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Cutthroat Syndicate European cod 4 clan (Ps3)!

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First of all, some important info:

European clan, only people from Europe allowed in(because of the timezone issue)

Console type: Ps3

Game: We specialize in Team Deathmatch (in the future we may also add Search And Destroy)

Visit us on our Site: Cutthroat Syndicate - Portal


Who are we?

We are quite new COD 4 clan that is in search for GOOD and ACTIVE members. Since we are newly started ranks and promotions will be avaliable. We work against getting loyal and active players, and recently had alot of activity on our forum!


What do we do? We focus on building a team that uses strategy and tactics. We have team practises on private servers and on public servers. We also do wars against other clans!


Why choose us?

1. Because we are dedicated to the game.

2. Good and active forums and chatbox.

3. We always work to improve.

4. Nice, fun and mature members.

5. Leaders that cares for its members


Some last notes:

We are very serious about having active members, so if your not going be active you might not apply to our clan. We also have an AGE REQUIREMENT . You got to be at least 15 years old.

If you feel you meet the reqs, please press on "index" on the top our site, and go to to our Application house and apply!


Do YOU got what it takes to be a Cutthroat?

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