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Gary Osif

Blue Skies, Mike!

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Many may know Mike Harmon from his involvement at VAP and also as a great ATC controller at WCATC.


Mike is a veteran and served 2 tours in Iraq.


He had a massive coronary and leaves behind some close friends and family.


He was only 40yrs. old.


Please help me in prayers for him and his loved ones.


We will be planning a tribute group flight on the ATC Server very soon and if you are interested in contributing, let me know.




I anticipate some formation flying and I hope ALL PROPS Racers can join in this tribute to a great man.






PROPS Race Director

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As Co-Operator of Virtual Airways Plus and a good friend of Mike's, I would like to ask those that knew Mike and those that did not have to fortune to know this great man to continue to pray for his family. I received the call at 2:30am This morning that Mike was pronounced clinically brain dead with no response to any actions of reflex of will command. This is a tough time for his Mother, Sister, Daughter and many other loved ones and friends. Thank you Gary for the prompt post and I will continue to keep all informed. Right now all that keeps Mikes body in this world is a Ventilator unit, and the doctors await the word to cease the use of this machine to give an exact time and date of death. If you would like to keep in touch you may do so by emailing me at jonnyvideo@gmail.com.




Thank you Kindly

Vice CEO VAPLUS, Jon Medlin

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