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Isn't Sf Just Becoming Janes Atf 2004 W/o Mp?

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Anyone else seem to be getting that idea? Kind of a sim-lite with "F-whatever Everyplane" being modeled for it? I mean ATF rocked, EVERYONE loved it, and MP was the coolest thing since sliced bread.


Is that why it has such wide 3rd party support? Is that why the 3rd party guys don't address the patch concern so much? Is this the logical progression of SF?


At the time, I remember flying Vietnam missions in ATF, with terrain that had rocks and palm trees at the beach, and charlie shooting AA at me as I went feet wet back to the carrier. Is that what most of you are hoping SF will become? Or maybe the question is, "Can it?"hedu143nameteg.gif

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This sim has so much potential...the mods and add-ons.Look at Fighter Squadron and where it is today,EAW,Janes WW2 fighters,Falcon 4....OFP and others.Yes patching will make it more fun,but this sim just screams for the community to make it even better.Look at the terrain and campains in teh works...Vietnam,Cuba,and the frozen north....future looks bright.

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