

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You make some good points about sfp1.

I like it because i dont have to remember a long list of controls,

just hit a few keys and your ready to go. I mean, flight simming

is just a game and should be enjoyable, it should not be a task.

One drawback for me is that when your missles/bombs are gone,

thats it, flight over. I hate to leave a combat area when the enemy

is still present. A re-load option would be nice.


CFS2 was (is) a great game for me. all the mods, campaigns and missions

made it work for me (thanks to all the modders who know how to do

this stuff!!). I have over 200 planes for this game. I guess immersion

was the key word for cfs2.


CFS3 had (has) its problems but has improved greatly (still get micro

jumps tho). The immersion is not there (yet, he says hopefully,).

Micro jumps with a 3GHtz, 800 fsb, 1024 megmem and 128 meg graphics



From the demo, it looks like LOMAC is going to over burdened with

controls so i'm reserving judgement on it.


I still have all the above games (not the demo) on my sys and actively

play them and i'm always open to try a new mod.

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