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N00bs, They Are The Best !!!

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How to throw a grenade - 3,81 Mb



Sniper without cover - 6,10 Mb



You wanna be cool ? - 5,77 Mb



Double closing doors - 8,62 Mb



Dreamer - 8,92 Mb (including great new Ozzy track)



Trading weapons - 8,51 Mb



The 203 - 11,0 Mb



Sniper of Doom - 11,8 Mb



Chicken Run - 10,3 Mb



** Taken from the AA Forum in Gamer.co.il **

eNjoy :D

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Excellent videos. You just gotta love the noobs. The only thing worse is a hack. I'll be bringing ya some videos of AAO 2.0 once released. But until then, all I got was this screenshot:




The bullet went thru the leg and hit the wall...OUCH..


I'll see if I can grab some comical shots as well





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All Im gettin is this message...




You don't have permission to access /html/images/noobpart9.wmv on this server.





Apache/1.3.27 Server at www.aaoverview.com Port 80

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"You are all nothing but grabasstic pieces of NOOBian bulls**t".




Believe me when i tell you, i don't even need to see the vids. REAL privates do the same thing, with the added excitement of it being real ordnance....

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Slang for NEW, fresh, NEWBI, Never played the game and is still way behind the learning curve.

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Quite frankly I think the n00b thing needs to come to an end. I've seen a lot of people get treated rather shabbily by those who, dollars to donuts, wouldn't have the sand to talk to someone like that IRL. Nothing pissed me off worse than being called a n00b by some snot nosed 14 year old punk in DF:BHD who is online because he just got grounded for getting caught smoking.


I don't think the flight sim community should support this dort of thing.

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