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Trackpacker For Lomac

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About TrackPacker




The LOMAC tutorial and provided scripts are now updated for LOMAC 1.01.


Flanker's successor "Lock On: Modern Air Combat" (LOMAC) has been released, and narrated training tracks are already appearing from users. The implementation of the voice-over feature has been changed somewhat compared to Flanker, but TrackPacker can still be used — although a little extra work is required to set it up. Read TrackPacker Setup for LOMAC for more information and a tutorial.


TrackPacker 1.7 is the latest version and is available for download. See Support for info about changes.


What is TrackPacker?

TrackPacker is a simple compression utility for Flanker 2 tracks (flight recordings). Tracks are used within the simulator and in the user community to create and share narrated training sessions, demonstration flights, air shows and even "music videos".


TrackPacker makes sharing tracks easy by compressing the track and its sound files, if any, into a package. This compact package can then be published on the Internet, attached to email messages, or put on portable media for manual transfer or archiving. A track package is identified by the ".f2t" file name extension and the Flanker 2 Track Package file type.


When it comes to unpacking, TrackPacker has an automatic installation feature that decompresses the track package, extracts the files and puts them in the right place. The installation procedure can even add the track to the Flanker training screen menu (optional).


TrackPacker now also includes a command to remove a track and its associated sound files in one simple step, including cleaning up the training screen menu, if necessary.


get it here

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